So Many Shows, So Little Time

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland:  Forget Me Not (103)

In the show’s best episode to date, we get a back story for the Knave of Hearts.  And, boy, is it a doozy!  I have a review/recap in draft and will post it later today.

Grimm:  The Ungrateful Dead (301)

I confess, I fast-forwarded through about 7/8 of it.  Yeah, yeah, zombies running amok.  Yeah, yeah, Adalind, Hexenbiest, blah, blah.  Yeah, yeah, Zombie!Nick running amok.  All that fast-forwarding caused me to miss Sgt. Wu, though.  I’ll rewatch for any Wu-isms—and Monroe-isms—but probably won’t review the episode.

Dracula:  The Blood Is the Life (101)

Holy crap, that was one lavish production!  Do they plan on keeping it up week after week?  I’m not sure I can stand that much foggy Victorian London extravagance week after week.  (Just kidding.  Of course I can.)  I’m just not sure the atmosphere will resonate with modern day viewers.  Then again, it does have Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  And tons of sexiness.  I might post a review early next week.


5 responses to “So Many Shows, So Little Time

    • I was underwhelmed with the Wonderland pilot, and hadn’t planned on watching it again. But for some reason I watched the next week and I’m glad I did.

  1. I wish Jonathan Rhys Meyers would do something on network television that’s not vampires. Someday maybe I’ll get the right combo. I’ve loved him desperately since Bend It Like Beckham. LOL

    I haven’t started watching Wonderland yet, though I’ve recorded it. It just isn’t pulling me. You think it’s worth trying? (I haven’t read your reviews to avoid spoilers. 🙂 )

  2. Ah, Bend It Like Beckham. It’s probably the most normal thing he’s ever done. He seems to like those dark, brooding roles.

    Wonderland is certainly worth trying. I think the romance writer in you would enjoy it. Just be aware the pilot is HORRIBLE. (You might even want to start with the 2nd episode then go back to the pilot for fill-in.) Don’t expect good CGI either.

    • It’s the eyes. He’s got such brooding, magnificent eyes. My favorite role of his was in Mission Impossible (2, maybe?). He made me root for the bad guy a little bit in City of Bones, too. LOL

      Thanks for the 411 on Wonderland. I’ll keep it and try it eventually. I won’t expect great CGI. The CGI on Once sucks, too. It’s TV, big casts, lavish worlds, difficult to fit it all into the budget, so I give a little slack. 🙂

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