An Intelligence Three-fer

CBS is certainly putting on a brave face.  Last night’s episode was listed as the “season finale” and not the “series finale.”  You know what?  I’m really, really hoping it’ll be back.  The last three episodes were the best of the series, and it left me wanting more.

The Grey Hat (111)

Riley and Gabriel confront this week's villains in a vacant lot.

No Intelligence review is complete without a picture of Riley (and; Gabriel).

Holy cow! For a minute there, I thought I was back at work at CyberCom!  With talk of anonymous hackers, cyber defense, dubious Russians, T-3s, honey pots, and cyber blackmail, I felt right at home.

“The Grey Hat” was the best episode of the season.  (I’d say “by far,” but the last two were also enjoyable.)  It had a likeable guest character, witty dialogue (and great comedic timing, “for reals”), a few plot twists, multiple crises, and one of the most viscerally intense climaxes ever. And happy endings all around.

Gabriel stopped a jet plane with his mind (actually his chip—never seen that before!), the great 3-D rendering returned, Nelson jumped into Gabriel’s arms with the day was won, and Riley and Gabriel hugged.

One questont:  Is Intelligence filmed and produced in Canada?  Is that why this episode isn’t titled “The Gray Hat”?  Meghan Ory is Canadian, but I think she’s become popular enough for mainstream Hollywood.  (She certainly is beautiful enough.)

The Event Horizon (112)

CyberCom Director Lillian Strand and CIA Director Jeffry Tetazoo share a moment.

Lillian Strand and arch-nemesis Jeffrey Tetazoo

Gabriel is framed for murdering three key people, Lillian is relieved of her duties because she can’t control Gabriel, Riley remains awesome in so many ways, and Jeffrey Tetazoo is an even bigger ass than we expected.  But wait, isn’t Tetazoo the director of the CIA?  A quick check on Acronym Finder confirms he is.  So what the hell is he doing assuming the directorship of CyberCom?  The CIA isn’t even part of the Department of Defense!  Oh wait, this show isn’t so great on its military/defense facts.

This leads me on a tangent. I’m always surprised by people who complain about real life inconsistencies in science fiction-related shows.  (Yeah, I’m looking at you, Supernatural fans, although you’re not alone in your bitching).  First of all, it’s fiction.  And secondly, it’s science fiction which, by definition, is beyond the scope of reality.  And yet, here I am, doing the same this with show.  But it’s only to let the general public know how it really is so they don’t get the wrong impression.  (At least that’s how I rationalize it.)

Anyway, back to the show…

I always love seeing Peter Coyote; he’s a great choice as Lillian’s high-powered father.  (Will I be so happy at the end of the subsequent episode?.)

Director of National Intelligence Adam Weatherly and Tetazoo put Gabriel in “protective custody.”  Weatherly taunts Riley with being young, being female, killing a man, blah blah.  But she never balks, never raisers her voice, and never takes his bait.  Meanwhile Tetazoo threatens to torture Gabriel, so, in one of the best scenes of the episode, Gabriel knocks him out cold. A great bass guitar riff plays as Gabriel calmly leaves the building (at least until the security force is notified of his AWOL status).  Riley rescues him in what I assume is her SUV.

Have you ever counted the times Riley points out the obvious, presenting facts that break the case?  Here she proves Gabriel didn’t commit the murders because he’s too tall.  And we get a flash of her brilliant “shy” smile after she punches Gabriel to remind him he’s human.  It’s the charming smile I fondly remember from her appearance on Dark Angel, when she became the first love of  her piano teacher/assassin-for-hire Alec (played by the wonderful Jensen Ackles).  Oh, sweet memories.

Mei Chin seduces Gabriel by micro-chip.

Gabriel and Mei Chin share a lovely render. I.e., it’s all their heads.

Back to the present, or at least last week.  The “too tall” realization leads our charismatic duo to realize Mei Chin, the only other micro-chip enhanced person in the world, set Gabriel up.  They trap Mei easily enough, but dealing with her incessant sass is a little more difficult.  Mei says she was hired for the hit and the frame job.  The question is, by whom?

In Gabriel’s stupid move of the week, he calls the still-ousted Lillian on her cell phone to arrange a meeting.  Surely he’d know CyberCom was listening in.  Jameson tries to warn them, but Tetazoo threatens him with prison.  I was hoping Jameson would have a smart comeback, but sadly, no.  Since the warning didn’t work, I was hoping the meetup was a ploy or a coded message, but nope again.

The result?  Gabriel is shot.  But not by Tetazoo & co.  The end.  Or rather, to be continued.

Being Human (113)

I admit it.  I began fast-forwarding at about the 25 minute mark to find out who the culprit was.  Since I haven’t seen the episode in its entirety yet, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for a recap.  Or review.


3 responses to “An Intelligence Three-fer

  1. AAAAHHHH. I can’t believe you set me up. Now I can’t talk about the surprises! LOL

    One of of my rationalizations about military/government/agency misportrayals is that it’s better NOT to reveal how things really work in real life. I mean, maybe the terrorists won’t really get anything usable out of whether or not Cyber-Com is part of the DOD, but you never know… LOL Also, doesn’t it seem like part of the subtext of the show is the dangers of too much power? The DOD et al are trying to shut down Gabriel and Clockwork and Lillian using the “too much power is bad” fear but in doing so, they are using too much power.

    I had some issues with a few things in these episodes (the overheard call you pointed out was one) but again, the thing I like the most about this show is the relationships. Gah, most of my examples were in the finale. I really loved all the scenes with Gabriel’s…the person who fixed him after he was shot.

    I read something recently about shows on the bubble that gave me hope…oh, yeah, in EW! Hang on, I’ll get it. *runs upstairs* *comes back* Okay, here it is. “Josh Holloway’s cybercop drama Intelligence and The Mentalist will likely battle for a single renewal, with Intelligence holding the edge since it’s a new show (and therefore cheaper). So yeah, retire Patrick Jane already! LOL

    • Oh you silly! I’ll get right on that final episode review so you can speak!

      Don’t worry about terrorists. I try to be very careful about not revealing too much reality (not that my job was all that exciting, or that the stuff I dealt with was highly classified). It’s just that it’s kind of cool that the smallish organization I worked for (as screwed up as it is) is on television.

      I read that about CBS possibly renewing Intelligence, too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

      • Oh, I’m not worried about YOU informing the terrorists. LOL It’s just a justification I posed for things not being right on a TV show that is slightly more noble than “cuz we wanna,” which is more likely in fiction. LOL

        I think it’s VERY cool that the organization you worked for is on TV, and I love hearing the differences between how they portray it and how it really is/was.

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