Supernatural: Heaven Can’t Wait (906)

Since Natalie “complained” that my review of Sleepy Hollow‘s “The Midnight Run” was all recap and no commentary, this review will be all commentary and no recap.  😉

Castiel poses as Steve, a convienience store clerk.

Can Misha Collins make blue vests sexy?

Jeremy Carver said this year Supernatural would feature B and C-plots.  I wasn’t happy then; I’m a little less unhappy now.  (Yes, double negative.  Figure it out.) Having a secondary story isn’t as bad as I’d feared, but I’d rather have Castiel integrated with the team.  Having two plots makes Castiel feel isolated from the brothers.  But that’s probably the feeling they’re going for.

Dean and Castiel have a somewhat awkward reunion.  Dean wonders why Cass doesn’t greet him with open arms, then chastises him for working as an attendant at a gas station/convenience store.  Well, geez, Dean, maybe if you weren’t such a judgmental jerk.  I wouldn’t have handled it as well as Cass did, saying there’s a type of dignity in it.  (Yes, there is.)

Looking back over the seasons, Dean has annoyed me at the beginning of nearly all of them.  He tends to soften as the season continues, but his self-righteous anger can flare up at any time.  It’s why Sam was so willing to die at the end of “Sacrifice,” and, I think, at the beginning of this year.

Castiel and Dean get the A-story, saving depressed Idahoans from a Rit Zien (thank you, close captioning!).  Cass gets to go on a date, but it turns out the date is about  8 months old.  But gosh, is she cute!  The baby’s eyelashes were so long, I wondered if she might be Baby Girl Ackles.  (Of course she wasn’t.  I doubt Jensen would put her in the public eye like that.  Besides, you generally need twins or triplets when working with children that young.  But still, it’s a warm, fuzzy thought.)

Crowley gives himself an injection of Kevin's blood.

Hmm? What’s Crowley up to?

Back at the Men of Letters lair, the B-plot has Sam and Kevin cavorting with Crowley to help transcribe the angel tablet.  Which he does in exchange for a (blood) phone call to hell.  It’s always nice (in a bad sort of way) to see Abaddon.

I’m not sure why Crowley insisted on using Kevin’s blood, other than to mess with Kevin.  Some fans say it’s because Crowley needed it for the human-blood injection he gave himself at the end of the episode, but Sam’s blood would have worked just as well, right?

Best scene of the episode?  When Crowley wads up the paper and throws it in Sam’s face.  Bullseye!   Jared’s reaction?  Priceless!


One response to “Supernatural: Heaven Can’t Wait (906)

  1. Since Natalie “complained” that my review of Sleepy Hollow‘s “The Midnight Run” was all recap and no commentary, this review will be all commentary and norecap.

    And I LOVE it! LOL

    I didn’t like Dean’s attitude, either. He sent Cas away. I thought Cas was incredibly gracious in response. I’ve felt the same way as you have about Dean the last couple of seasons. I think his harsh selfishness has been out of character. Also, and this is a total non sequitur, I’m getting VERY sick of the boys rushing into a room, being immediately slammed against the wall, and not being part of the takedown. I want a little heroism back.

    Anyway, Cas broke my heart when it turned out he was supposed to babysit. Although the approach was just stupid. Why wouldn’t she tell him what she wanted? That could have been written better, so that the misunderstanding made a little more sense.

    Maybe Crowley wanted Kevin’s blood instead of Sam’s because he’s trying to feed his addiction without the effects that Sam’s sanctified blood had? Or maybe he knows Zeke is in there. He usually recognizes angels, doesn’t he? So maybe he knows and is keeping it to himself until an opportune moment, and craves the blood but doesn’t want to mess with angel contamination. I’m interested to see where that goes!

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