It’s that time of year, when most of the shows on the broadcast networks are finishing their seasons.  Agents of SHIELD concluded magnificently last week.  How did Grimm and Warehouse 13 fare?   (Supernatural will get its own post later.)

Grimm:  Blond Ambition (322)

Juliette, Rosalee, Monroe and Nick make a lovely wedding party.

Even with all the vows and such, we still don’t know Monroe’s last name.

Grimm isn’t a show frequently covered here, but the season finale is worth mentioning for the sheer number of stories left up in the air for next season.

Monroe and Rosalee were married.  On the night before the wedding, Rosalee’s sister ruined their grandmother’s wedding dress, which Rosalee had planned to wear.  Thank goodness, because it was one ugly dress!  Monroe’s parents bribed the bridal shop to open early so they could buy a $7,200 dress for Rosalee on the day of the wedding  (She’s worth it.)  They’ve come a long way from protesting the mixed-Wesen marriage.

All of the show’s arcs come together quickly with action and blood galore.  Where to start?

Adalind Schade (the show’s most tiresome character, as well the reason for this episode’s title ) performed a spell that turned her into a likeness of Juliette, Nick’s almost-fiance.  (I’m sure Bitsie Tulloch enjoyed the chance to play Juliette with an edge.)  Adalind used her Juliette likeness to get Nick into bed with—wait for it—grim consequences.  Which we’ll get to later.

Sean Renard (Nick’s police-captain boss) figures out Adalind’s duplicity, because he’s awesome that way.  He has a potion for Nick to drink which will counteract Adalind’s spell, whatever it is.  Before he can deliver it, though, he’s shot three times in the chest by C. Thomas Howell playing an FBI agent working for the bad guys.

The guests are not happy Truble interrupts the wedding.

The Wesen aren’t happy to have a Grimm named Truble in their midst.

C. Thomas then goes after Truble), the young woman and fellow Grimm Nick “adopted” a few episodes ago.  She decapitates C. Thomas.  That task completed, Truble calls the police (for Renard), then runs off, taking the potion to the wedding.  Once there all hell breaks loose and of course, she drops the bottle.

The consequence of Adalind’s spell?  Nick loses his Grimm-esque powers.  Since no superpowers come with the Grimm title, it’s really just his ability to see Wesen when we mere mortals can’t.

The police and ambulance arrive at the scene of the crime (Nick’s house) to take Renard to the hospital.  As he’s being wheeled into emergency, he spits up blood into his oxygen mask.

Back at the house, Sgt .Wu comes across one of the Grimm primers Truble has been studying.  This causes flashbacks to his run-in with an Aswang, a monster of Filipino legend both Nick and Hank told him wasn’t real.  C’mon guys, isn’t it time Wu was brought into the Wide World of Wesen?  Just think of all the witty remarks he’d be able to spout.

So, to sum up:

  • Nick is no longer a Grimm
  • Renard’s life hangs in the balance
  • Sgt Wu is on the verge of learning about the Grimm world
  • Oh!  And Juliette told Nick she’s not sure she can put up with his crazy life any more—just before Nick is about to propose

Warehouse 13:  Cangku Shisi (505) and Endless (506)

The third week of May is now officially Mark Sheppard Week.  He shows up in both Warehouse 13 and Supernatural to wreak havoc.

Benedict Valda has stolen Claudia's sister Claire for nepharious reasons.

Valda puts his evil plan in motion with Claudia’s sister Claire.

In the penultimate episode of Warehouse 13, recurring nemesis Benedict Valda (Shepard) shows up to sell the Warehouse and its contents to the highest bidder.  It’s the Chinese, hence the episode’s title, which translates to “Warehouse 14.”  He uses a mind control artifact to wake up Claudia’s sister Claire to help him, and begins transferring artifacts out of Warehouse 13 and into Warehouse 14 in China.

The episode is a complete story, in that it doesn’t end in a cliff hanger heading into the series finale.  Claudia is able to free her sister from the effects of the infamous music box.  The music box’s “power” transfers to Valda, who’s then destroyed; and the Warehouse artifacts return to South Dakota.  But the Warehouse still shows signs that it’s getting ready to move elsewhere.

Which leads us to “Endless.”  With the previous episode out of the way, the finale is able to focus on the characters rather than the action or the artifacts.  In preparation for the Warehouse’s move, the agents meet with Mrs. Fredrick to allow the Warehouse to catalog everyone’s memories.

Claudia tap dances to reverse the effect of the "'42nd Street" show sign, which incluses a huge number of showgirls.

Tap dancing to the rescue!

While I would have preferred the show capture everyone’s “defining moment” from past episodes, some of the new moments were entertaining, even thoughtful and touching.  The endless tap-dancing was fun, and Steve Jinks’ moment inside Artie’s heart was lovely.  Aaron Ashmore excelled at showing Steve’s wonder .  The most emotional memory, though, was Mrs. Fredrick’s recollection of Leena and her “defining moment.” Looking at the Warehouse, Leena expresses her amazement, saying she knows she’ll die in the Warehouse.  Although it was a  short scene, Genelle Williams delivered a moving performance.

Myka kisses Peta.

Oh, you knew it was coming, right?

Pete and Myka’s hook up felt forced, but the series had been building towards it all season.  The leads had great chemistry in the first season, but as the series wore on, it became more of a friendship.  Having the characters suddenly realize they were in love wasn’t as satisfying as it might have been in the early days.

Throughout the episode, Mrs. Fredrick looked on  with a sweet, loving smile as the memories flew by.  It was possibly the most human we’ve ever seen her.  That is, until Steve caused her to actually laugh out loud.

In a somewhat surprising conclusion, the Warehouse remains in South Dakota, and the characters continue the work they’ve grown to love.


3 responses to “Finale-Palooza

  1. I haven’t watched either of these in many seasons, so I’m curious about how you feel about these finales. You didn’t give much of a hint. 🙂

    I had already felt Pete and Myka were destined for friendship, so I’m kind of sad they pushed the romance. You know I’m a total sucker for pairing up couples (heck, I’m rewatching Alias right now for just that reason!), and if the chemistry and writing are there it can gyp the audience to not do it, but once in a while it would be nice to have a couple just be really good friends. (Maybe Abbie and Ichabod will. 🙂 )

    Nothing about your Grimm recap makes me sorry I stopped watching it. 🙂

    Hey, are you going to watch The Librarians? Did you see the TV movies they did years ago? I’m excited about that one!

    • “You didn’t give much of a hint.”
      Really? Well, as for Grimm, if I write about it, I liked it. I like most of the stories that are up in the air. But it’s not like the show is “must see TV” for me.

      I liked the finale of Warehouse 13, too. Again, not gushingly so, but it was ok. About relationships, Claudia and Steve Jinks had a terrific one. It’s not romantic because he’s gay, but they became very, very close.

      The Librarians? Never heard of it. I’ve heard of The Librarian, mayb have even seen it. Well, having had a peek at IMDB, yes, I am now definitely excited! I have a friend who’s a librarian. She’ll probably go bonkers for it. (She never misses a chance to mention the Snopes website.)

      • The movies were kind of cheesy, kind of fun, kind of cool. Noah Wylie appears to be in the pilot of the new show, at least, but he’s the lead on Falling Skies so I’m not sure he’ll do the full season. But that’s okay, because Christian Kane is all I need, LOL

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