Believe: Origin & Defection

Goddamn it!  Why aren’t people watching this show??  Perhaps with The Walking Dead season finale, viewers will migrate to NBC.  Then again, it’s doubtful zombie lovers would go for the tenderness of Believe.

Origin (103)

Nina goes into labor after blowing up a missile.

Even a 4-star admiral isn’t afraid of a little labor.

The larger story is unfolding nicely, giving us a little more background each week.  “Origin” was a lovely story, my favorite so far.  We learned the reason for Bo’s gifts.  It’s genetic, literally.  It’s a specific gene Bo inherited from her mother, Nina.  But the powers seem to come with a price of mental illness (Nina’s mother) and physical weakness (Nina herself).  There was a hint of Nina’s relationship with Tate, although he’s not mentioned by name.  But no mention or appearance of Stanley, Bo’s stuffed turtle.  It seemed short-sighted, given Stanley’s role in the previous two episodes.


Another reason “Origins” was so great?  The presence of the fabulous Shohreh Aghdashloo.  I only wish she’d stuck around for more episodes.

Johnny Sequoyah stars as Bo Adams in Believe.

Little girl, big ear muffs.

And herein lies one of the show’s problems.  The “good deed” of the week, while highlighting Bo’s kind nature, is becoming predictable.  Some of the guest actors have been so magnificent, I wish they’d stay around for more than one appearance.  I realize the writers are trying to quickly establish Bo’s desire to use her gifts for good, but the stories would be so much more compelling if they stretched out over a few episodes.  Granted, it’s a bit difficult given that Bo and Tate are constantly running, but better minds than I could surely come up with something to take advantage of these guest stars.

After a somewhat sympathetic portrayal the previous week, Skouras is back to being the villain—but not completely.  He seems to care about Nina, at least until she demonstrates her skill to a group of high-ranking officials from the Pentagon.  But that whole presentation was ludicrous beyond belief.  I suppose the idea was to show Skouras as a

megalomaniac, but wouldn’t Winter have put up more of a fight?

Defection (104)

The FBI agents corner Tate and Bo, if only for a little while.

Man, they picked the wrong winter to begin filming in NYC.

When I saw the title of this episode, I was sure Jamie Chung’s character was going to quit the team, angry that Bo was placed in Tate’s care and not hers.  Her rant mid-episode only confirmed my suspicions.  Which turned out to be wrong.  So we’ll probably get another rant next week.

After a couple episodes showing a bit of humanity, Skouras is back to pure evil.  He doesn’t care about the telepaths at his facility, other than their ability to help him retrieve Bo.  And he really doesn’t care about regular folks, as shown by his reaction to poor Mr. Dude-in-the-Park, who had his eyes bloodied and his mind wiped clean. ( Skouras calls him a “bank error in our favor.”)  Come to think of it, he doesn’t really care about Bo herself, only her abilities, administering electroshock therapy in an effort to get her to “perform.”

Skouras says he wants to change the world for the better, yet he goes to the Department of Defense.  Even I, someone sympathetic to the DOD, having served the military for many years, knows that’s a bad idea.

Bo saves the day once again—by levitating a taxi.

Bo saves the day once again, this time by levitating a taxi.

The show does a nice job juxtaposing the frantic pace of the chase with the quiet moments between Tate and Bo.  This week it’s Tate explaining to Bo that love isn’t all flowers and happiness.  Even given the “happy ending” of this week’s couple-in-need, Tate is right.  Love does take hard work to last.

Once again, Tate and Bo are on the run throughout the episode, only to be caught at the end, then saved by Bo’s special abilities.  C’mon guys, you really need change up your format a bit.  And change the dressing on Winter’s hand!


3 responses to “Believe: Origin & Defection

  1. Yeah, the whole “it’s armed and we’re the target” thing was so stupid. She hadn’t tried anything of that level? And she’s pregnant? And these guys aren’t at ALL nervous that this guy dealing with unbelievable stuff is putting them all at risk?

    I love Bo, but her obliviousness about her and Tate’s safety in the face of her need to “follow the butterfly” is annoying. Mostly because as talented as the actress is, she puts on this happy-go-lucky smiley face that makes her look simple. And of course she’s far from simple.

    The characters overall, though, are fairly strong. There’s a lot of conviction there, no matter what side they’re on. Mostly good acting. I’d love to see the FBI agent and Tate get some interaction (my husband actually said it first, he wants her to fall for Tate), and of course the core of the show that keeps me coming back is Tate and Bo’s relationship.

    But the pattern is already becoming old. I’d like them to get to safety for at least a whole episode where they’re off the grid and can relax for a few days and get to know each other. Maybe turn the “helping others” thing into something more active, rather than happenstance and conflict. It would also be nice if Skouras had some talented people in his custody who weren’t simple-minded, though I guess that’s why Nina and Bo are special.

    • I’ll be interested to see what you thought about this week’s episode, since the changed it up a bit.

      “I’d love to see the FBI agent and Tate get some interaction”
      Oh, you ol’ romantic! Oh wait, your husband said it first. He must be a romantic, too. It could be an interesting. 🙂

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