Supernatural Quick Take: Captives (914)

Dean and Sam capture a demon working at a storage facility.

Beware of the evil storage facility!

Yay! Supernatural is back with a great episode.  We had closure with Kevin and Mrs. Tran.  Castiel upended the leadership cart in the angel wars, creating hope for a more peaceful settlement. Dean and Sam have snazzy new FBI suits.  Very mod!  In the way that “Holy Terror” left me stunned and dazed, “Captives” filled me with optimism, leaving me all happy and glowing.

Until the last two minutes.

Damn it, Sam Winchester!  Get that stick out of your butt!


3 responses to “Supernatural Quick Take: Captives (914)

  1. Yes on everything you said!

    Right from the “Then” segment, I was so pleased. At first I was just excited that we were going ot see Mrs. Tran (my takeaway from the “Then”) and then I saw Osric in the credits and got even more excited. The tension with the ghost, the humor, then the quest to find Mrs. Tran was all great.

    The Castiel stuff felt a little bland until his showdown with Bart, and at first I was very disappointed that Cas “let” him kill the penitent angel (I was all, “FINALLY, some good angels” but now they’re all gone *sigh*). Then his stand against violence made up for it, especially when he immediately went badass and did what needed to be done. I really hope he starts a true road to redemption now.

    I wish Dean would stop being stupid and getting hit in the head. But I loved seeing so much more of the bunker!

    As much of a dick Sam is being, it wouldn’t have been believable for Kevin’s words to have enough of an effect to turn things around for them. After all, Sam would have been fine with being dead and never seeing his brother again. I have a feeling the roles are going to have to be reversed to get him to come around. At least, that’s the choice I hope they’ll make. 🙂

    • “Yes on everything you said!” Golly, I didn’t say much! 😀

      It was kind of obvious Sam wasn’t going to heed Kevin’s words, what with clearing his throat after he promised. The rift does make for more drama, and hopefully we’ll have some great acting in later episodes.

      I think Sandy is a bit annoyed. She hasn’t posted anything on her LJ yet. After all, she’s a Sam fan first (Jared fan, really) and really hates seeing the brothers apart/fight. She’s probably a bit bummed.

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