Thanksgiving Week Wrap-Up

Here’s a recap of this week’s episodes.  A special Thank You goes out to Suzanne at Damsel Undistressed who’s written some GREAT recaps herself.  She’s lessened my workload. by nearly half.  Thanks, Suzanne!

Almost Human:  Are You Receiving (103)

There are certain kinds of shows I really dislike.  One is when hostages are taken at the beginning of the episode.  The minute they showed the office scene, I knew the whole episode would be about rescuing them.

John fixes Dorian's injury with chewing gum.

Mending a robot—one of those times times when gum (or duct tape) comes in handy.

Given that, the show moved along quickly enough.  Yes, there were tropes along the way.  Cops disregarding orders from the boss, secret communication with one of the hostages, and possibly the hostages being a diversion from the “real” crime.  (Even though kidnapping is a far worse crime than robbery.)  But the episodes had original moments, too.  Dorian answering the “telephone” with different voices, getting shot in the head and patched up with gum.  I was certain the ice fishing story was made up, but its veracity was never answered.  The fact that Dorian could hear John’s confession of his middle name while “out” might have been expected, but the pay-off of Dorian singing along to “Benny and the Jets”  was priceless.

And Rudy saved the day!  Sort of.

Sleepy Hollow:  Sanctuary (109)

Can you believe there are only four more episodes for season 1?  I hope, hope, hope they won’t end on a cliffhanger, ala Supernatural, but rather wrap up this part of the story, ala Doctor Who.

Suzanne wrote a great review at Damsel Undistressed.  I doubt I could do any better, so check out her post.  (We both hail from Iowa, so we share a certain dry, corn-fed humor.)

Agents of SHIELD:  Repairs (109)

Melinda May quiets a riotous crowd with her gun.

Melinda May: Bad ass to the end

Ghosts!  Was I watching Supernatural?  Demons!  Or Sleepy Hollow?  Nope, it was Agents of SHIELD, with a surprisingly unscientific view of the universe.  I didn’t really remember the plot (I had to it look up to jog my memory).  What I remembered was the personal aspects of the show.  Fitz and Simmons “hazing” Skye (which was pretty lame, as pranks go), May and Ward’s tryst, Skye’s compassion, Fitz getting punked, and May cracking a half-smile.

Skye was her same nosy self, but this time it worked.  She argued with Coulson and Ward about SHIELD’s isolation of a scared young woman.  Just for once, I agreed with Skye.

The tv cable guide said we’d learn more about May’s past, which I guess we did.  But it was through Coulson’s dialogue with Skye, not from May herself.  It felt a little like cheating.  May remains the mysterious super-Ninja fighting woman in black. With a pilot’s license.

The episode is noteworthy for what it lacked as well.  No Coulson worrying whether he’s human or not, no  talk of Skye’s parents.  It was a welcome change.  Next week (or two?), Peterson from the premier returns!  Will he be integrated into the team or will it be a one-time mission?  Probably the latter.

Supernatural:  Rock and a Hard Place (908)

If you heard a gigantic groan during Dean’s “confession” at Virgin Anonymous, that was me.  I HATE horndog Dean.  And while some people complained about his tryst with the ex-porn star, it was his getting way too caught up in the moment during his tell-all that bothered me.  Part of the reason is that I knew it would happen, and it would be totally embarrassing, because that’s how the writers love to write Dean.

Even the welcome appearance of the wonderful Sheriff Jody Mills couldn’t erase the gross factor.  Please don’t make this atrocity of an episode her only appearance this season.

Once again, Suzanne comes to the rescue.  Her take on “something is wrong with me” Sam and growing mistrust of Ezekiel mirror my own thoughts.  (By the way, Suzanne and I don’t always see eye-to-eye.  She loves “The French Mistake” and “Changing Channels.”  I moaned at “Changing Channels.” First because of its low-brow humor (“Nutcracker” and herpes commercial), and secondly because the Trickster suddenly changes into the archangel Gabriel.  It felt like a cheap way to alter the story.  Initially I didn’t care for “The French Mistake.”  I’ve since come to like it, but it certainly doesn’t rate in my top 10, probably not even top 50.)


5 responses to “Thanksgiving Week Wrap-Up

  1. I skipped the Sleepy Hollow part because we haven’t watched that yet. But otherwise, it’s variations on a theme, and one that all writers know. It’s the characters and their relationships that make ANY story compelling, because everything has been done before when it comes to plot and conflict. Even the most creative-seeming twists or takes on something can be found to have elements that were already done elsewhere.

    This stuff is hard, yo! LOL

    I think that’s why there’s a surge in popularity of “other” whether it’s paranormal, sci-fi, or superheroes. These give us new bits in which to frame the same old same old.

    Anyway! I’m loving the interaction between Kennex and Dorian and feel the show is paced just right. Some things that are clumsily or badly done are balanced by other things (like the slowness of going up the stairs, which most shows don’t do).

    I feel the way you and Suzanne do about Zeke, which makes me sad because I want SOMEONE to be good. I don’t think Dean has any choices about Sam. No one has ever been damaged like he has. Cas said it’s on a molecular level. No human has a chance. And I adore Jody so hard. 🙂

    • Heheh. I haven’t fully watched Sleepy Hollow either. I fast-forwarded through much of it, because I just couldn’t wait for the creepy house thing to be over. 🙂 I’ll probably watch it tonight, since it’s not on and I’m mostly done with my Doctor Who catch up. (Have a few of the special episodes to watch. They’re not available on OnDemand, so I’ll likely have to watch them online.

      • I’ve watched it now. I loved it! We have some answers about connections, and a big revelation, and I think Mison killed it with his performance. Except without his coat I kept thinking, “He’s so skinny!!!” LOL

  2. You’re welcome! I’m so glad Sleepy Hollow was picked up for a second season. Did you catch Ichabod’s line trashing McDonald’s? “This resembles no Scottish meal I’ve ever known.” Hee!

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