Supernatural: Holy Terror (909)

Metatron meets with the angel inhabiting Sam.

It’s never a good sign when Metatron shows up.

Ho.Ly.Frak!  Jeremy Carver wishes us all a Merry Christmas.  He’s certainly left us with a boat load of angst and drama to mull over during the winter hiatus.

Shock and awe abound throughout fandom.  Sandy and Suzanne are flailing with excitement (and they’re primarily Sam/Jared fans, who should be worrying about Sam’s welfare).  The reviewer at said it best:

I’m gutted.  Heartbroken. Sad. Devastated. Shocked. Lying flat on the floor of my office staring up at the ceiling in a semi-catatonic state of disbelief.

One word kept running through my mind during this episode:  Game-changer!  (Or is that two words.?)

Game-changer!  Ezekiel is not Ezekiel!
Metatron returns to earth to wreak havoc.

Boooo. Hissss. How can such a nebbish be such a villain?

After months of speculation about what Ezekiel was up to inside Sam, we get an answer.  Metatron, the Scribe of God who cast all the other angels out of heaven last season returns to earth because he’s lonely.  He seeks out the angel inhabiting Sam and informs us that angel is not Ezekiel.  It’s Gadreel.  According to the Gospel of Carver, Gadreel was the angel responsible for guarding paradise, but when he let the snake into the Garden of Eden, God jailed him.  Well, hey, at least this lets Eve off the hook!

Gadreel claims he’s innocent and is really a good angel.  Metatron feeds on this persecution complex and tells Gadreel he can join him in heaven.  But first he must prove his loyalty by killing someone.  (Didn’t Castiel get duped by this same line?)

Game-changer!  Castiel is an angel again!

After helping Sam and Dean on a case of angel-on-angel warfare (with requisite “Zeke”Sam hissy fit), Castiel prays for guidance—all religions welcome, and then some.  Help comes in the form of a State Trooper angel named Muriel.  But both are taken hostage and tortured by the angel faction warring with Bartholomew, headed by thug-angel Malachi.  Muriel is killed, but Castiel is able to talk his way out  his binding chains.  At which point he takes the grace from his torturer angel, and then kills the human remains.  Wow!  Just, wow!

During captivity, Cass learns that the real Ezekiel died in the fall from heaven.  He warns Dean, at which point Dean asks the Lord’s littlest profit, Kevin Tran, to look for a spell that can separate angel from host so he can confess to Sam.   Sam’s reaction is pretty much what we expected, including a serious fist to Dean’s face.

However, sneaky Gadreel was listening in on Dean’s conversation with Kevin, and altered the spell slightly, so Sam isn’t separated from Gadreel and doesn’t get a chance to expel him.  In fact, Gadreel says he’s been acting as Sam all along, that Sam is basically dead.

As if that’s not enough shock, Gadreel then kills Kevin.  😦

Game-changer!  Not!Ezekiel kills Kevin!

What a depressing way to end an episode.  How can people be in mourning for Kevin, worried that Sam is in the gravest of danger, yet be excited for the coming year?  It defies logic, and yet Carver and team have done it.

Oh Dean, when will you learn that trying to keep Sam alive never works out well?

I’m not happy that Kevin is dead, but I shall sit back, breathe, and let the story tellers tell their story.

Kevin Tran reads the angel tablet looking for a spell to separate Sam from the angel inhabiting him.

RIP, Kevin Tran. The Lord’s littlest prophet bites the dust. We shall miss you.


4 responses to “Supernatural: Holy Terror (909)

  1. I think my jaw was on the floor through a lot of this episode.

    So. Much. Brutality. I was gratified that there was the cop angel who responded to Cas’s prayer and who stood in for all the “decent” angels trying to stay out of the power war. But WOW have we come a long way from Cas and Uriel investigating the deaths of angels as an extremely rare occurrence. So rare they didn’t even know that only an angel can kill another angel. And now angel blades are *everywhere*. Who’s forging these things? LOL But they faced off as if they were demons. Maybe that’s the point. I don’t know.

    I was so twisted up because Sam’s reaction to Dean’s confession apparently wasn’t Sam’s, and Gadreel is like a freaking child, so naive and easily led. The previews for the next ep were shades of soulless!Sam, but I’m glad it looks like it doesn’t get dragged out for very long. At least, that part of it.

    The whole broken Sammy thing might linger.

    But KEVIN. Oh, Kevin. We haven’t lost a major secondary character in a while, and of course it made complete sense that Metatron wanted him gone. Another prophet will be called, but that’s not going to help the cause. I’ll miss him so bad!

    • I was super uncomfortable during the torture scenes. At least Cass got the upper hand fairly quickly. Angel deaths are occurring so often now, they don’t even show their wings. Maybe they were burned up in the fall. Or maybe it was too much for the visual effects department.

      In the previews, it looked like SamGandreel was getting the same treatment as Samandriel. (That’s almost a homonym!)

      As for prophets, maybe they’ll bring back Chuck. Jared and Jensen mentioned they’d like to work with Rob Benedict again. But most likely they’ll just drop it.

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