So Many Shows, So Little Electricity

Mulch and Bucket return to Defenders of Berk after a long absence.

Mulch & Bucket return after a too-long absence.

Thursday is my big night for television.  First there’s DreamWorks Dragons: Defenders of Berk, then Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  Next is Project Runway All Stars, followed by Elementary.  (Granted, the last two aren’t SciFi Chicks-worthy, but they nicely round out an evening of enjoyable television.)  Last Thursday was extra special, as Defenders of Berk was featuring a two-parter, with the return of Mulch and Bucket.

At around 5:00 pm, the lights flickered a couple times, then went totally dark.  Fortunately, my What-a-Light and Olde Brooklyn lanterns provided enough light to work on Christmas cards.  When the electricity still hadn’t returned by 8:00, I went out for dinner, figuring the lights would be back on when I returned at 9:00.  They weren’t.  So I continued with the Christmas cards.  Of course, the lights finally came back on at 11:00, just after every show had aired.

OnDemand has allowed me to catch up, but I seem to prefer making Christmas cards to reviewing the shows.  (You heard me right—making Christmas cards!  Pretty impressive for someone who hasn’t sent out Christmas cards in many years.)  It’s actually quite addictive.  I shall try to catch-up during the hiatus.

Speaking of Christmas, and our first snow of the season, you’ll notice SciFi Chicks has gotten into the spirit with falling snow.  It’s the kind of snow I like, the kind you don’t have to shovel.


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