Sleepy Hollow Season Finale

Abbie and Crane discover George Washington is not buried at Mount Vernon.

The Mount Vernon docents must be pissed!

You may have noticed a dearth of Sleepy Hollow posts recently.  That’s because this show is so whack-a-doodle crazy, it became difficult (for me) to rationally discuss.  (Besides, I’m hoping Suzanne will cover it at Damsel Undistressed.   *hint*)  So, what would you expect for a season ending to such a crazy-assed show?  More crazy-assedness, yeah?  Well, you would be right.

Three words sum it all up.

           Zombie George Washington

Prior to the two-episode airing last night, the Sleepy Hollow forum at Television Without Pity had been rife with speculation, and some of it came surprisingly close.  I’m sure the finale will inspire more speculation, especially since we have two-thirds of a year to wait.

Ichabod Crane looks over and old map.

Pencil porn!

Every single character was left in jeopardy, as well as the future of Sleepy Hollow and the world itself.  How will we come back from all these disasters?  Any thoughts?

  • Ichabod Crane finally got some new duds, which look exactly like the old duds.  He wound up entombed in not just any grave, but that of his son Jeremy, who’d been buried alive by his mother Katrina’s old coven.  (I’ve got that right, don’t I?)
    • My speculations:  Jeremy’s blood kept him alive while buried for 200 years, Ichabod’s blood could do the same.  Or perhaps he’ll dig his way out the grave, ala Dean Winchester in Supernatural.  I’m not sure he can rely on anyone else saive him, since everyone is busy with their own fate.
  • Abby Mills ended up in her childhood doll house with her younger self and young Jenny.  Oh, and the doll house is in purgatory.
    • Speculation?  I got nothin’.  My guess is Ichabod will rescue her from purgatory after he’s rescued himself.
  • Capt Frank Irving confessed to the murders his possessed daughter committed last week.  (For the record, I knew the priest was doomed the minute he made his first appearance.)  Of all the perils, Frank’s could be the easiest to resolve.
    • Last we saw Abbie’s ex, Luke Morales, he was lying on the floor of the safe house.  He was mentioned a couple times in the finale, which makes me think he’s still alive.  Perhaps he’ll take the fall.
    • As a side note, Natalie’s speculation that Detective Jones was on the side of evil proved wrong. Welcome to the Wrong Club, Natalie.  😉
  • Katrina Crane was rendered unconscious and delivered to the Headless Horseman Abraham (whom we’d seen very little of recently).
    • I was hoping she’d been killed because, man, she really sucks the life out of this show.
  • Jenny discovered The Truth about Henry Parrish, thanks to Sheriff Corbin’s tapes, but was left for dead in an auto accident—caused by Headless, no less.
    • I really hope she’s not dead.  She’s added a lot to the show, and brings more depth to Abbie’s character.
  • And Henry Parrish played them all.  I began to suspect Henry was War, but the Jeremy Crane twist was a complete surprise.  Well done, writers.

Does this mean season 2 will end with the coming of Pestilence (or Conquest, as Sleepy Hollow has referred to this Horseman), and the following season with Famine rising?  Or vice versa?


5 responses to “Sleepy Hollow Season Finale

  1. Oh, I’ll be writing about it all right. 🙂 You should have heard me during the last ten minutes. That whole Jeremy thing caught me completely off guard.

    I’m actually putting off watching David Tennant’s final episode as the Doctor until Thursday evening because I’m sure I’m gonna bawl my eyes out. So tomorrow should be a good day to write about Sleepy Hollow.

    Why do you still torture yourself by going to TWoP? 😛

    • Yep, the Jeremy catch was a shocker!

      Ah, David Tennant’s last Doctor Who episode. It’s not quite as bad as you might think… Or maybe it is. But don’t worry, the best is still ahead of you. I stayed away from the Eleventh Doctor episodes because I figured they wouldn’t be as good. Boy, was I wrong! You have a tremendous treat waiting for you!

      I don’t go to TWoP all that often anymore, and I stay far away from the Supernatural forums. So it’s not too bad. (I did write to TWoP on Facebook asking to get rid of the reviewer. Season 8 was one of the best, yet she gave out no A’s. I never heard back.)

  2. Yeah, I was wrong on a lot of counts. 🙂 I thought Frank had to know something before he got there, and he didn’t. While watching the ep last night, I made the bold prediction that Jenny was the true witness (cuz we know she and Abbi are both technically witnesses, right?) and Ichabod would sacrifice her instead, but that didn’t happen.

    I cringed when you speculated that Ichabod will rescue Abbi. I think it will be the other way around. She’s the far tougher of the two. She’ll get herself out of purgatory and since she knows about the trees, she’ll find Ichabod.

    I thought this ep overall was really well done. With the exception of Katrina, of course. I like that actress, but I guess I don’t like the way she plays the character, breathy and anxious all the time, and she’s a necessary irrelevance. She’s the one who Knows Things, and without someone who knows things, it’s really hard to move this kind of story along, where the main characters start out completely clueless.

    Anyway, I knew there was a twist, but I still didn’t realize Henry was War until the second before he said “I assure you, he’s here” or whatever, and I NEVER expected him to be Jeremy. My gasp sucked half the air out of the room. LOL

    When he was giving the warnings about purgatory, I said, “It’s not purgatory, it’s Faerie!” LOL Those are all the rules of Faerie. But their initial scenes there were so good. And when Ichabod had to leave Abbi behind…

    This show isn’t super-high on my must-watch list, but I’m really glad it got a second season. 🙂

    • I think most people thought Frank knew more than he was say telling before he saw Headless. In fact, the reviewer at io9 started drawing the “evil mustache” on his screencaps at the beginning of the season, at then modified them from there. It was quite hilarious. I would have preferred Frank have some connection, but such is life.

      The main reason I said Ichabod would rescue Abbie was solely because I’d figured out a way for him to escape, but not Abbie. But I wouldn’t mind if she saved him.

      What/where is Faerie? Is my lack of reading showing? Google gave me only faerie (not capitalized) and fairy.

      I wonder how Sleepy Hollow would have ended had it not had a 2nd season. (Didn’t you say the creators only planned for one season?) It would have sucked it this would have been the series finale.

      • Faerie is where the fae live, aka fairies, led by Titania and the like. Winter Queen and Summer Queen…there’s a lot of legend that modern authors are tapping into. Changlings stem from fairy lore, I think. Anyway, if humans go into Faerie, if they eat anything or drink anything, they can’t leave (or can’t survive without fairy food, depending on the worldbuilding). They can trick your mind, compel you to dance until your feet are stubs and you discover years have gone by instead of minutes. Stuff like that.

        I don’t think they intended there to only be one season. I think they just intended those seasons to be short. They wouldn’t go beyond 10 episodes, even if it was a ratings success.

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