Supernatural: I’m No Angel (903)

The key to enjoying Supernatural is to not worry about changing canon.  Used to be reapers could only be seen from the “astral plane.”  Now they pose as taxi drivers, inhabit young women, and die like angels.  Maybe they’re a subset of angels that help dying souls move on.  (That’d make sense, right?)  Don’t think too much about it.   Just sit back and enjoy the show.

Castiel tries to fall asleep in an abandoned bus.

Where’s the sheep to count?

The last we saw of Castiel, he was chugging down a bottle of water after stealing some clothes and leaving the trench coat behind.  Since then he’s been living in homeless shelters and hanging out with the unsheltered homeless.  Misha Collins and the show do a terrific job of showing Castiel’s awkwardness in the human world as he makes observations on things we take for granted.  From dental hygiene, to a literal interpretation of counting sheep, to the wonder of burritos; it’s all delightful fun.  Add a moral lesson or two along the way (those with the least to give are often the most generous, and the meaning of faith), and you have truly compelling food for thought.

The new Big Bad this year is a steely blue-eyed angel named Bartholomew.  He’s tapped the power of a televangelist to recruit willing souls for angel vessels.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t care if the human can handle the mighty load or not.  So far he seems to be a blond version of Dick Roman, which isn’t particularly appealing considering season 7 wasn’t Supernatural‘s best.  Hopefully this won’t be the case since we still have Crowley, Abbadon, an angel-inhabited Sam, and all the other ghosties and ghoulies to deal with.

Dean gets knocked down in a fight.

Oh Dean, you know your deals never end well.

Speaking of Ezekiel, Dean’s deal with him is already going sideways.  Last week, Zeke conveyed love, wellness, and peace.  This week, he’s rather menacing.  First he appears out of nowhere to warn Dean the angels are organizing under a new leader.  Then, when “summoned” he tells Dean he can’t be seen in public.  He gives Dean the ultimatum that either Castiel leave the Men of Letters bunker or he’ll leave Sam.  Sounds like emotional blackmail to me.

Something fishy is going on.  Zeke was apparently strong enough to bring Castiel back to life from the outside, but he hasn’t attempted any such thing with Sam.  Of course, he’s too weak to do so now, but could he have done so earlier?  Is this all a ruse to ride a Winchester?  I’m thinking Zeke has history with Bartholomew.  Could Bart be the reason Zeke was injured in the fall from heaven?  I guess we’ll just have to wait through sweeps or mid-season to find out.


6 responses to “Supernatural: I’m No Angel (903)

  1. I think it would be a great concept if the reapers were subset to angels. Angels are warriors and reapers are those who guide the dead to either Heaven or Hell. In other shows, you see the angels collecting and guiding. That being said, this is a pretty cool concept.

    I keep seeing people compare Bartholomew to Dick, but I’m having a difficult time seeing it other than the suit. As Naomi’s protege, he comes off as all business. I’d imagine Naomi to be the same if she were stuck on earth.

    I’m not sure what’s going on with Ezekiel, but it’s definitely shady. I was too busy noticing that he was really cold this episode, but I thought that was more because of the way Dean spoke to him and treats him overall. There is definitely something more to his story.

    Great review!

    • Thank! Poor Dean and his deals. They never end well, do they?

      I probably should have more faith in Jeremy Carver and crew to not repeat Dick Roman. I’m glad you don’t see the resemblance. It gives me hope. (Not that it was lacking.) 🙂

  2. *bounces in glee*

    It’s so fun to dig into this stuff! All the people I used to do it with have drawn away or been overly critical (as in, they don’t enjoy the show anymore) so I’m so excited to be able to discuss the nuances again. LOL

    It’s not so much about adhering to or straying from canon as it is about evolution. Yes, reapers in their true forms (as they choose to show them) can only be seen on the astral plane. But the reaper who took Sam to purgatory last season and the ones who became bounty hunters this season are in vessels. Totally different. And I think a case can be made that the Winchesters have upset the order dramatically, allowing for such deviants as rogue reapers. My only quibble with all of that is that Death is certainly still powerful in his realm, and I’m skeptical that he would allow rogue reapers. But then again, his “interests” (as described to Dean before the apocalypse) are well above the mundanity of reapers with human desires (money, sex, etc.).

    Zeke…I’m on the fence about him. I have no real theories. Remember that Sam’s damage was beyond a normal angel’s ability to heal (on a molecular level, according to Cas) and Cas’s stab wound wouldn’t have been immediately fatal, so in the scheme of things, easy-peasy to heal. He wouldn’t have bothered if he didn’t have *some* good in him, right? *she said hopefully*

    I really want SOME angels to be good. So far, Zeke’s the only one we’ve been shown to (possibly) be. But things on this show are never so easy… LOL He’s definitely asserted himself in unexpected ways since he tucked himself inside Sam.

    The whole Castiel thing broke my heart. I don’t know how Dean’s going to survive this season, emotionally. LOL Let me say, though, that there has been some really great acting this season already.

    • I’d become sort of meh about Supernatural around season 5. It was kind of a blessing because I was able to step away from the fandom and all its craziness. But last year was just so enjoyable. Now it’s like the best of both worlds. I love the show again, but don’t worry about the other stuff.

      We definitely need some good angels, and I remain hopeful that Zeke is one. I guess we just need to sit back and let the storytellers tell us their story. 🙂

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