Best of Supernatural Season 1, Part 1

Jensen Ackles has said that season 1 is his favorite.  It’s what launched the juggernaut; and it’s what brought the cast and crew together.  Let’s look at the top ranked episodes,based on ratings from IMDB,, and me.  (Remember, the stars are my ratings only.)

1.  Home (109)

This episode gets 5 stars.This may be the only mid-season episode written by Eric Kripke.  So it must be special, right?  Sam and Dean return to their old home in Lawrence, KS, to investigate one of Sam’s visions.  Reviewed here.

– Written by Eric Kripke; directed by Ken Girotti
– IMDB rating 8.6 (out of 10); rating 9.2 (out of 10)

2.  Pilot (101)

This episode gets 4 stars.The episode that started it all.  How many times have you watched it?

– Written by Eric Kripke; directed by David Nutter
– IMDB rating 8.5; rating 9.1

3.  Asylum (110)

This episode gets 4 stars.A spooky, creepy story, and an intense confrontation between the brothers.  What could be better?

– Written by Richard Hatem; directed by Guy Bee
– IMDB rating 8.5; rating 9.0

4.  Dead in the Water (103)

This episode gets 5 stars.I haven’t figured out why this episode received such (relatively) low ratings on IMDB and It’s a wonderful story and shows us a side of Dean that we seldom see.  If not for my vote, the episode wouldn’t have made the top 5.  Here’s why I love it.

– Written by Sera Gamble & Raelle Tucker; directed by Kim Manners
– IMDB rating 7.9; rating 8.8

5.  Bloody Mary (105)

This episode gets 4 stars.This episode grew on me.  I enjoyed it the first time, but rewatching made me realize just how good it is.  It’s a pivotal episode—our first realization that Sam has visions of death.  And it’s downright scary!

– Story by Eric Kripke, teleplay by Ron Milbauer and Terry Hughes Burton; directed Peter Ellis
– IMDB rating; 8.2 rating 9.0

Honorable Mention:  Scarecrow (111)

This episode gets 3 stars.“Scarecrow” would have made the top 5 had it not been for my “average” rating.  It certainly was important in the overall story arc.  Meg made her debut and we learned about the “blood phone.”  But I didn’t like Sam and Dean separated and at odds with each other.

– Story by Patrick Sean Smith, teleplay by John Shiban; directed by Kim Manners
– IMDB rating 8.6; rating 9.0

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