OUaT in Wonderland: Trust Me (102)

Only in Wonderland can you find a dandy lion topiary made of dandylions.

Dandy Lion! Or dandy lion? Either way, I’m easily amused.

A Clothes Horse, the Fairy Ferry, the Dandy Lion, an origami bird, and a scarf merchant with a two-camel garage!  Ha!

Damn it!  I’m kind of liking this show.  Would it fare better in a different time slot?  ABC should just give up the ghost and air repeats of Shark Tank at 8:00 (ET) Thursdays.

Yes, I was underwhelmed with the pilot, but I actually enjoyed the second episode.  The CGI wasn’t quite as awful, and the Red Queen didn’t send me running from the room.  Then again, the pilot set the bar pretty low.

The story jumps around in time, so it’s not always easy to follow.  Fortunately, we can determine the setting by Alice’s cloths.  Lacy pink dress—first time she meets Cyrus.  Tunic and pants—Alice and Cyrus travel throughout Wonderland and fall in love.  Dress with leather vest (which she got from the Clothes Horse)—the present (“present” being a relative term here).

Alice holds an origami bird with a note from Cyrus.

Cyrus sends an origami bird to Alice to let her know he hasn’t “moved on.”

“Trust Me” focuses on the quest for the genie’s bottle.  Once upon a time, during the tunic-and-pants phase, Alice and Cyrus buried the bottle to protect him.  Now Alice wants to reclaim the bottle because Cyrus will return to it once she makes her three wishes.  Jafar wants it to change the rules of magic, which are (as Cyrus explained to Alice) 1) magic can’t  kill, 2) it can’t bring back the dead, 3) it can’t change the past, or 4) it can’t make anyone fall in love.  The Red Queen wants the bottle as leverage against Jafar.

And the winner is… the Red Queen.  She now has the bottle and Jafar has Cyrus.  It’s a tie of evils!  Actually, having two villains makes things interesting.  Not only are they trying to screw our heroine and her cohorts, they’re trying to screw each other, too.  Perhaps each will be the others undoing.

“Trust Me” hints at several associated mysteries.  The Red Queen has the White Rabbit spying for her, against his will.  What is she holding over him?  Will has an unknown past in Wonderland.  What’s happened to make him so hard-hearted?  Are there other damsels besides the fairy Silvermist he’s wronged?  Will we get these answers before the series is cancelled?


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