Only 26 Days More Days…

Only 26 days until How to Train Your Dragon 2 is in theaters!

There’s been a ton of How to Train Your Dragon 2 news recently.  The movie was shown at the Cannes Film Festival this past week.  Even Toothless attended!

Yesterday Jay Baruchel (Hiccup) tweeted what an honor (he spelled it “honour” because he’s Canadian) it was to have been part of the event.  When Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Fishlegs) asked how it went, Jay said “It fucking destroyed!”  adding the film received a 5-10 minute standing ovation!

IMDB has video interviews with the stars, director, producer, and several other people involved with the film, including my beloved John Powell,who—because it can’t be said enough—was robbed of an Oscar for film score!  John informs us that bagpipes are the only instrument (that he’s aware of) created to threaten, i.e., as a signal of war, which is why they’re so loud.

Speaking of music, three songs from the movie’s new soundtrack have been released, as well as a couple new clips.  Berk’s Grapevine has a post that, in addition to those interviews mentioned above, has two new clips from the movieI dare you not to cry at the first one!

How to Train Your Dragon 2 opens June 13th, a week before my birthday.  I’ve already informed my friends that my birthday present be to see the movie in IMAX 3D.  (I’m ok with waiting a week to let the young ‘uns—and teenagers—have their go with it.)

I could not possibly love the original How to Train Your Dragon more than I already do.  Ditto for the soundtrack.  But then, if you follow me, you know of my love for dragons, and especially this wonderful Night Fury.

Toothless becomes acquainted with Cloud Jumper.


6 responses to “Only 26 Days More Days…

    • I am more than a huge fan, I’m obsessed! It’s sort of silly, given I’m an adult. Oh yes, I’ve seen the first 5 minutes, and several other clips, too. Can’t wait!

    • Well, you better buy the DVD and have her watch it again! I think she’d really enjoy it. For me, there hasn’t been a better film in years. Yes, that includes the non-animation, too. Sure, I love Toothless, but there’s so much more to the film that resonates with real life: mis-fit teen, parent-child relationships, finding your way in the world.

      BTW, did you know Toothless’s movements and mannerisms are based on cats? I’m sure you caught that when he was chasing the light. The head animator for Toothless (in the first film, I’m not sure he worked on the 2nd) got a cat while making the film and fell in love it.

      • Yeah, we’ll rewatch the first one! 🙂 I don’t necessarily put it that high on my list, but it’s right up there. The falling-from-the-sky scene still chokes me up.

        I did know about the cats! And Number One said a couple of days ago that they taped paper to the cat to watch it run around and try to get it off, so they’d have the movements just right. LOL

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