Sleepy Hollow Food for Thought

Sheriff Corbin is played by Clancy Brown.

Good copy or something more?

Something came to me last night while watching the repeat of the Sleepy Hollow pilot  What if Sheriff Corbin was more connected with the apocalyptic story line than just investigating strange, unsolved cases?   Could he have been associated with the coven in some manner?  Was his acquaintance with the priest more involved than we’ve been led to believe?

Your thoughts?  Am I just blowing smoke?

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4 responses to “Sleepy Hollow Food for Thought

  1. I think, since the show is mired deep in mythology and everything is multilayered, and we were told that there are sleepers on the bad guys’ side who’ve been lying in wait for things to start for a couple of centuries, there were probably sleepers on the good guys’ side, too, and Corbin would be likely to be one of them. Irving might be another. It will be interesting to find out! 🙂

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