Supernatural: Blade Runners (916) Quick Takes

Dean handles the "First Blade" with dire results.

It’s all about Dean this (half-)season. I like it.

If you heard a huge groan around 9:15 (ET), that was me reading the “Special Guest Star” credits for “Blade Runners.”  Thankfully, Snooki’s part was even shorter than Paris Hilton’s in… whatever episode that was.  Actually, Snooki wasn’t too bad.  A crossroads demon was a great part for her.

So Crowley’s phone lists Dean as “Not Moose.”  Does that mean Sam’s phone shows up as “Not Squirrel”?  And Sam is researching “Cain and Abel, The First Brothers.”  Because?  Is he preparing himself if Dean should turn against him?

I’m quite enjoying this year’s change-up in the show’s history with Dean being given the special gift and supernatural task.  Not that I ever minded the seasons when that onus fell to Sam.  In fact, Sam being the one to take on the three Close-the-Gates-of-Hell tasks was one of my favorite surprises last season.  But having the significant responsibility fall to Dean brings a new dynamic to the show and the brothers.  Perhaps this will be the year that Sam will have to save Dean ‘s humanity from his dark side.  Actually, he did it in a small way here, although Sam’s main motive might have been to save his own skin.

I’m not sure I like having the “old” Crowley back, but one thing’s for sure—Mark Sheppard certainly deserves an Emmy.

Alas, poor Dean.  Abaddon’s minions keyed his baby!  I think he might have been more upset about that than Crowley’s double-cross.

2 responses to “Supernatural: Blade Runners (916) Quick Takes

  1. Yeah, because a double-cross is expected, but…BABY! LOL

    I listened to most of the recent Wincester Radio interview with Jensen, and he referenced the changes the mark of Cain is making in Dean. A lot of the reaction shots are feeling very rote nowadays (I mean, come on, it’s season 9) so it was really good for them to have something new to do. I am very much in agreement with you about the shift in dynamic. And I really, really hope it gives Sam a new perspective on Dean’s role in his life.

    It was great seeing Deputy Andy from Eureka in this episode. My mouth kind of fell open when Dean cut off his head, because it was such a smooth slice! Very effective in opposition to how the blade looks.

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