Almost Human: Skin (102)

Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, and Mackenzie Crook star in Almost Human.

Come for Karl Urban, stay for Michael Ealy—and Mackenzie Crook.

Someone hypothesized “Skin” was suppose to air later in the season, but was moved up.  Nothing like a good ol’ episode about sexbots and some T&A to stimulate ( 😉 ) viewership.  Oh Hollywood, you are so obviously an industry run by men, for men.  For me, all the underwear-clad women became quite tedious rather quickly.

The hypothesis makes sense.  John and Dorian’s relationship had eased by the end of the pilot, but it still seemed too early for Dorian to take the liberty of posting an online dating profile for John.

It also felt a bit too soon for John and Dorian’s dialogue to evolve into the easy banter here.  I’m not complaining, mind you.  It was full of lines that caused me to laugh out loud, which is always a good thing.  To wit:

Dorian:  We don’t need a warrant?
John:  I agree.

John:  I’m allergic to cats.
Dorian:  Maybe the cats are allergic to you.

John:  … I like women who are smarter than me.
Dorian:  That won’t be hard.

Dorian:  Or he doesn’t like you very much.
John:  Add him to the list of kids and cats.

I like how scientific advances are woven into the story.  For the most part, automobiles have remained relatively unchanged, but other technology is purely futuristic.  Yes, there are the life-like synthetics, but it’s the smaller, everyday things that fascinate me. Tablets have become so thin, they’re now invisible except for the screen (from the pilot).  Spray-on “flash masks” hide faces from surveillance cameras.  Bar-coded license plates can change numbers.  Tiny toys are fully automated!

DNA advances are so prevalent, I think the producers have a fascination with it.  First it was “programmable DNA” in the pilot.  In “Skin” we had “DNA bombs” used to hide all DNA evidence, as well human skin harvested for the sexbots.  Which honestly seems a little stupid, considering the DNA could be traced back to the victims.

Most of the buzz about Almost Human has been Michael Ealy as Dorian.  As much as I’m enjoying Karl Urban, I have to agree.  Ealy’s face is mesmerizing, with his blue (some say green) eyes, and his adorable half smile.  Yep, he’s definitely the break-out star.

Just one more thing.  I want that toy giraffe!

And Some More “Pilot” Thoughts

Here’s a question:  Why are the newer MX models less advanced than the older DRNs?  I’m guessing the problems with the DRNs caused the police force to backtrack, making the next models more mathematically logical.  Will we get some further explanation of the DRN problems?  And why have the files on the DRN been redacted?   Oops, that’s three questions.

The pilot presented many other ideas I hope won’t be dropped.  What’s that little red pill John takes?  What about John’s father?  (One mention might not mean anything, but two is pretty significant.)  The motorcycle MX at the episode’s beginning said something about people coming over the Wall.  (Close captioning capitalized “wall.”)  Is that the border with Mexico?  Or some other place?  Is there a back story with John and Captain Maldanado?  Why is John the only person Maldanado trusts?  Only time will tell.  I just hope this series isn’t as inconsistent as Sleepy Hollow.


4 responses to “Almost Human: Skin (102)

  1. Well, it’s at heart a crime show, so I guarantee it will be inconsistent. I don’t think it will have the huge mythology to keep track of, so they’re likely to be small things from week to week, either from convenience or forgetfulness.

    I hadn’t heard that the episode was scheduled to air later in the season, and I didn’t think the differences were that big, but it does make sense on hindsight. Kennex is more comfortable with Dorian than I expected him to be that fast. But there are always differences between pilot (shot by itself with one idea in mind and no grounding of location and personnel) and the rest of the season (shot with the full framework in place and much more opportunity to both gel as a team and refine the story). So if I’d thought harder about it, I’d have chalked those up to those factors.

    You totally avoided the whole ball-scanning conversation, which was the best part of the show. LOL

    I loved the idea of the DNA bomb. They didn’t explain the technology, but my assumption is a combination of low and high tech. They collected DNA garbage, essentially (skin, nails, spit, whatever) and mixed it all together so that when it covered absolutely everything in the room, it contaminated all trace evidence. Brilliant! 🙂

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