Ratings-Palooza, Part 2

Apparently my Charlie White on Dancing with the Stars obsession continues, but I have torn myself away long enough to catch up on a few sci fi shows.  Here are some incredibly short reviews, because better recaps and reviews have been done elsewhere, and in a more timely manner.

Agents of SHIELD

The entire SHIELD team looks on.

What’s with all the black, wardrobe people?

The season is definitely going out with a bang.  Will it make for a great, or at least better season 2?  One can hope.

The Only Light in the Darkness (119)

I give this episode 2 stars.Oh jeepers, I’m further behind than I thought I was.  I forgot all about this episode. Even the presence of Amy Acker didn’t make it memorable.  Pluses: the lie detector test; the ending, with Ward basically kidnapping Skye (although she tried to play along).  Minuses:  Patton Oswalt died; the whole Coulson, his lost love stuff and her super-empowered stalker; worst of all, we had to sit through that shitty scene of Skye and Ward “connecting.”

Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to it, and spent nearly the entire hour occupied elsewhere.  Probably  a 3-star episode, but it gets knocked down a star for not keeping me riveted.

Nothing Personal (120)

I give this episode 4 stars.And we’re back!  To an excellent episode, that is.  So much happened in the next two episodes, there’s no way I could do them justice.  Agent Maria Hill (played by the not-all-that-talented Cobie Smulders) stepped in to help Coulson and team.  Skye outwitted Ward (to a degree) but was captured by Mike Peterson, aka Deathlock, and delivered to Bill Paxton, aka Garrett.  To get Skye to give up decryption information for the infamous hard drive, Garrett nearly killed Ward.  Wow, that’s not really a good way to instill trust in your best pupil.

Skye escapes in Lola, the flying car.

Lola saves the day! (And sadly, Skye too.)

But the no-longer-SHIELD team managed to stall Garrett long enough for Coulson to save Skye and escape from the bus (mid-flight, no less) via Lola.  Yes!  Lola saves the day!

If that’s not enough, Coulson learned he was in charge of the TAHITI project, and recommended it be discontinued.  Or at least used only if the patients had their memories wiped.  Coulson’s response?  “Huh.”  Fade to black.

Ragtag (121)

I give this episode 3 stars.Not as good as the previous episode, but the primary mission of “Ragtag” was to set everything up for the season finale.

We learn how Garrett recruited Grant Ward and disciplined him with “tough love.”  Obviously, Ward prevailed, otherwise the character wouldn’t still be around.  Ward gave us glimpses of his humanity (to Garrett’s chagrin); but still, the bastard sent FitzSimmons to the bottom of the ocean in a steel crate!  Bad Ward!  Bad!

Ward and Deathlock are the bad guys.

Can either of these characters be redeemed? I hope at least one can be.

So, Garrett is part cyborg himself, but his organs are weakening.  Will the super-juice serum that’s been the topic of the entire season save him?  I don’t care.

I’m more interested in Triplett’s grandfather’s Chest of Spy Gadgets.  Coulson geeked out at all the wonderful retro-ness.  I sure hope Triplett returns (as a regular) next season.  Please don’t kill him off.  A little TripSimmons romance would be fine by me (if she lives!), if for no other reason than to watch jealous Fitz (yeah, if he lives, too).

Hey!  Did I see Samuel L. Jackson in the preview for the season finale?  It looks like the show’s budget was big enough after all.  Called it!  I suppose it’s small consolation for a season-ending cliff-hanger.  Because you know we’re going to have one, right?  Man, I hate those.

Warehouse 13

I never covered Warehouse 13 consistently, so why start now? There are only two episodes left, and it all seems to be leading to a Pete and Myka pairing.  Interestingly, they had great chemistry in the first season, but since then it’s been more friendly than romantic.  Now, instead of letting it happening organically, we’re being reminded of it constantly.  There was an episode with a married Secret Service team.  And just in case you missed that anvil, Pete’s ex-girlfriend told him he’s in love with Myka.

Secret Services (502)

I give this episode 2 stars.It’s the one mentioned above.  It was mostly forgettable, but not in a bad way.  The grander story was that of Claudia’s sister Claire. Cripes, I hadn’t even realized she had a sister.  I remember Claudia’s brother.  After all, Claudia first came to our attention when she was trying to retrieve her brother from an alternate dimension.  But that story was dropped a few seasons ago (although they did say he was happily researching at the CERN in Switzerland).

Eh, whatever.

A Faire to Remember (503)

I give this episode 3 stars.

In a(nother) switch, Pete and Steve hunt for an artifact at a Renaissance Faire.  Don’t remember much else, except that it was fun.  Elsewhere, Claudia revived her sister Claire, and they had some bonding time over coffee and Claudia’s guitar.  But the artifact effect that possessed Claire was transferred to Myka, so Claire volunteered to be put into a music-induced coma again.

Savage Seduction (104)

I give this episode 1 measly star.

Myka, Artie, and Pete play characters from a cheesy telenova.

Help! We’re trapped in a terrible episode story.

Oh my God, this was horrible!  In attempting to recreate the fun episode where Pete and Myka were trapped in a 1940’s film-noirish novel, this time they’re trapped in a Spanish-speaking television channel telenova.  Everything was in Spanish with subtitles (for us lazy American’s who know only one language).  The cheesy character transition effects quickly wore out their welcome, but continued ad nauseum.  And Eddie McClintock  chewed the scenery even more than usual.

Steve splits into two separate personalities.

Two Steves for the price of one!

Elsewhere, in investigating college shenanigans,  Steve was hit with Edna St Vincent Millay’s double-ended candle and split into two polar-opposite personalities:  super-serious AFT agent Steve and super-gay college party boy Steve.  (FYI, Claudia preferred the latter.)  Aaron Ashmore did a fine job of playing both characters, although one was horribly stereotypical.

You know, I think I tired of this show a while back.


4 responses to “Ratings-Palooza, Part 2

  1. Ward did send FitzSimmons into the ocean, but the pod is full of air and if the return pods from space float, this probably will, too, and he knew it. He was told to kill them outright and could have, even if they wouldn’t open the door. Just like the dog he was told to kill but let go instead (even though it meant Garrett shot the dog instead…).

    My 15-year-old hates Ward and will be furious if they redeem him in any way. I often find the most villainous characters the most interesting when they battle their humanity, so I lean the other way. Though the only romance I’m rooting for is FitzSimmons. 🙂

    I never liked Cobie/Robin (on HIMYM) much so I can’t understand why the fandom is so excited about her. I guess it’s a Maria Hill thing more than a Cobie thing, maybe? As for Fury and the budget, I have no doubt they couldn’t afford to have him regularly, but could probably work in a finale cameo. We saw what looked like a still image of him in the promo, so I’m not convinced his role in the finale will be very big.

    • I was going to say I like your theory about the pod floating and Ward not really killing them. But guess what? The pod didn’t float! 😛 Which means I need to get busy on my review of the season finale, yeah? 🙂

      • I know! I was like, “Hey, why didn’t it float?” and seconds later Fitz was all, “I was busy trying to figure out why we didn’t float.” LOL Sounded like a decent scientific reason to me.

        My daughter is actually coming around on Ward’s potential for redemption (before she was “They had BETTER NOT redeem him! He must DIE!” and now she says they did a better job than she expected them to.) but she’s furious about Fitz.

        Can’t wait for your review!

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