Wait! Downton Abbey Is Science Fiction?

Of course it is!  How could Bates have gone into York, taken the train to London, found Green in Piccadilly Circus, push him into the street, and return home all before evening without a super jet-pack and tracking gizmo?  Come to think of it, how else do you explain every eligible (and one ineligible) man falling under Meany Mary’s spell?  It has to be some kind of alien force field.

Now that we’ve established that, and given the unremarkable season 4 finale of television’s Most Overrated Show, let’s look at ways this show could give us the unexpected—but won’t because Julian Fellows can’t seem to come up with anything new.

Edith—After last year’s finale I’d hoped she’d move to London full-time and embrace the Bohemian lifestyle.  Since that didn’t happen, let’s modify things a bit.  She moves to London, becomes the paper’s editor in Grayson’s absence.  She thrives in her new position, moves in elite literary circles and becomes quite influential.  Once she sees how happy her baby is in Switzerland, she lets her stay with the couple, but provides financial support for the girl.  Probability of occurrence—2%

Violet—She finally decides to bring her wardrobe into the 20th century.  Being more comfortable in her new, looser clothes, she’ll stop her sniping with Isobel.  She’ll still have her witty barbs, they just won’t be so personal and biting.  Probability of occurrence—5%

Isobel—Spurred on by Violet’s support, Isobel enjoys Lord Merton’s attention.  She’ll continue her efforts to help the destitute and down-trodden, even opening shelters for them.  Lord Merton is so smitten with her, he’ll lend his name and prestige, even thought it’s likely he’s a Tory.  Probability of occurrence—50%

Thomas —He was supposed to die at the end of season 1, but actor Robb James-Collier was so good and popular, Fellowes kept him around.  He had good, multidimensional story lines in season 2 and 3, but now he’s just a mustache-twirling villain.  Since killing him off would be too good, he’s run over by a car and maimed for life.  Now he must depend on the kindness of all those he tried to blackmail and wrong. Probability of occurrence—10%

Bates—The infamous trip to London was not to kill Green, but to hire an agent to search for property to open a small inn with Anna, as they dreamed about a season or two ago.  It’s a surprise for Anna, which is why he’s so secretive.  Probability of occurrence—0%

Check in next Monday for a couple more predictions wishes at The New Stream of Conscience.

In other Downton news, I watched the first episode of Da Vinci’s Demon’s yesterday.  It begins with several minutes of a naked Lord Grantham.  Lordy!  I’ll never unsee that again!


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