Friday Night Quick Takes

[Sorry for the late posting.  I enjoyed too much wine and food during the evening, and paid for it Saturday.]

To bide my time until 9:00 pm, the evening began with a Supernatural episode I’d recorded earlier in the day.

Supernatural:  Folsom Prison Blues (219)

This under-appreciated gem almost made the top 5, but not quite.  It’s chalk full of great lines, such as “Who looks better, me or Nick Nolte?” “Shaddup.” “Really pretty sure.”  Dean is at his sassy best, instigating fights and besting cons at poker for the “currency of the realm.”  Clif Kosterman, Jensen and Jared’s driver and bodyguard appears as “Poor giant Tiny.”  Winchester-obsessed FBI Agent Victor Henriksen makes an appearance.  Public defender Mara Daniels and prison guard-family friend Deacon are two one-time characters I’d love to see return.  And it’s topped with caper music ala Ocean’s Eleven (the George Cloonry remake).

Sadly, for some reason, the DVR decided to record only two minutes of “What Is and What Should Never Be,” my most favorite episode ever.  😦

Grimm:  PTZD (302)

Nick is finally cured of ZD (Zombie Disorder), but begins experiencing PT (post trauma) symptoms.  Some symptoms are good (increased hearing and strength), some not so good, like appearing to be actually dead.

Renard and Hank prepare to battle zombie Nick.

Let’s get ready rumble!

In retaliation for messing with Nick, Renard arranges to have his half-brother killed.  The deed is done, although I don’t believe for a minute James Frain is dead.  We’ll see if I’m right.  Renard speaks on the phone with another  mysterious European, and gets a call from his mother.  She sounds a lot like Stephania, the gypsy queen who’s been overseeing Adalind’s crazy ritual to regain her Hexenbiest status.  But so far Stephania hasn’t shown herself to be a Hexenbiest.  Oh, and it appears Adalind’s efforts have been successful.

No Wu-isms again this week.  Hank seems to be getting all the good lines.  When Monroe and Renard morph into their alter-egos to battle ZomieNick, Hank mutters, “I wish I could do that.”

Dracula:  A Whiff of Sulphur (102)

We learn more of the background between Vlad and Van Helsing.  It’s not particularly amiable.  I do enjoy those scenes of Jonathan Rhys Meyers (hereafter called JRM because that’s one long name) with long hair and the slow-to-normal motion jumps with Dracula in mid-air.

Alexander Grayson and faithful aide Renfield drive to town in a motor car.

Cruising Victorian London for chicks?

Vlad alter-ego Alexander Grayson targets Lord Laurent, another Order of the Dragon member.  It looks like the not-so-good Lord will bite dust next week, which kind of saddens me because I really like Anthony Howell.  Jonathan Harker goes to work for Grayson,  Mina passes her medical exam to become Van Helsing’s assistant, and she breaks up with Harker because he doesn’t support her medical aspirations.

Is every episode going to end with Dracula feeding while having sex?  That might get kind of old.  Couldn’t at least some of his victims be men?  (With or without the sex.)


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