Sleepy Hollow: The Midnight Ride (107)

[Why can’t the Supernatural recapper at Television Without Pity be more like the Sleepy Hollow recapper?  Even though the story is filled impossible phenomena, like making a cell phone call from a tunnel, or blinding a headless man (or a headless man at all), she still gives “The Midnight Ride” an A+.  But noooo, Supernatural fans (recapper included, whom I’m not sure is even a fan at all) have to bitch about and nitpick each and every episode.</rant>]

Ichabod Crane threatens Andy Brooks, who's already dead.

He’s ba-ack! Andy Brooks and John Cho return to Sleepy Hollow to save Abbie and threaten her admirers.

This show never misses a chance to behead something.  Whether it’s a compatriot rider with Paul Revere, a Mason (or four), a portrait of George Washington, or a stuffed bird (not to mention the “horse crossing” sign from the premiere), no object is off limits.

There are so many moving parts to Sleepy Hollow, it’s sometimes hard to keep up, particularly this week.  Let’s count the plots:  A) the information the Masons have on how to exploit the Headless Horseman’s weakness; B) the skull itself—yes, it gets its own plot; C) Abbie’s admirers, namely Detective Luke Morales and Dead Andy Brooks; D)  Paul Revere’s midnight ride; E) Thomas Jefferson; and F) bottled water, aka the comic relief.  Oh yeah, and then there’s Crane discovering internet porn.

Andy Brooks returns, wrinkled neck and all, to protect Abbie, or so he says.  It’s kind of creepy.  Of course, much of the creepiness is because he’s dead, but even when he was alive, it was a little creepy.  He threatens Morales to stay away from Abbie.  Morales then checks on Andy’s warnings of a coming war, and he becomes spooked.  Perhaps the creepiest thing Andy says (and it’s almost a throw-away line) is “There are more like me in Sleepy Hollow.”  Harbinger of things to come?

Captain Frank Irving retrieves the skull of the Headless Horseman.

Oh no, I lost my head.

The Headless Horseman is once again after his skull.  Abbie and Crane want to destroy it, so Captain Irving retrieves it from the “Fish and Wildlife Services” lab.  (Huh!?  Oh, show, you are so kooky!)  There he comes face-to-face (so to speak) with Headless.  His reaction?  “Oh, my God!”  Irving demonstrates some mad Ninja skillz as he eludes the Horseman’s axe.  The stuffed bird is not so lucky.

It turns out the skull is impervious to sledge hammers, acid, and explosives.  Like you didn’t see that coming.

In the A plot, Ichabod’s meeting with the Mason’s doesn’t go according to plan because they’ve all been beheaded.  Even more disturbing?  The heads are not on the premises.  Ichabod searches the Masons’ library, but the information he seeks is missing.  Fortunately, Ichabod has an eidetic memory, and he remembers a document Samuel Adams gave to Paul Revere as he began his famous midnight ride.  Through the use of shared logic, Crane and Abbie realize this document contains the needed information.

We’ll skip the trip to the Tarrytown Museum.  Our duo find the needed manuscript online (with requisite “in the web” fumbling by Crane), but it’s written in code.  Crane discovers Paul Revere wrote the password on the back of skull’s teeth, which is apparently where the rumor that Revere was a dentist started.  The manuscript says Headless can be trapped when a witch turns the night moon into the sun.  Abbie realizes UV light simulates the sun, so with some needless drama (“Crane, I broke my ankle”), Crane and Abbie lure Headless into the Masons’ underground devils trap, and Irving, now fully on board, turns on the UV light.  Headless begins to sizzle, and there our story for this week ends.

And what did Headless do with the heads of the four Masons he killed?  Why, he lined the skulls with silver, put a candle in them and hung them in a carport.  Man-o-lanterns!  What an awesome Halloween accessory.  If I have a party to go to next year, I might have to as a Sleepy Hollow Mason.

The heads of the four Masons adorn a carport.

The ultimate Halloween accessory?

Next week Almost Human premieres.  Oh boy!

4 responses to “Sleepy Hollow: The Midnight Ride (107)

  1. You did an excellent recap, but where’s the commentary? LOL

    I was surprised at Irving. I thought he knew more than he let on. I mean, he had the cover in place for Crane and everything. But his reaction when he finally saw the horseman himself was pretty real.

    I’m a little iffy on the “Abbie’s admirers” thing. Are they setting her up as a Sookie, where all the men love her? Okay, it’s only two men, but I kinda ship Abbie and Crane (though I wouldn’t be unhappy if they never go there) so that’s three. And it’s not like “what the he** do they see in her?” or anything. But I hope Andy trying to protect Abbie is more of a little sister thing, or a good-cop-good-friend thing, or even a I-got-myself-into-something-crazy-and-she’s-my-redemption thing.

    I can buy the cell phone in the tunnels. It’s CRAZY the places I get service and the places I don’t. If there’s a tower close.. LOL

    • 😀 Hey, the commentary’s the sarcasm sprinkled throughout. You know, the love of behea5666666666666666666666666542dings, creepy Andy, Irving’s Ninja skillz, human jack-o-lanterns. (Gigi just walked across the keyboard. That’s what she thinks.)

      I put “recap” and “review” in the same category is because sometimes I do one, sometimes the other. I never know which will move me. Commentary? I’m afraid it’s generally in the “rant” arena.

      I was kind of surprised at Irving’s reaction, too. I thought he knew more. Orlando Jones says there’s more to him, but apparently believing in headless killers (until now) wasn’t it.

      Crane is included in “Abbie’s admirers” in my book.

      • You’re right, I guess it’s just that you didn’t comment on the things *I* wanted you to comment on. LOL

        Plus, I can’t tell whether “Abbie’s admirers” is said with disdain or neutrality or interest or approval or whatever. I’m curious how you feel about Abbie.

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