Intelligence: Delta Force (107)

So much to write about, so many distractions. For example, io9 Is tempting me to waste 10 minutes watching a short film…  Oops.  Too late!   Watched it.  Add to that four shows in three days, combined with an episode that didn’t really keep my interest, and you have a “review” of a Monday show on Saturday.  Review is in quotes, because this doesn’t really qualify as a review.

Josh Holloway prepared for an action sequence on Intelligence.

Gabriel prepares to shoot his cameraman.

Do the writers of Intelligence do any research before putting pen to paper fingers to keypad?  A quick Google search tells me, “Yes, they do.”  Bolivia really is indeed a lithium superpower.  Now that we have that out of the way, what was the story about?

Some Delta Force buddy of Gabriel’s is killing off all the Bolivian presidential candidates, supposedly on the orders of the incumbent president.  Gabriel and Riley, along with their sometimes third-wheel, Jameson (who gets a first name [Chris], a talent [ace shot], and life [asking out a nurse] in this episode), travel to Bolivia to safeguard one Javier León, the one presidential candidate backed by the U.S.  Gabriel doesn’t seem too broken up about his buddy, since he’s always considered him to be a loose cannon.

Meanwhile, back in the National Capital Region, Lillian is once again having one of her love fests with the director of the CIA.  (Sorry, I don’t know his name.)  If anything about this series rings true, it’s the family squabbles in the Intelligence Community.

I was sure there was more to the buddy’s story, but really wasn’t all that interested in him.  Perhaps if Norris (said buddy) had been better looking, I might have been.  (Yes, I can be that shallow.)  Plus, I tend to get taken out of the story when the writers show their ignorance of military ranks.  Granted, Norris could have been “prior enlisted,” but he seemed rather old for an Army lieutenant.

Turns out Norris was really working for the only CIA agent in Bolivia, who’d misinterpreted orders from headquarters as “kill all the presidential candidates not backed by the U.S.”  Of course, the agent couldn’t tell this to Gabriel and Riley, because he was killed, shortly before his residence blew up.

Gabriel and Riley’s explanation for his murder, that Norris killed him to learn the location of the safe house where Javier and wife were staying, fell through once we learned Norris was working for the CIA agent.  So who killed him?  Not Javier’s wife or her brother, they were with Javier and Jameson the whole time.  Someone else from their faction?  And why?  So that Gabriel and Riley didn’t learn the truth?  Sorry, the episode just didn’t keep my attention, even when I tried to rewatch it.

As for the real bad guy, you weren’t surprised it was the good candidate’s wife, were you?  The minute she took the gun from her husband, I knew she was it and was sure he’d be a goner.  But she had bigger plans and waited until the meeting with the U.S. Under-secretary of State before making her move.

Of course she didn’t succeed, because Gabriel, Riley and Jameson saved the day.

[Gads, this has to be the crappiest review ever.  How bad?  So bad, someone actually “unfollowed” me.  So bad, I’m not even going to proofread it.  “Cause I’m that tired of it.]

On the other hand, Grimm, which returned from a long-ish hiatus last night, was pretty good.  Look for a review on Sunday.  Or Monday.  😉


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