Supernatural Agents of SHIELD

Don’t you just love hate the punny titles?  Too bad.  They’ll continue wherever possible.  😀

Agents of SHIELD:  Providence (118)

I stopped covering Agents of SHIELD a while back, mainly because it wasn’t riveting enough to hold my interest.

Fitz and Simmons back up Skye.

One of these things (Skye) is not like the others (FitzSimmons).

Episode 117, “Turn, Turn, Turn” changed all that, ending with a shocking reveal.  I had already guessed the “clairvoyant” was Bill Paxton (aka John Garrett), so that wasn’t a big surprise.  However, I had not anticipated a mole within the SHIELD team.  Kudos to the sudden. unexpected, and brutal way it was revealed.  In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, agent Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) had been working for John Garrett all along.  While escorting Garrett to prison (aka the Fridge?), he killed “Hub” director and Coulson superior Victoria Hand.  (At least it’s assumed she’s dead.)

Now that’s how you make a dull character interesting!

The curator of a secret SHIELD facility tells Coulson Fury is alive.

The spy who came in from the cold. And the spy who warms him with good news.

However, the show quickly returned to its old, uninspiring ways. Yeah, yeah, SHIELD has been decimated.  Coulson says they are now Agents of Nothing.  Although told that Director Fury is dead, Coulson doesn’t believe it and the team is led—by Coulson SHIELD badge, no less!— to a super-secret SHIELD facility in remotest Canada maintained by the ubiquitous Oswald Patton, er, Patton Oswald, er, Patton Oswalt.  At least we learn Director Fury isn’t dead.  (Would it be too much to ask if the show’s budget is large enough for Samuel L. Jackson to make an appearance?)

But there the fun ends.

Idiotic, over-pimped Skye phones Ward, telling him of their super-secret location.  Ward finds his way to the location, is greeted by Skye, and immediately becomes boring again.  Oh God, does this mean we’re being subjected to the dreaded Skye/Ward romance?  Buzzkill!  What better way to ruin interest in a show by pairing two uncharismatic characters in a relationship fans aren’t interested in?

Ugh.  Just, ugh.  I’m seriously thinking of quitting this show.

Supernatural:  Meta Fiction (918)

It had all the earmarks of a Special Episode—a special title card, primary season-arc characters, the unannounced return of a favorite character/actor.  But honestly, I had trouble remembering what happened.  Hell, I’d even forgotten about Richard Speight, Jr!  I should probably have my eyes burned out for that.

Metatron repels Dean and Sam.

The Winchesters vs Metatron: who will win?

Metatron kidnapped Castiel by making him think Gabriel/the Trickster/Richard Speight, Jr. was alive and ready to lead the fallen angels back into heaven.  Meanwhile, Jensen Ackles fans got a gratuitous scene of Dean the shower.  I’m sure the scene was meant to portray the inner battle Dean is experiencing with the Mark of Cain.  But really, there are some things that just don’t come across well on the screen.  It’s hard to concentrate on Jensen’s acting (which is superb) because he’s so damn handsome.

While helping Castiel investigate a slew of multiple mass murders, Sam and Dean trap Gadreel and attempt to make him talk.  But the only talking Gadreel does is taunt Sam, saying he knows how damaged Sam is.  When Sam can’t handle the pressure, Dean sends him to find Cass.  Gadreel then sets about taunting Dean, telling him how Sam really feels about him; that he’s a lost little boy who can’t stand to be alone because daddy never loved him.  Fortunately, Dean already knows this.  Even so, Dean nearly kills Gadreel, but stops short, because they need him to talk.  (But I’ve forgotten about what.)

In the end, the Winchesters have to relinquish Gadreel in order to get Castiel back.  And they learn Metatron is immune to holy fire.

Castiel confers with the Winchesters beside the Impala,

Three men and a car

The ending of this episode accentuates the hopelessness of the situation.   Castiel takes ownership of his angel rebellion leadership role, but that was Metatron’s plan, so how good can that be?

There’s no way to reverse Metatron’s spell to allow the angels to return to heaven; no new prophets are appearing on the horizon.

As a sidenote, I do appreciate the consistency the writers are giving to Castiel’s past.  Castiel is very aware of the damage he caused during the Sera Gamble era, leading an angel uprising (against Raphael), and appointing himself the new God.  I love this kinder, gentler Castiel, and I’m hoping he learned from his past mistakes.

The episode opened up several questions which I hope play out in the remaining season’s episodes.  Metatron says Castiel’s stolen grace is burning up.  Could there be consequences, or is Metatron playing mind games.?  Is there more to Gadreel that we think?  The way he looked at Metatron as he left his office, I got the feeling he has something up his sleeve.  Is Gabriel really alive?  That could be a game-changer.  How will this angel rebellion play out in light of the fight of leadership of hell?

It’s refreshing that Sam now has to take care of Dean.  After years of Dean trying to protect Sam, the roles are reversed.  Will Sam come to rekindle his absolute love for his big brother?  I say again, great move, Jeremy Carver!

One last note:  At Comic Con, the JJs (Jared & Jensen) mentioned they’d love to see certain actors return.  Rob Benedict (Chuck the Prophet) for one.  Richard Speight, Jr, for another.  Also director/actor Robert Duncan McNeill.  They got their wish, but neither of them had scenes with Gabriel.  It makes me wonder if they’ll find a way to bring back Gabriel, and hope for Chuck.


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