Believe: White Noise (105)

Channing checks her laptop, while Bo straddles the back of a pew in an old churce.

Channing (Jamie Chung) is finally given something to do besides complain. As for Bo, how cute!

Finally!  An episode that broke the mold—sort of.  Winter, the season, has thawed into a gentler climate.  Winter, the man, got the dressing off his hand.  (It makes me think there was break in filming between episodes 104 and 105.)  Jamie Chung’s character, whose name I finally caught as “Channing,” was given something to do other than complain.  Yes, she complained a little bit, but it was overridden by demonstrating some astounding fighting skills.  Doesn’t it make you wonder a bit about her background?

Sure, there were the guest star that needed saving, but at least Bo and Tate weren’t on the run the entire episode.  It was a pleasant break from the intensity of the constant running, but there was still plenty of action.

This week’s people-in-peril are Tate and Bo’s most recent neighbors, Ben, a reporter/blogger and his pregnant wife Taryn.  Ben receives a mysterious phone call in the middle of the night telling him about the Orchestra project.  (That’s Skouras’s institute for the telekinetically gifted, which I picked up on only last week.) As Ben researches the story, he becomes somewhat obsessed with it, increasing his desire to make the truth known.

Skouras believes the leak is within his program, but his immediate priority is to stop the article’s publication.  He dispatches his main hit man after the couple.  When Channing shows up to remove Bo and Tate from the premises, Bo convinces her to help Ben and Taryn.  Together, she and Tate help save the couple.

Winter finds sanctuary for his team, including Ben and Taryn, in an old church.  Ben, still fixated on telling the story of Orchestra, leaves to meet his source.  Taryn leads Winter and team to the train station, Ben’s preferred location for meeting sources.  Unfortunately, Skouras also knows the location, and dispatches both his “conventional” hit men as well as his new telekinetic weapon, Joshua.

Joshua does indeed attack Ben, causing Ben’s eyes to hemorrhage just as poor Mr. Gore’s did last week.  This time, though, Bo is able to counteract Joshua with her incredible scream.  Joshua begins to cry just as his eyes hemorrhage and the glass behind him shatters.

Winter and Channing try to help Ben, who's been attacked via telekinsesis.

The gang’s all here. Winter, Ben, Taryn, Tate, and Channing. And an unnamed extra.

Ben recovers and agrees to Winter’s request to remain silent for now.  Winter says there’s a bigger story to tell, and that Bo is at its center.  He adds that when Ben does tell the story, it will change the world.  And then I guess Ben and Taryn go  into hiding.

We get a glimpse of Ben’s source.  It’s a woman I don’t recognize.  Is it Nina, Bo’s mother, not really dead?  Apparently no.  Someone on a forum says it’s the red-head from Orchestra.  I have no idea who that is.

Winter and company spend the night… in the attic of the old church?  Tate confesses to Bo that at one point during the episode, he had planned to run away from his responsibly for her.  Bo releases his ankle bracelet to free him.

The entire train station scene, which I’m “really pretty sure” was filmed at New York’s Grand Central Station, was spectacular.  The station’s architecture is gorgeous, and the camera angles took full advantage of it.  But also consider the huge number of  people moving throughout the scene, and how realistic everything appeared.  I was absolutely awestruck.

It looks like next week will also be a break from the norm.  I’m all for that.


3 responses to “Believe: White Noise (105)

  1. The source was Skouras’s assistant or whatever the heck her job is. It’s hard to tell. She’s the woman in every scene with him. I don’t think she’s a readhead, though–maybe that’s just my TV. She had a hat on, so that made her look different, but she’s really the only person it could be because she’s really the only person we know. And she told Skouras, when he sent that hit man after Ben, that he knew he was wrong. So she knows he’s wrong, too, but she’s not going to leave like Winter and the others did. I don’t tknow why, since she’s obviously not doing anything to help these poor people being completely used by Skouras.

    I liked the added depth to this episode. The “helping people” aspect was fully integrated into the storyline, so even though Bo’s purpose was just to help someone who needed it, there was more cohesion and less frustration in the ep. I’m looking forward to next week, too, and learning more about Tate.

    We loved Channing’s badassness. 🙂

    Did you spot the Big Boo Boo? When they were first in the apartment and Tate’s all “We’ve gotta go” and Bo’s resisting, she yells and breaks the TV. Later, Tate and Taryn go back to “her” apartment so she can pack her things and the TV is cracked. Then he runs into his apartment to get Stanley and the TV is just fine. Whoopsie! Script supervisor must have been sick that day. LOL

    • Ah. My “forum source” said the woman red headed, which led me to believe it was someone other than the doctor who replaced Winter. At least I think she’s the doctor. She was definitely worried when Skouras said there would consequences when he found the leak. (Obviously, I’m shit at remembering faces.)

      No, I didn’t notice the continuity boo-boo. Good on ya!

      I’d like to think Jamie Chung was in full-on Mulan mode. (If you don’t watch Once Upon a Time, then you know not of what I speak. Actually, I don’t watch OUaT anymore, but it was last season when she was on it.)

      And geez, rereading my post, in addition to spotting a couple boo-boos, that transition to the next to last paragraph was really clunky. Must work on that.

      • Eh, it’s a blog. I didn’t notice any clunkiness. 🙂

        I keep forgetting Jamie was Mulan, too. She’s got the familiarity, but she’s always had an edge that the Mulan character didn’t have, strong a warrior as she was. Which I consider good acting! 🙂

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