Intelligence: Being Human (113)

My best friend and her husband have very different tastes in television entertainment than I do.  They seem to prefer shows with extreme violence and gratuitous nudity (Strike Back, Game of Thrones), whereas I’m more into shows that emphasize character relationships.  I was surprised to hear they also like Intelligence, even though she and I both acknowledge the writing’s not so great.  She thinks it’s an overall problem with television right now, saying Strike Back hasn’t been very good this year.  I mention this because I see the writing complaint for Intelligence everywhere.  It makes me hope for a (better) next season.  Now…

Riley and Mei Chin carry Gabriel to the door of his mother's house.

Hi, Mom. I’m home!

How awesome was Gabriel’s mother?  I know!  Pretty damn awesome!  And how adorable was Gabriel the son?  No matter how old or tough we become, we always seem to revert to back to children in the presence of our parents.  And Josh Holloway was damned cute, how could you not adore him?

We pick up with an injured and bleeding Gabriel giving Riley directions to drive somewhere unknown while Ms. Smart-mouth Mei Chin tries to keep his gunshot wound from gushing blood.  It’s Gabriel’s mother’s house!  She was an Army field nurse and uses her skills (and a shot or two of whiskey) to patch up Gabriel.  She’s a no-nonsense lady.  She tells Mei Chin to shut the hell up and reprimands both Riley and Mei to stop their rival bickering.  😀

While Gabriel is on the operating/kitchen table, Mei Chin uses the opportunity to get into his head to calm him down (she says).  Riley notices and accuses “Are you rendering with him right now?” which sounds a lot like “Are you sleeping with him right now?”

Chris Jameson pays a visit to Gabriel recouperating at his mother's house.

The gang’s (almost) all here. Jameson comes to visit Gabriel, Ma Vaughn and Riley.

The main plot of the last two episodes revolves around a program begun during the Iranian hostage crisis called “The Flood.”  Iran supposedly recruited U.S. citizens to spy for them and placed them within our government.  Leland Strand, Lillian’s father says it’s a myth.

The cable guide said the identities of the sleeper agents would surprise our team, so I figured it was either Tetazoo, Weatherly, or Leland himself.  I was kind of hoping it was Tetazoo because, you know, he’s a dick; but then figured that would be too obvious.  It was.  Tetazoo finally realizes Gabriel was indeed set up (because of a photo found in the initial murder victim’s safety deposit box), and is rewarded with two bullets to the chest.  Being the tough son-of-bitch he is, though, he lives long enough to shoot his killer and send the photo to Lillian.  Because that just how stubborn he is!

Peter Coyolte stars as Leland Strand in Intelligence.

Leland Strand: Good guy? Bad guy? President? Only CBS knows.

So that means Director of National Intelligence Adam Weatherly is the sleeper agent.  Turns out his mother was Iranian and mentally damaged by helping the CIA bomb Iran in 1953.  His motive (revenge) doesn’t really matter, because Mei Chin shows up to kill him while he’s confined in a bare cell hidden in the bowels of an anonymous cargo ship.  Since she told us last week she does nothing for free, who hired her?  Why, it’s Peter Coyote Leland Strand!

On a more peaceful note, Gabriel lets Ma Vaughn stay at his place since he blew up her kitchen with the old hairspray-in-the-microwave trick.  Once again she gets straight to the point.  In true motherly fashion, her first question upon learning of Gabriel’s microchip is, “Does it hurt?”  She also notes matter-of-factly that he doesn’t look any different, and that you don’t need a computer in your head to be programmed.  And she approves of Riley, noting (to her son’s shame) that Gabriel cares for her.

Will we ever learn what Leland’s motive is is?  Will we see Ma Vaughn (Debra Mooney) again?  Will Gabriel and Riley get their groove on?  I’d like to know, but I’m not holding my breath.  There’s been an uptake in the shows viewership recently, so there’s an outside chance for renewal.  I’m all for that!


3 responses to “Intelligence: Being Human (113)

  1. Yes! I adored Gabriel’s mom. Moms seem to be “of a type” in shows like this. She kind of reminded me of Kevin’s mom on Supernatural. Tough, no nonsense, gruff love or false delicacy, highly capable, etc. But they did a good job of giving her nuance in a short period of time. We know she has alcohol issues. That she hates that her son went into the military, but loves (and trusts) him unconditionally.

    I felt so bad for Lance Reddick. His death was similar to one of his deaths on Fringe. Trying to do the right thing, even after many scenes of being a di**. LOL

    I was not at all surprised that Strand was behind Weatherly’s assassination. But whether that was because he, too, is Flood or for another CYA reason is up in the air. For Lillian’s sake I hope he’s not a bad bad guy. A morally (very dark) gray good guy might be okay.

    The final scene with Gabriel and Riley and Mom was awesome. I like the slow build between Gabriel and Riley and really hope we get at least one more season to see it continue.

    • I agree about Leland. I think there’s more to him than meets the eye. I was going to say as much, but didn’t want to give it away. (Not that I have any idea what’s going on.) 😎

      • Whoops! Oh, well, at least it was in the comments.

        I would say that I hope, if they don’t renew the show, that the showrunner(s) will tell us what the deal was, but I don’t have high hopes for that. John Doe ended on a huge cliffhanger and when they explained it like 2 years later, it made NO sense.

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