No Recaps This Week (Possibly)

It is likely recaps will not be coming this week.  Call the Midwife left me so devastated, I’m too emotionally drained to watch, let alone write anything.  Perhaps as the week wears  on things will get better.     😥


6 responses to “No Recaps This Week (Possibly)

    • I didn’t watch ER, so I have no idea what you’re talking about! 😀 I usually tear up with “Call the Midwife,” but this time I bawled uncontrollably. (Jenny’s boyfriend died unexpectedly. It wasn’t the death so much, but everyone’s reaction to it.)

      • Aw, that sounds very sad!

        “That” episode of ER was a pregnant woman with a bladder infection that turned out to be preeclampsia and then the baby got stuck and some of what happened was ridiculous, but the mom hemorrhaged, I think, and died. The baby was okay, but it scarred Dr. Green and every pregnant woman who watched it (including me! LOL).

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