It’s Rate-a-Palooza Time! Part 1

I’ve recovered somewhat from my Charlie White crush.  So, shall we do a little catching up?  Lots of episodes have aired since last we reviewed (mid-April).  Which episodes were good?  Or not so good?


FBI Agent Farrell is back with a new partner.

FBI Agent Farrell is back!

This show is getting good!  There’s been a nice story arc building with the past three episodes. Big Events have occurred, an old frenemy has returned, and we learn Channing’s first name.  It’s Janice.

Bang and Blame (107)

I give this episode 3 stars.

We discover Channing initially worked for Skouras, but flipped sides when she saw what Bo could do.  While in a coma, Bo realizes Tate is her father.  Other than that, it wasn’t particularity memorable.

Together (108)

I give this episode 4 stars.What’s not to love about a girl and her love for a horse?

Jamie Chung plays Janice Channing, Jill of all trade on Believe

Channing infiltrates Orchestra

It’s the first episode with two separate plots that I can recall (other than the B-stories about Skouras and Orchestra).  It’s a format that kept the episode moving.  While Bo and Tate try to protect a hardware store owner from the mob, Channing infiltrates Orchestra to plant a humongous computer chip that will hide Bo’s abilities from Skouras’s “psychic activity detector” machine.  Unfortunately, she’s caught.

Hardware store owner Gary must pay $100,00 to a mob boss within 12 hours.  Tate comes to the “rescue” with an alternate deal.  They must return the mob boss’s favorite horse, which he lost in a bet.  (The other guy cheated, so it’s ok.)  “A horse?”  asks Gary.  “A horse!?  exclaims Bo. For all the seriousness of Gary’s predicament, the horse shenanigans were light-hearted fun.

I noticed Skouras is 60 years old.  He’s in mighty fine shape for 60.  Ah, but IMDB says Kyle MacLaughlin is only 55.  Well, he’s still, lookin’ good.

Tate’s relationship with Bo as her father is building nicely.  He’s begun telling Bo the story of how he met Nina, Bo’s mother.  To be continued.

Prodigy (109)

I give this episode 4 stars. It’s two prodigies and this time there’s even a C-story.  Skouras finds a new psychic, a homeless 19-year-old named Dani.   She’s recruited to Orchestra to read the captured Channing’s mind for leads on Winter and company.  The scene of Dani telling Zoe the story of her brother’s death was amazingly raw.  The actor playing Dani was superb at showing Dani’s grief.  But was it real?  Because in the end, Dani’s allegiances turn to Orchestra and she knows Zoe is the leak.

Bo has a vision of a  young violin prodigy dying in a car crash, along with her parents and the other driver.  She befriends the 14-year-old, whose mother is the classic push-your-child’s-talent-at-all-costs type.  Bo and Tate’s efforts to prevent both cars being on the day of the crash are thwarted at every turn.  Nonetheless, Bo is able to stop the crash, and everything works out even better than hunky-dory.

Winter kidnaps Skouras!  Did not see that coming!  It seems Skouras has “other entities” interested in his work and is playing both sides.  Winter says his actions could be considered traitorous, so who is he working with?  Winter exchanges Skouras for Channing, but being the slimy bastard he is, Skouras shoots Channing after the swap.  Will she live?  We have to wait two weeks to find out.


Alex Annie Alexis Ann (919)

I give this episode 3 stars, with 1 taken off for its horrible title.

I would have given it 3 stars, but I’m taking off points for the stupid title of this episode.  As much as I love seeing Sheriff Jody Mills, this episode didn’t grab me.  I don’t think I’m in the minority.

Sam Winchester is bound with duct tape, just as he was in "Bad Day at Black Rock."

Hey look! Sam’s bound with duct tape. Again!

I’ve never liked the vampire episodes.  Maybe it’s because pop culture has inundated us with vampires ad nauseum.  At least this one had a twist.  A young (human) woman is raised by a family of vampires, and used as a sort of vampire family buffet.

The character of the young woman was a bit of mess, though.  She identifies with the family, yet she continues to run away.  She wants help,she doesn’t want help.  She’s a victim, but also a willing partner in finding victims for vampires to feed on.  Too much wibbly-wobbly makes a character undeveloped, and unappealing.

Kim Rhodes plays Sheriff Jody Mills on Supernatural.

It’s good to see you again, Sheriff Mills.

Even Sheriff Jody couldn’t save the show.  Perhaps if she’s had more interaction with the Winchesters, it would have been more interesting.

Bloodlines (119)

I give this episode 2 stars.Another Winchester lite episode, but since it’s a pilot for a new show, I suppose it’s necessary to focus on the new protagonists.  But I’m not clear on who the protagonists are.  Certainly Ennis, the young man whose intended fiance was killed by what appears to be a werewolf.  What about David, the shapeshifter?  Is he supposed to be in the new show, too?  And what about David’s werewolf girlfriend, whose name I can’t even remember?

The ending was bothersome, with Ennis killing a human being.  Granted, he wasn’t a nice human being, but c’mon, that’s murder.  I suppose I shouldn’t be too picky.  After all, some monsters (i.e., demons) inhabit a human body, so when the Winchesters kill a demon, they’re also killing a person.

Don’t think too hard on these things, I tell myself.  Supernatural is the only CW show I watch, since I’m far, far away from the CW’s intended audience.  Nor do I plan to watch “Bloodlines,” if it gets picked up.

Next week Supernatural begins its season ending arc.  It appears that the Gang’s All Here:  Castiel, Crowley, Abaddon, and Metatron.  I imagine Gadreel will make an appearance, too.

Up next:  Agents of SHIELD and Warehouse 13.


7 responses to “It’s Rate-a-Palooza Time! Part 1

  1. I’m one ep behind on Believe, so I didn’t read that part. But we loved the horse stuff. Bo’s excitement and the craziness was such a nice relief from what would normally be a very heavy story thread.

    I was meh on those episodes of Supernatural for the same reasons you were. ALL the people from Bloodlines would be in the spinoff (brothers, sisters, cop, etc), but I don’t think it was good enough to get picked up. Ennis intrigued me a bit, but the Romeo-and-Juliet stuff is so overdone, and I didn’t find most of the characters/actors interesting or talented enough, and there wasn’t much chemistry there. I am VERY done with both vampires and shifters and if I hadn’t committed myself to Supernatural so many years ago, their prevalence would have turned me off the show completely.

    • Oh, c’mon now. It’s not like vampires are in every episode. In fact, their appearances are relatively rare. Which is a good thing.

      P.S. You probably know that Bloodlines was not picked up. I guess some stuff is even too bad for the CW.

      • No, you’re right, but it’s the shifters as well as the vamps. They’re prevalent *enough*. But I was way hooked long before the vamps showed up.

        Yeah, I did know, and wasn’t surprised it didn’t get picked up. They had a lot of the elements that do well on the CW, but not the intensity or the chemistry. They said they’re not giving up. I wouldn’t mind seeing something along the lines of Bella’s trade. Someone who isn’t a hunter but who deals with special objects and works either with or in opposition to hunters and such. Or they can do a period show with the Men of Letters! Lots of options.

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