Grimm: Revelation (313)—It’s All About Monroe

Monroe's parents come to Portland to meet Rosalee.

Look! It’s Monroe’s parents—E.T.’s Earthly step-mom and That Guy.

Last week Grimm returned after its long winter hiatus.  How long was it?  Not as long as last season’s three-month hiatus.  But long enough to forget the previous episode was a cliff-hanger.  And “Revelation” was quite a good episode.

When last we saw everyone’s favorite inter-Wesen couple, Monroe had proposed to Rosalee.  Via cuckoo clock!  His parents fly to Portland to meet her, only to discover she’s a “foxy” Fuchsbau and not a werewolf-esque Blutbad.  As if that wasn’t enough of a shock, they also learn Monroe is friends with a Grimm.  It’s enough to send them away in disgust.

After some separation angst, Monroe gives his mom and dad an ultimatum.  Mom decides to stay and try to make peace with the situation.  She visits Rosalee at the Spice Shop, where the two perform a Vertrautheiten (thank you, close-captioning!), which seems to involve some sniffing and purring.

Monroe’s father decides to leave, but not before confronting his son one more time.  As Monroe explains his friendship with Nick, there’s a nice little flashback to the pilot episode of  the two meeting for the first time.  You know, when Monroe attacked Nick, but mainly to introduce him to a Blutbad.

The Caccia Morta attack Nick and Monroe outside Nick's trailer.

Yep, it’s a coat made of human scalps. Imagine this times three.

The police case takes a backseat to the family drama, which is fine because 1) Monroe is beloved character (as is Rosalee), and 2) the police case is really gruesome.  Someone is killing men in uniform (police, military, park ranger) and scalping them.  And making a coat out of the scalps. The killer is a Wesen (of course) called the Caccia Morta, also called Wildesheer.

Not only are the Caccia Morta powerful and nearly impossible to subdue, they’re also harbingers of hell opening and demons running amok.  Geez.  Between Supernatural and Sleep Hollow, I’ve had my fill of apocalyptic events.  But I’ll stick around because everyone has their own spin on the end of days.

Nick and Monroe take on the Caccia Morta, but are surprised when not one, not two, but three show up to do battle.  Our heroes are losing when—tada!—Monroe’s father joins the fray.  The extra person allows Nick time to cut the Caccia Mortas’ hair, which is their weakness.

Nick, Rosalee and Monroe enjoy dinner with his parents and Juliette.

A more relaxed moment at the celebratory dinner.

To celebrate the reunited family, Nick and Juliette join Monroe, Rosalee, and his parents for dinner. It’s so tense that when Julliette tries to make polite conversation, it causes all the Wesen to Woge (change into their Wesen form), forcing Nick to take charge with his steak knife.  Talk about a conversation killer.

All this talk of foreshadowing something ominous has me thinking that ominous something is going to be Adalind’s baby.  Speaking of which…

Captain Renard discovers that Stephania, the “gypsy queen” who helped Adalind reclaim her Hexenbiest powers, is actually in cahoots with the Royal family.  He warns Adalind and tells her to escape with Sebastien (his spy in the Royal home) and Meisner (whom I think is the leader of the resistance against the Royals).  Oh, and Renard drops notice that he believes Adalind’s baby his his, and not his half-brother Eric’s.

Meisner takes Adalind to some secluded cabin in the woods, where he starts a fire and fixes her dinner (after killing it).  And I have to say, I could definitely see a potential Meisner-Adalind pairing.  How would Sean Renard take that?  Oh, and then Adalind goes into labor.  Guess we won’t have to wait too long to see if the baby really is ominous.

Next week (according to the cable guide), Sgt Wu gets a close encounter with the Wesen world.  Will  he be the next to learn about Portland’s Grimm side?  (Pun intended.)


2 responses to “Grimm: Revelation (313)—It’s All About Monroe

  1. for the record, Vertrautheit means “closeness” or “intimacy” or “nearness” so I’m thinking it means that they get close to each other and used to each other’s smell and presence?

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