Agents of SHIELD: Girl in the Flower Dress (105)

Grant Ward and Melinda May are two of SHIELD's more awesome operatives.

Operatives “SEAL Team Six” and “Ninja Bus Driver”

The show is finally becoming what it was meant to be—high tech gizmos and super cool folks (minus 1) battling a Big Bad—or possibly two Big Bads.  But here’s the “minus 1”:  I don’t give a shit about Skye.  I don’t care that she’s a super cyber hacker; I don’t care that she’s awesome at “Battleship,” or about her boyfriend-mentor, or that the poor wittle baby is searching for her parents.  She’s the most uncharismatic character on television. Stop pimping her.

Other than the incessant Skye pimping, the episodes continue to improve.  Not that “Girl in the Flower Dress” was better than “Eye Spy,”  but it certainly advanced the primary story.  I had to go back and rewatch the pilot (thank you for being there, OnDemand) since I’d forgotten much of it.  Once I was up to date on Centipede again, things really clicked.

Unexpected twists continue to keep us on our toes.  The doctor we thought might be leading Centipede was actually expendable, dying a gruesome fiery death.  We’re now faced with a lovely young woman with a penchant for flower-print dresses, and a convict (IMDB says his name is Po), who’s in touch with a clairvoyant.  (I’m thinking he is the clairvoyant, that it’s an alternate personality.  But we know how often I’m wrong, so take it with a grain of salt.)

Raina oversees Chan's lab testing.

Poor Chan. From struggling street magician to explosive lab rat.

SHIELD once again screws up its handling of a “gifted.”  Instead of nurturing a young man’s talent for creating fire, SHIELD forces him to keep it under wraps.  Like Mike from the pilot, he’s having trouble making a living.  Unlike Mike, Chan yearns for fame.  Raina, the girl in the flower dress, takes advantage of his vulnerability to pump him full of the super-soldier serum—but only to harness his blood platelets.  You know, to remedy that pesky exploding-personality problem.  With his platelets depleted, Chan is now combustible, but is so pissed with SHIELD, he rejects their antidote.  In a way, I understand his annoyance with SHIELD.  They treated him like a parolee, subject to regular check-ins with his handler, i.e. parole officer.   Another lost opportunity, SHIELD.

In the end, SHIELD leaves Chan to explode, taking out the Big Bad’s lab with him.  Moral of the story?  If you want SHIELD to save you, don’t be a tool.

In the other end, the ultra-boring Skye is placed on semi-lockdown for her perceived duplicity, but not kicked off the team.  (Damn it!)  The general school of thought is that she’s now come clean, saying she’s searching for her parents.  But has she been completely redeemed?  Remember the text she sent to the Rising Tide at the end of episode  2?  “I’m in.”  It doesn’t sound kosher to me.


8 responses to “Agents of SHIELD: Girl in the Flower Dress (105)

  1. I have different likes and dislikes. I have no problem with Skye. I actually find her far more interesting than Ward or whatever her SO’s name is. I mean, I like them all, but I’m eager to get some depth. Since Skye is the newcomer to the team, basically representing us so we can become part of the SHIELD world as she does, it makes sense that they’d start with her. I do buy that she likes where she is and is sorry about what happened, but I’m sure her reasons aren’t as simple as portrayed and her loyalties are still compromised. Hey, she’s this show’s Jayne! LOL

    I was a little annoyed by the whole “show the world what I’m capable of” drama. What’s that, little balls of fire flung around? Yay. Exciting. Once boosted it became a weapon, therefore something to respect, but on its own it was just kind of a trick.

    What I like the *most* about the show is the subtext about protection versus invasion. The toys and techniques are simultaneously super-cool and terrifying, and they neither shy away from the negatives nor hit us over the head (too much) with their points.

  2. You made me realise I was supposed to be surprised at the doctor’s death, but after watching supernatural, I was getting kind of used to seeing Sanon Lucio die. Man, did the girl have a rough night.

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