Supernatural in a Word

Dean Winchester begins feeling the effects of the First Blade.

The season finale does not bode well for Dean.

I had planned to include “Do You Believe in Miracles?” in the “Season/Series Finale-Palooza,” especially since I hadn’t covered the previous two episodes.  But last night’s ending was so shocking, it must be addressed immediately and can’t be hidden underneath Grimm and Warehouse 13.

So, in a word…


Here’s the thing, though.  I haven’t watched “Do You Believe in Miracles?” in its entirety yet.  In a rare moment of impatience with this show, I fast-forwarded to the final 15-20 minutes.  (I was simultaneously watching the overblown Dancing with the Stars finale because, although I’d sworn off the show, Charlie White danced two routines which required watching and gushing.)

Further thoughts on Supernatural’s season finale will be forthcoming, but first, allow me to rant.

I’ve been quite active in the DWTS forums at Previously TV (the replacement for the dying Television Without Pity).  In a contentious season of questionable judging, opposing fan factions, and high passions, the conversations have remained civil, respectful, and even-keeled.

I had hoped, given a clean slate, Supernatural fans would set aside their petty differences and behave themselves in a less biased tone.  But it was not to be.  The rampant obsession for Dean and anyone he interacts with (other than Sam), along with the apathy, and even dislike, for Sam continues.  What a shame.

I shall return later in the week discuss the season finale more thoroughly.

8 responses to “Supernatural in a Word

  1. I got a peek into the SPN fandom on Twitter last night, and while most of the comments were fine (and along the lines of those I’ve seen for other cult-building shows), the overall tone is definitely not what we enjoyed when we first dove in. I got really tired of seeing all the “surpising ending except for all of us who predicted it weeks ago” stuff. SO glad I don’t read anything anymore! I was shocked, and that’s so much more fun than being smug. 🙂 (Said by one who is way-too-often smug. LOL)

    • Yeah, spending too much time in fandom causes one to speculate. And with so much speculation, someone is bound to come up with what will happen. I’m so grateful to seasons 5-7 for allowing my passion to wane a little. I felt so much better when not so caught up in all the craziness. After 9 years, you’d think people would calm down, but they never do.

      • I know, right?! It’s kind of scary. I mean, the Firefly fandom hasn’t waned in over 10 years with only 13 episodes and a movie, and that’s kind of whacked, but there isn’t the frenzy and emotion we find in other fandoms, including SPN.

        I’ve loved the show longer than most, with less criticism, but my embers are finally at a low heat. For a few years, I didn’t want to discuss the show even with my local close friends because their comments were all bad and I didn’t want to hear it. But now…well, it’s inevitable, but a little sad.

        • Damn, I wish I had local fans to discuss SPN with. Well, I did work with a couple of Army guys who liked sci fi and watched.

          Season “Gr8” brought me back to loving the show, but at least I’m older and wiser now. I sort of hope season 10 will be its last, though. It’s time the JJs moved on to something else.

  2. I didn’t get to watch it until this evening, due to having to work last night. :/ It was a good finale, as they usually are, lots of good stuff going on. I was actually more interested in Gadreel’s journey than Sam and Dean’s. And thank God(or whoever) that the Metatron storyline is over. *fingers crossed* I wasn’t too emotionally invested in the episode, though. There’s no suspense in the guys dying anymore, I’m afraid. That said, the deaths this time around were satisfying.

    The end was pretty juicy, and I’m intrigued to see how it plays out next season. I’m sure the Dean-girls are pissed off, but I stay far, far away from all that online drama.

    For just a little loving snark, I’d like to say that Muncie, Indiana, has a nice little homeless commune going; you just don’t want to piss any of them off. 😉

    • “There’s no suspense in the guys dying anymore, I’m afraid.”

      That’s true. But still, I *gasped* when Metatron stuck the blade into Dean. It was really well done. Dean had just retrieved the First Blade and I was ready for a kill, but it was the wrong kill. Seeing the blade sink all the way to the hilt, and Jensen’s incredible performance (we expect nothing less, right?), it was so shocking.

      I kind of wish Sam had picked up Dean and carried him in his arms. I mean, Jared is likely strong enough, and Jensen doesn’t weigh *that* much.

      I’m not sure the Metatron story is over. After all, he’s still alive.

      • I had the same response. They had great timing with the blade.

        Sam carrying Dean would have been awesome, but I don’t think Jared could haul him up gracefully from the ground. I mean, Jensen is only like 2 inches shorter, and he’s all muscle! And Jared has lost a lot of the bulk he had when he was soulless Sam. 🙂

        Definitely, Metatron will be back! I think. 🙂

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