Supernatural: Devil May Care (902)

I liked Irv.  He said “Criminy,” and “Roger-dodger.”  😦

“Devil May Care” was so good, I didn’t mind the Army sergeant’s totally non-regulation hair, or that her rank insignia was for “private first class,” or that Sam referred to the Navy guys as “soldiers.”  It’s a perfect example of not letting the inconsistencies get in the way of a good story—a lesson I must learn to apply to Sleepy Hollow.  At least Dean got the right service branch when he called the trio “SEAL Team Douche.”

Dean and Sam enter an abandoned diner called "Ozzy O's."

To the rescue, guns a-blazing, with no real plan.

Some nameless demon returns Abaddon to the Josie Sands body, complete with full makeup and nail polish.  I understand.  If I’d had that body once, I’d want it back again.  They could have gone with another actor, but Alaina Huffman has such a great sinister-but-sexy quality about her, it’s only right they bring her back.

After spending a week or so in the trunk of the Impala, Crowley finds a more permanent home in the Men of Letters’ demon-proof cellar.  Crowley says he loves physical torture, but instead the Winchesters leave him alone in the dark.  With no one to toy with, it’s possibly Crowley’s worst nightmare.  Mark Sheppard mentioned he enjoys playing a somewhat vulnerable Crowley, rather than the nasty menace he was at the end of season 8.  After all, a multi-layered Crowley is Sheppard at his best.

Kevin confronts Crowley.

Don’t listen to him, Kevin!

Kevin falls into Crowley’s verbal trap and suffers for it.  After beating Crowley with a sledge hammer (thankfully off screen), could this be the beginning of a darker, more desperate Kevin?  Maybe not.  Perhaps Dean diffused that bomb with his family speech.  (See below)

Sam says it’s going to be a busy year, what with angels, demons, monsters, ghosts, and all.  This week it’s mostly demons, led by a Knight of Hell.

If “Devil May Care” is any indication, it could be an intense year for our heroes.  This may have been the most dire Winchester predicament to date.  Sam was knocked unconscious and close to being killed after putting up a good fight with the three demon SEALs; Dean was just about to be possessed and tortured by Abaddon.

Sam is on the floor with someone stepping on his arm.

And this is the result of having no plan.

Thank goodness Dean and the angel Ezekiel tricked Sam into accepting him.  Ezekiel may be injured—when he shows his himself, his wings are torn and broken—but he’s still strong enough to smite three demons and scare off Abaddon.  And he has enough presence of mind to use Ruby’s knife postmortem to cover his tracks.

We’ve seen Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles play slightly different versions of themselves, and both do it magnificently.  When Ezekiel took over Sam’s body this time, I wondered how difficult is it for Jensen to play off Jared as two different characters.  But if anyone’s up for the challenge, it’s Jensen Ackles.

So many things make Supernatural great.  For one, its off-the-wall, and sometimes tasteless, humor.  How long have the writers been wanting to make that S-A-M and S & M comparison?  My guess is at least a year.

But the heart of Supernatural is… well, its heart.  When Dean tells Kevin even if his mother is alive, she’s dead in all the ways that matter, I gasped.  When he said Sam and he would die for Kevin, I cried.  Dean could have just led with “You’re family,” but expressing the depth of his feelings as an action is possibly the closest thing Dean can ever come to saying “I love you.”  (He couldn’t do it with Sam/Ezekiel.)

Ezekiel is so soft-spoken and kind, he gives me a sense of absolute peace.  (I’ve never seen Tahmoh Penikett before, so I don’t know if he’s soft-spoken himself, but here it’s quite lovely.)  Sam talked at the end of the episode about how he feels so good and is happier than ever.  He sees family and friends, and is content with his life.  Is it because he’s being possessed by an angel?  Dean certainly thinks so, and it worries him.  But Sam’s absolute contentment makes me believe that Ezekiel is one of the good guys.  I hope I’m not wrong.


3 responses to “Supernatural: Devil May Care (902)

  1. I was glad they dug up a ritual to restore Abbadon’s body because the actress does her perfectly.

    Tahmoh has been soft-spoken in everything I’ve seen him in, whether it’s a reluctant handler on Dollhouse or a killer on Castle. I really hope you’re right, too, about him being good. And Jared does a fantastic job channeling him.

    I love the contrast between Sam being ready to die and Sam being happy with his life. It’s always been a duty, a quest, a burden. I’d like to think his feelings aren’t false, inspired by the angel in him, but that maybe the healing is taking away *other* kinds of pain, too, and making him capable of embracing what he has instead of hating it because it’s not what he wanted.

    Love your recaps/analyses! It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to dig into the show like this. So glad you got me back here! 🙂

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