So Many Shows, So Little Internet Quick Takes

So much has happened in TV-land since my internet modem crashed last week.  I was able to post a couple reviews I’d already started (Agents of SHIELD and Supernatural—and a reply to Natalie) during interludes of access, but that’s it. Now that things appear to be stable, here’s a super-duper brief roundup.

Yep, all these shows are discussed (to a limited degree) under the cut.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland:  Heart of Stone (105)

Cyrus escapes!  Alice passes the pure-of-heart test.  The Red Queen decalcifies Will!  Jafar cuts off the foot of the White Rabbit to get him to talk, then reattaches it because the White Rabbit talked.  And everything the Old Prisoner said and did reaffirms my assertion of who he is.

I really hope Cyrus and Alice meet up soon.  I’m getting tired of all this True Love talk without seeing it.

Grimm:  One Night Stand (304)

Thanks, Grimm.  Now I’m rethinking that mermaid tattoo I was going to get.  We learn that mermen are sterile, so propagation of the species requires mermaids to copulate with humans.  And macho mermen don’t like it.  We discover more about Nick’s new physiology, specifically, his vitals are about half that of an ordinary man and he never tires.  It comes in handy when he has to rescue a mermaid under water.

You can read a review of last week’s episode “A Dish Best Served Cold” at Dahne’s Recaps.  I won’t be covering Grimm any more this season since Dahne does a much better job and has the added bonus of polls.

Dracula:  From Darkness to Light (104)

Vlad Grayson plays Lady Jayne like a fiddle and kills one of his oldest pals to gain her trust.  Granted, the old pal was a horrible house guest, killing kitchen staff and forcing Renfield to suffer the loss of apple crumble.  Lord Davenport employs some Mysterious Woman to kidnap and torture someone close to Grayson.  It turns out to be Renfield.

I’m done.  It’s all just… too much.  I might continue to watch, but won’t be reviewing any more.

Almost Human:  Pilot (101)

It’s finally here!  And it seems to be getting mixed reviews.  io9 likens it to the sci fi cop dramas of the 1980’s, saying

Do you like Robocop? Blade Runner? Demolition Man? Alien Nation? Total Recall? And countless other police drama-esque science fiction movies from the ’80s? Then you’ll love Almost Human, which is an unapologetic pastiche of the genre, updated to reflect 21st century post-human politics and fears of pharmaceutical terrorism.

The only one of those I’ve seen is Demolition Man, which I enjoyed (and not just because it featured an early Benjamin Bratt).  So, since I like those types of shows, I’ll be sticking around.  There will be more after tonight’s second episode.

DreamWorks Dragons: Defenders of Berk

I’m never very good about keeping up with this show, even though I love it.  Last week’s episode, “Appetite for Destruction” was a favorite.  Perhaps I’ll write some reviews once the other shows go into their winter hiatus.  In the meantime, you can check out Berk’s Grapevine for all things Hiccup and Toothless, including the upcoming movie, How to Train Your Dragon 2. (Hiccup and Astrid grow up nicely.)

And more!

Oh good grief.  I spent much of my internet downtime watching a Doctor Who extravaganza celebrating 50 years of the show on OnDemand.  Sadly, OnDemand lied, saying episodes from 21st century seasons would be available until December 31.  As of today, only seasons 5-7 are available.  And I only got to see four of David Tennat’s episodes.  😦


4 responses to “So Many Shows, So Little Internet Quick Takes

  1. I hope you get to catch more of the Doctor Who eps somehow. Did you watch them before or are you a new Whovian?

    I grew up with those 80s sci-fi movies, but find I can’t argue with or against io9 writer’s assertions. I really enjoyed Almost Human, mainly because I love Urban and Ealy, and Minka Kelly and Lili Taylor were also very good. But to me, it was more in line with the heavy dramas set in current times, with the battle against terrorism and crime infiltrating the systema and causing good cops to make controversial choices. (See: The Blacklist, Homeland, etc., though I only saw two eps of the former and only read about the latter. LOL) I thought the writing was fairly tight and the pacing was good, though I’d like to see it slow down a little in the next few episodes to let us get comfy in their world. 🙂

    The rest of the shows you have here, I don’t watch. That’s a good thing, or I’d totally hijack your comments. 😦

    • I tried watching Doctor Who a couple times in the past, but since I knew nothing of its history I was totally confused. I watched several of the specials, which talked about the companions and foes, which helped fill in some gaps.

      I found it’s best not to watch too many in a row, because the cheesiness really comes through then. I’ve not seen any with the current Doctor, but those are still available. I’m looking forward to the new Doctor, though. He’s a bit older. (But still younger than me. 😀 ) BBC America is running a slew of Doctor Who specials this week.

      I love your take on Almost Human. Urban and Ealy are indeed great. I also love Mackenzie Crook. He always plays nutballs. You know he got his start on the British version of The Office (as did Martin Freeman). I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for Lili Taylor ever since Mystic Pizza.

      I gotta say, Mondays and Tuesdays are going to be pretty busy now. 😀

      • I never watched any of the old ones. I started with the “modern” doctor, Christopher Eccleston, and went on from there. The first ones were INCREDIBLY cheesy, but the storytelling was so damned good I stopped noticing the cheesiness about halfway through the season, I think. 🙂 I’m wary of the new doctor, but trusting that the casting is as brilliant as ever.

        I love Mackenzie Crook, too! I kind of squealed when I saw his name in the credits. I feel bad for forgetting to mention him. LOL

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