Agents of SHIELD: The Beginning of the End (122)

I give this episode 5 stars!Well, shiver me timbers!  (Forgive the pirate talk.  I’m currently reading Treasure Island.)  I’ve never been happier to be proven wrong.   Agents of SHIELD wrapped up its first season without a cliffhanger, yet with just enough intrigue to tease us into the next season.  I’m quite a happy chick.

Coulson and Triplett check out the opposition through binoculars.

A dearth of photos this week gives us various configurations of Coulson and Trip.

The budget was big enough for bring on Samuel L. Jackson after all. But not big enough for an eye patch and had to go with sunglasses.  Then again, maybe it all has something to do with the events of Captain America: the Winter Soldier, which I still haven’t seen.

Yes, some of the dialog was incredibly cheesy, but who cares?  The episode was more than I ever could have asked for.  With Samuel L. Jackson!  Did I mention Samuel L. Jackson?

Garrett goes looney-tunes from the GH-325 serum, wrangling doors from their hinges, writing on plexiglass with a nail, severing a general’s aorta—with his bare hands!—and Bill Paxton chews the scenery with gastronomic delight.

Grant Ward proves he can’t think for himself, although his “love” for Skye still irritates.  Hell, Skye still irritates.

Coulson and Trip storm the enemy's compound in a HumVee.

See what I mean?

Apparently May does have feelings.  Although her affair with Ward had “no strings attached,” his affiliation with Hydra did.  She even got in a zinger or two during her al

l-out brawl with Ward, which ended with his foot nailed to floor and his larynx crushed.

In an episode of awesomeness, though, the two stand-out scenes belonged to Fitz and Simmons.  Trapped in a pod at the bottom of the ocean (hey, Natalie, I was right  😎 )  with few resources and inevitable death, the two talk about the First Law of Thermodynamics, that energy is neither created nor destroyed:  we’re made up of what came before and will be part of what is to come after we die.  Listening to the two young  geniuses ponder such questions was beautiful.  The English and Scottish accents made it downright melodic.

Fitz finally tells Simmons how he feels, not in words, but with his actions.  Her reaction is unexpected and incredibly moving.   Elizabeth Henstridge nailed it.  Then we watch the glass blow from outside the pod, and moments later Simmons emerges with Fitz in tow.  She rises to the surface in the middle of the ocean, seemingly having gone from one sure death to another, when Nick Fury’s arm reaches out to her.  Damn!  The whole thing was so emotional I cried!

Endless Happy Endings

Coulson and Triplett consult each other in the HumVee.

I know!

Ward is in custody, super-soldiers without super-serum become normal men, “Minus an eye, of course.”

Garrett reemerges (“There’s a reason you cut off the head.”) but is quickly blown to smithereens.

Mike Peterson is freed from his personal hell, but rather than go to his son, he’s off to make amends for his actions.  That’s something I’d like to see explored next season, but then, I’m a sucker for Mike Peterson.

Coulson talks with Fury about TAHITI, clearing up that mess.  Fury says Coulson is an Avenger!  The look on Coulson’s face is pricelss.  And Coulson’s now head of the new, leaner SHIELD.   Fury then disappears again.  I’m hope he’s headed to Tahiti.

Hopes for Next Season

May and Skye prepare to enter the enemy's compound.

Well, there was this one picture.

It looks like Agent Triplett will be around next season.  I’m stoked!  After all, “I bring the noise and the funk wherever I go.”  Although no longer a member of the team, I imagine Ward will have a part to play.  Fitz’s medical condition is up in the air.  Will he be back?  Will he be the same?  It’s a great way to thwart the inevitable FitzSimmons hookup.

Hopefully The Playground, and Billy Koenig will stick around.  They’d be a welcome addition to the show.

I’m not particularly excited to explore more of Skye’s story, but since her parentage doesn’t seem to be going in the obvious direction, it might be interesting.  Since she’s part of “the evolution,” maybe she’ll evolve into a more interesting actor.

Then there’s that whole Coulson carving a hieroglyphic diagram into the wall thing.

And don’t forget Quinn, Raina, and the Graviotonium are still out there.

So many possibilities.  Don’t throw them away, show-runners!


2 responses to “Agents of SHIELD: The Beginning of the End (122)

  1. At the end of CA: TWS, when all the remaining good guys split up (Maria Hill gets a job with Stark Industries, for example), Fury prepares to go underground and locks up his world, essentially, in a storage unit or truck or something, I don’t remember. He tosses the eye patch in before he closes the doors, and puts on the sunglasses. So that’s the why for that.

    Maybe some of the dialogue was cheesy, but some was downright brilliant. And even most of the cheesy stuff was deliberately so. Garrett’s stuff, mostly. And Fury cutting him off mid-speech was just awesome.

    They’ve left themselves with many, many wonderful things to explore. In addition to Mike’s evolution and place in this world, and the scary Coulson ending, and Skye’s parentage (I actually loved that reveal, that the culprits who killed an entire village trying to get to her were her parents–it made so much sense!), and Reina/Quinn/Gravitron, there are all the other escapees and Hydra pockets. Endless storyline possibilities! I’m soooo glad they got a season 2.

    I love pure-at-heart good guys, but I’ve found that I’m a little bit of a sucker for bleeding-on-the-inside bad guys, too, who complicate things with occasional nobility. Case in point: Monroe on Revolution. I didn’t dislike Ward (or Brett’s acting) as much as you did (early on, when he was “putting it all on,”) and I agree with what you pointed out, that he became interesting once he became “real.” So I’m intrigued by the possibilities for his character, too. And dammit, I want to know why he burned down the family farm! LOL

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