Supernatutral: Dog Dean Afternoon (905)

Dean lets all the pound dogs go free.

♫ “Who let the dogs out? Dean, Dean, Dean-Dean.” ♪

Supernatural takes a page out of Seinfeld, and adds a mystery.  Who exhibited more dog-like behavior, Michael Richards or Jensen Ackles?  Both were pretty hilarious, although Kramer did lose the ability to speak “humaneze.”  Dean “barking” at the postman reminds me of a comic I once saw (in the New Yorker, I believe).  The hypothesis was “If dogs could talk,” and consisted of a dog-filled community, with the dogs all yelling “Hey!” at each other.  Ha!

So it wasn’t Supernatural‘s best episode ever.  Dean got to play fetch, talk to the animals, free the hounds from the pound, and stick his head out the window.  (Oh c’mon, admit it, you’ve always wanted to do that!)  And Sam got to drive the Impala while his canine-loving alter-ego got to rub a dog’s belly.  (One of the things I look for when adopting an animal is its ability to enjoy belly rubs.)  Speaking of adopting, I’d take you home a nano-second, you beautiful 14-year-old collie.

Wait!  Your saying there was a supernatural killer on the loose the boys had to track down and neutralize?  Oh please, don’t ruin my happy-buzz.  Besides, the creature turned out to be a human, and those are some of my least favorite episodes.  (*cough*TheBenders*cough*)  And in our continuing story, Zeke appeared long enough to heal Sam’s sliced cardioid artery before disappearing again.  So there’s that pesky problem we’re still dealing with.


7 responses to “Supernatutral: Dog Dean Afternoon (905)

  1. Yeah, I was less than enamored with this episode, too. Loved Colonel (and ditto on the collie) but NONE of the animal voices. The best parts were mere moments: Dean fetching, and Jared’s split-second transition from a bleeding-out Sam to a healing Zeke to a confused, memory-wiped Sam. I love the effect with his eyes when he changes, and that helps the transition for us, but Jared’s killing it, IMO. 🙂

    All I can do now is look forward to the next one. 🙂

    • Jared has been tweeting during the last couple episodes and he said he said he worked really hard to get that eye effect down pat. 😀 You’re right about the voices. They were all wrong, except maybe the pooping bird.

      • He also tweeted how disappointed he was in the animal voices, too, and somehow that made it better. LOL I’m loving the Clark Gregg and Jared Padalecki live tweeting, though I don’t read it until the next day, usually. 🙂

        • I don’t tweet during the show because 1) I want to put all my effort into watching the show, and 2) I’ve forgotten my Twitter password. 😀

  2. Awesome recap. I definitely enjoyed myself watching Dean as a dog. I was hoping it would last a bit longer, but maybe that would have been weird for the next episode. And we shouldn’t know dog secrets and such. To be honest, I don’t like human villains either, but he wasn’t human… human, you know? Anyways. I love this.

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