Sleepy Hollow: The Sin Eater (106)

Abbie yells at the umpire at a Little League softball game, while Crane observes.

Sunny days, good times. How long will it last?

I wish we weren’t finished with the baseball season.  Now I have to wait until at least March before I can yell at the ump and call him “Basket face!”

Man, this episode was so busy, I’m not sure I caught all the dropped anvils, even with a rewatch.  So much talk of destiny and Crane adoration.  So much significance!  Or was it an overly busy episode trying to cram in too much because the season is so short?  I feel it’s the latter.  Some things felt too rushed.

Crane gets abducted, Katrina visits Abbie, Abbie and her sister search for the titular Sin Eater, then search for Crane.  And that’s not even including the flashbacks!

Katrina’s visitation to Abbie is all kinds of weird.  It’s bloated with symbols of a baby carriage, a coven, Headless himself, Buddy the bird, and a Colonial Ouija board.  My mind was so overwhelmed, it kind of shut down.  It makes a little more sense when Katrina says the place is the echo of the home she and Ichabod shared.  Does this mean they lost a child?  Or wanted one?  Or just liked ugly dolls?

It’s in this vision that Katrina tells Abbie Crane has been abducted, and the Sin Eater can find him.  But that’s about all she says, other than Ichabod must be sanctified, and it must happen before nightfall.

Abbie enlists the help of her sister Jenny-with-the-endless-eyelashes.  Jenny rightfully complains that Katrina could have been more specific about finding the Sin Eater.  Thankfully, Abbie is an awesome detective, and they find him.  But he’s retired from the sin eating business, and won’t help.  At least he’s able to lead them in the right direction—the tunnels under the town we learned about in the second episode.

In those underground tunnels, Crane deduces he’s been abducted by the Freemasons.  They have the “true account of Ichabod Crane,” and want him to verify his story, hence the flashbacks.

As a British soldier, Ichabod Crane interrogates a prisoner.

Crane really does look better in Colonial blue.

The flashbacks include Crane’s and Katrina’s first meeting (Katia Winter finally gets to do more than exposition), how Ichabod is revealed to be a Witness (he sees his British officer as a demon—the  creature kind, not the evil human kind, although he is that, too), and how he came to side with the Colonials.  This last one is much more convoluted than Crane’s the story of “seeing the light” we were led to believe in the premiere.

The Freemasons (led by James Frain—as a good guy!  Ok, maybe he’s done it before, but I only know him from Grimm.) are humbled to meet the true Ichabod Crane, then immediately tell him he must kill himself for the Greater Good.  (Awkward!)  That’s the only way the Headless Horseman can die, since the two are linked by blood.  Ichabod acquiesces.

Abbie arrives just in time to share her undying (so far platonic) love before Crane drinks the poison set before him.  But drink it he does, while Abbie cries.  And then?  Tada!  The Sin Eater, having had a change of heart, suddenly shows up to save the day.  Abbie and Crane hug.

The whole thing feels rushed, and not a little preposterous.  Perhaps I’m annoyed they dropped the “George Washington?”  “Do you know him?” lines from the intro.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the show, but it is filled with an awful lot of crack.  I can’t help but think the Supernatural fans who consistently bitch about that show’s discrepancies (yeah, I’m looking at you, Television Without Pity!) would have a field day with Sleepy Hollow.)


2 responses to “Sleepy Hollow: The Sin Eater (106)

  1. When Abbie and Jennie were doing the research thing, I was cackling at how they “copied” Supernatural. Siblings doing research to track down a mystical figure via laptop while hiding in dust hole and expositing. LOL

    I liked a lot of this episode, mostly the Crane stuff. Mison does a great job making me forget he’s wearing a wig. 🙂 But my biggest issue was that they failed to provide a compelling reason for him to live. Yay, he can be separated from the horseman! But *should* he? First he said no, then when the Sin Eater showed up he was okay with it, even though it still meant the horseman could ride again. Wouldn’t dying and taking the horseman with him put an end to EVERYTHING?

    I feel like the answer is no, it wouldn’t, that the war is still coming and he’s still needed, but that maybe they cut the all-important scene that told us this. LOL

    • I completely missed the Supernatural vibe. The compelling reason to live was that he would be able to kill the Horseman outright. But I know where you’re coming from.

      Wait! You answered your own question. 😀

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