Supernatural: Bad Boys (907) Quick Take

Less than one week to Thanksgiving!  This year, I’m thankful for Supernatural seasons 5-7.  Their mediocrity allowed me take a step back from the show and its fandom.  So what if young Sam looked to be 8 or 10 years old instead of the 12 he was supposed to be.  The important take away from the scene is Dean’s total and absolute love for Sam.

Sonny uncuffs a young Dean.

Oh Dean, even at 16 you’re sassing policemen enough to get handcuffed.

You know you’ve been watching Supernatural too long when a tine fork-equipped tractor impales its victim, propelling the tines through the barn door (with a bit of blood on the center tines)… and you laugh out loud.  Oh yes, I did!

I was delighted to see Blake Gibbons in the credits.  In my General Hospital days, he played the owner of a strip club who forced Courtney to dance in order to pay off her husband AJ’s debts.  Until she was rescued by AJ’s brother, mob thug Jason.  (Oh soaps, you are something else.)  It’s nice to know he can play good guys, too.

Sam finds Dean's name on a bed with a hex symbol.

One little moment holds so much brotherly love.

The episode was a good one until the last 10 minutes.  Then it became wonderful.  I haven’t had time to rewatch the episode (which I normally do before posting), so I can’t comment on Sam’s supposed unawareness or nonchalance with Dean’s two-month absence.  All I know is John is an ass,  Dean loves Sam enough to leave a good life behind, and Sam knows it.  Oh, and D-Dog!

What did you think?


8 responses to “Supernatural: Bad Boys (907) Quick Take

  1. I always like looking back into their pasts, though I feel like we got so deep into that in previous seasons and are now a little distant from the tapestry they wove. This episode was a nice counterpart to “Dark Side of the Moon.”

    I think they made Dean a little too old, because it all works better if Sam is younger. Sam’s reaction was, IMO, pretty on-character. He was young (albeit not as young as the quick shot of him made him look) and had a totally different perspective on things than Dean did when Sam went missing. I can buy that Dean’s absence didn’t torment him all that much or reflect on his reason for existence. (In other words, Dean’s reason for living has always been to take care of Sam, so Sam being gone was the worst time of his life. To Sam, one of his caretakers wasn’t around for a while. Then he came back, and they kept doing what they were doing.)

    I liked Dean’s reaction to Robin. He changed a lot between this and After School Special! I wonder if a case can be made that their sweet little starter relationship and losing it is what set him on his horndog, love-’em-and-leave-’em ways.

    • Oh, you are such a beautiful writer! I love your tapestry take. I thought of “Dark Side of the Moon,” too. Did you read emsmiesh’s comment below about Dean’s age? I think 14 would have worked better for Dean’s sexual innocence. So from now on, I shall think of Dean as 14. 🙂

      • Aw, thank you! Once in a while I can get what I feel out of my head and onto the page. LOL

        I did read her comment, and I agree with you both that they should have left his age be. I puckered my brow at the rugaru line (because I kind of thought they only learned about it in that episode with Travis and the gross eating stuff) but I think they do that a lot. They need a tossaway reference and just pull something off the list. I guess we can’t expect a rotating team of writers to be as obsessed as we are about the details. LOL

  2. Their ages bothered me too, but mostly because I felt it was a bit too close to “After-school special”. The writer actually said on twitter Dean was supposed to be 14 (and Sam 10) but they thought the actor looked too old so they made him 16 in post-production. I kinda wish they’d let him look too old for his 14 years (after all, it’d be quite fitting with Dean’s life-experience), but I guess we’ll just have to live with it. At least it explains things? And it doesn’t make me a little bit bothered that if they changed their ages with ADR they could have changed the rugaroo line too, I’m not nit-picking at all. (or maybe just a little bit)

    By the way, even if I don’t comment much, I wanted to let you know that I read most of your reviews and always appreciate them a lot!

    • Thanks for reading! Truthfully, I thought the actor looked too young to be 16 (was shocked to see on IMDB he’s 18!), so 14 would have worked for me. And I like your take that Dean could have looked old based on what he’d been through. I didn’t even catch the rugaru line. Well, I heard it, 😀 but didn’t realize it contradicted earlier stuff.

  3. I agree. People were too picky over the ages. The big picture was more about Dean’s past and more of the sacrifices he’s made for Sam. Sam realizing this as well and appreciating it lol I love those moments. And Blake Gibbons was amazing! Wonderful recap.

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