Supernatural: #THINMAN (115)

Wow, we’re coming up on the final stretch of season 9.  Seems like only yesterday Sam was dying and Dean was making deals with angels.

Ed tells Dean and Sam about creating Thinman.

Whoever thought Dean & Ed were alike?

Harry and Ed, everyone’s favorite Ghostfacers (well, not everyone’s, but I’ve always enjoyed them) are back.  And it looks like they’ve matured a bit.  I mean physically.  They look grown-up(ish).  As for emotionally maturing, that doesn’t appear until later.

Sam and Dean’s relationship is still strained.  It’s interesting to see how Dean is coping with the situation.  After Sam shut him out (literally) last week, it feels like he’s just resigned himself to the situation.  They’re not talking, given Dean is set to go out on this hunt alone.  Well, maybe not “not talking,” but they’re certainly avoiding each other.

Yet Dean is still big-brother Dean.  He easily slipped into recalling a memory of the brothers’ escapades from youth.  The story of Superman Dean and Batman Sam jumping off the shed was funny (“Everyone knows Batman can’t fly.) and sweet (“I drove you to the emergency room on my handlebars.”)  The imagery is so vivid and the tenderness so real, Sam remembers, and smiles.  For just a minute, Dean—and we—forget about the current tension.

Harry learns about the lie.

Poor, duped Harry

Conventional wisdom (or was it a college friend majoring in drama?) says we’re entertained not only when we’re surprised by the plot’s outcome, but also when we predict it.  (Although internet message board wisdom indicates only the former is true.)  How about when both happen?  Even before we saw the busboy’s face, I knew he was Thinman and what his motivations were.  (Not because I’m smart, but because the picture framing and dialog indicated there was more to come.)  His motive for killing the manager was obvious; and the psychopath always kills the girl who rejects him.

The mystery was, how did Thinman “teleport”?  No sooner had I laughed at the warehouse door opening as Sam tried to pick the lock, I jumped at both brothers being tased at once.  It was the deputy!  Did not that see coming!  So I guess I was doubly pleased.

Sam conducts research while on the case.

And just because the post needs a picture of Sam.

Like most episodes of Supernatural, the real story isn’t about the hunt.  It’s about people and connections.  In this case, it’s Ed and Harry’s friendship; and it’s mirroring Dean and Sam’s relationship.  All the Ghostfacers have gone, and Harry was getting on with his life, even planning on marriage.  But Ed couldn’t bear to let Harry go, so he made up the Thinman legend to keep him interested in the game.  (Interestingly, Thinman was bit like the tulpa from  “Hell House,” the episode where  Ed and Harry made their first appearance.  Ed and Harry created the creature which quickly grew beyond they’re control.)

When Harry finds out about Ed’s lie, he’s furious.  Sam tells him “There are things you can forgive, and there are things you can’t.”  When Harry asks him “So, which one is this?” Sam says “That’s something you got to figure out for yourself.”  In the end, Harry leaves Ed and rides home with the Winchesters.

What will Sam’s choice be?  Right now it’s not forgiveness.


3 responses to “Supernatural: #THINMAN (115)

  1. As a stand-alone episode, I enjoyed this. When they were talking about the “teleporting” I said it was two people. I knew the manager was going to die, and suspected the deputy was part of it but didn’t get the point because I didn’t say it out loud. LOL I didn’t peg the busboy, though. I thought Ed and Harry would save Sam and Dean, and was wrong. So I guess I got both, too!

    As a Ghostfacers episode, it primed me to expect super-funny as well as super-intense. We didn’t get much of the funny. I’m still not sure how I feel about that. One moment really struck me, though–when Harry shot the deputy. That was pretty powerful, and made me sad for him.

    I have to say, though, WOW again with the anvils, guys! I don’t really like it when they make a parallel storyline that hits us over and over with the similarities. It’s worse that the guys never address those parallels.

    • Haha. In my first draft I used the term “anvilicious.” I too thought the Ghostfacers would save Sam and Dean. And Harry shooting the deputy was a dramatic moment. I’m glad they addressed it later.

      Do you ever rewatch the episodes? There are actually quite a few funny lines, but they did tend to get buried underneath the seriousness. I’m not sure where this will end up in my list of favorite episodes, but I was entertained, even with the anvils.

      • I don’t rewatch as much as I used to, but I do still have all this season’s eps saved and will likely rewatch over the summer. Honestly, in the big picture, I just want Sam and Dean on my TV screen forever. LOL

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