Supernatural: Do You Believe in Miracles? (923)

On this show, a miracle can be a dubious thing.  Who knew the miracle in question would be Crowley’s?  That’s more ominous than dubious.

Castiel asks Gadreel to join the good side.

“Step into the light, Gadreel.”

Suzanne has been keeping up with the Winchester saga at Damsel Undistressed.  Her reviews of the last three episodes of season 9 are well worth reading.  Just a few comments on the previous two before I head into the season finale:

  • King of the Damned (921):  Were you as surprised at Abaddon’s demise as I was?  I thought the Battle for Hell would continue up to the season finale.  But it made sense to clean the slate for the Battle for Heaven, since that’s what this season’s overall arc has been.  (Incidentally, in 18th century Scotland, Gavin MacLeod would more likely have been Presbyterian than Catholic.  Just sayin’.  I know this because I was raised Presbyterian.  And still am, more or less.)
  • Stairway to Heaven (922):  What a great title; it almost made up for “Alex Annie Alexis Ann.” Almost.  Suzanne’s insights and knowledge of pop culture references are so much better than mine, I really have nothing to add.  Since that episode ended with Gadreel being sliced open with the First Blade, I thought perhaps Castiel would take his grace.  But what did happen in the finale was better.

Supernatural finales tend to be epic, usually with a shocking twist at the very end.  This was no exception.

Sam and Castiel shut Dean in the basement.

Someone asked what’s behind door 7B. Who knew it would be Dean?

The second half of the season has been devoted primarily to Dean.  After years of Sam being the “special one,” it’s now Dean’s turn.  The Mark of Cain and the First Blade have been game changers.  Some might argue Dean’s new power isn’t fair, as its a manifestation of evil.  But Dean has always been the darker Winchester.  His supernatural “gift” makes him darker, more violent, more domineering; traits he’s always had.  Now they’re magnified to a terrifying degree.  Even Dean is terrified.

Suzanne chastises Sam for not hiding the First Blade in better place, but I say it wouldn’t have mattered. Dean and the Blade are connected.  He’d have found it anywhere.

There have been some tense moments in the Winchesters’ relationship this season.  Sam’s been angry that Dean didn’t let him die, tricking him into accepting an angel to heal him.  He distanced himself from Dean, saying they could hunt together, but the brotherly bond was damaged.  Now that Dean is showing signs of the Mark, Sam is genuinely worried.  Their conversation outside the trailer shows the brothers at their best.  Sam doesn’t argue with Dean.  Instead, he agrees that Dean is their only chance at stopping Metatron.  He may not like it, but he’s willing to give Dean the necessary latitude.

Gadreel redeems himself nicely.  He never was evil per se, more mistaken and misunderstood.  He reminds the angels that their true purpose is to protect humans, but they lost sight of that.  Naomi said something similar in the season 8 finale.  And then Gadreel sacrifices himself to free Castiel.

It’s Castiel who defeats Metatron by destroying the angel tablet and revealing Metatron’s true motives to the other angels.  With Metatron imprisoned, Hannah asks Castiel to lead them, but Cass says he’s no leader, he just wants to be an angel.  But Cass’s “stolen” grace is deteriorating.  I’m glad this problem isn’t forgotten.  It will likely play a part in next season 10’s story arcs.

When a series has been on as long as Supernatural, plenty of past material can come into play, which can be good or bad.  In the case of “Do You Believe in Miracles?” the references are (mostly) poignant.  Sam says he still sees his hands killing Kevin in his dreams, and I’m glad Kevin is not forgotten.

Yes, the Winchesters have died so often, it’s no longer cause for alarm.  Yet Dean’s death was shocking.  Just when Dean retrieves the First Blade and prepares for the strike, Metatron thrusts an angel blade straight through Dean’s hear.  Right up to its hilt.  And then twists it.

Dean is battered and bloody after a run in wtih Metatron.

The season didn’t end so good for Dean.

The scene of Dean dying in Sam’s arms was reminiscent of Sam’s death in season 2.  But where Dean gave an impassioned speech before bartering with a demon, Sam’s anguish was quieter.  Unlike his statement earlier in the season that he would have let Dean die, when it happened, wasn’t willing to let go.  I agree with Suzanne, though.  I don’t think Sam’s intention was to make a deal with Crowley (who, you may remember, used to be Chief Crossroads Demon), but rather to force Crowley to save Dean.

Little does Sam know that Crowley has been working his secret mojo with Dean all along, and the consequences are not good.

12 responses to “Supernatural: Do You Believe in Miracles? (923)

  1. Suzanne, I read your recaps too, and didn’t comment there because they were beautifully done and said everything I felt. 🙂

    Gail, same with you! But there are a couple of things I have to say/ask…

    First, every time either of you mentioned Crowley’s son’s name, I was like, “When did The Love Boat come up?” LOL I don’t think I even caught that when watching the show.

    My two favorite parts of the finale were Gadreel’s speech and Crowley’s monologue. I love Tahmoh Peniket (from Dollhouse and bunches of guest turns, not from BG) and he’s been great all season, but his demeanor in past episodes made his growing passion all the more impactful. I was really sorry to see him go.

    Misha apparently said the final moments were chilling, and that’s the perfect description. We all have been gleefully adoring Crowley and loving the bromance, and the things he said put all of that in a different, scarier perspective. Now he has no reason to play nice with anyone.

    There’s one thing that bothers me, and maybe you guys can tell me what I missed. Earlier, it was declared (at least by Crowley, maybe by Kevin, too) that once closed the way Metatron did it, heaven couldn’t be opened again. Tessa was willing to sacrifice herself because she couldn’t handle the screams of the displaced souls anymore (never mind that once she joined them they’d probably be louder). So in the finale, when everyone was supposedly in heaven, I expected it to be false. An illusion. But apparently it was the real heaven. So how did Metatron open it again? Why didn’t Sam or Dean or Cas mention it?

    As intriguing and fresh as the prospect of season 10 is, I’m a little frightened, too. I really don’t want the kind of Dean we had the last few episodes for a whole season. Soulless!Sam was difficult enough, but he had nuance. There was humor in the way he approached things. Marked!Dean was just hard and angry, almost burning with hate, and I can’t handle more of that! 🙂

    • I actually had a blurb in my draft about Tahmoh Penikett. He’s so tall and yet his voice is so soft, he really makes a compelling good guy. So it’s good that they got to use that in the end.

      The thing with Crowley is Mark Sheppard. He’s so damn good, he became a favorite. But he became so horribly horrible (in which season did he kill all the previous Winchester saves?) he was no longer enjoyable. He was saved this season by the human blood, and he became enjoyable again. But now that we know he was playing Dean all along, are we back to eeeeevil Crowley? Mark said he preferred playing the nuanced Crowley, which is what had endeared him to fans initially.

      I’ve disliked Dean at the beginning of nearly every season. I’ll be interested to see how it plays out. It could give us some great performances by Jensen (if he doesn’t overact) and Jared. (Yes, there I said it. As much as I love Jensen and think he’s a major talent, his evil-evil stuff tends to be overdone. Maybe that’s just Dean, though. He always has been a larger than life character.)

      • I always thought Jensen was a better actor, but when Jared got to be “different” (possessed by Meg, soulless, possessed by Gadreel) he really upped his game and he’s gotten really, really good. Jensen hasn’t had as much variety, and I think he’s fallen into some habits. When he was the leviathan pretending to be Dean, that was great. So yeah, if they make Demon!Dean a nuanced character instead of one-note, I think Jensen will knock it out of the park.

        Oh! And I couldn’t help my first reaction when Dean opened his eyes. After I gasped hard enough to choke, I thought, “Well, Cain was able to overcome it for love!” LOL

    • Captain Stubing is the Prince of Hell! ;D

      If the writers are consistent with how they write demons, Dean has the potential to be really juicy next season. They’re typically snarky, sarcastic, and funny, as well as reveling in their demon-ness. And with the Mark and First Blade, Dean could become a nasty piece of work. Crowley seems ready to take him under his wing and guide him, but if he becomes too much to handle, would Crowley turn to Sam and Castiel? Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Crowley’s blood habit kicks up again, and he leans toward being a father figure to Dean. Which could be interesting if Captain Stubing turns up again. If Gavin’s so excited about being Prince of Hell, what will he do to keep Dean from stealing his spotlight with King Dad? My big concern about Season 10 is–what is Sam going to do? Will his entire storyline be about saving Dean? He does have that demon-saving spell at his disposal, but that can’t be dragged out all season.

      Hopefully the Heaven question will be answered early on. My assumption would be that it had something to do with the Angel Tablet; maybe once that was broken and Metatron’s extra power was cut off, the spell locking Heaven was broken as well. What would be cool? In a reverse of watching the angels fall, I’d like to see the angels and human souls ascending to Heaven.

      By the way, thanks for the kind words!

      • You’re right, there’s tons of room for meatiness in there. And without the blade, maybe Dean would be as fun as a demon as Sam was soulless, or as fun as the Leviathan versions of them were (when they were eating burgers, anyway). But the blade turns him into a killing machine, and I’m not interested in a TRULY evil Dean. Not to mention that once he’s cured, his remorse over whatever he might have done will flatten him.

        I can’t wait to see how they develop it all, though! And there’s probably going to be a new big bad that’s separate from the demon!Dean storyline.

        The angel tablet makes sense, but they were supposedly in heaven before it was broken. Those other angels had a way to open the door. Wasn’t that actually *how* Cas got to the tablet? I don’t know. Maybe I need to watch it again. Maybe I just missed something.

        Thank you, Suzanne (and Gail!) for keeping my passion for this show at a slow burn instead of fading away. 🙂

        • You’re really stuck on the heaven opening thing, aren’t you? 😀 I think what Crowley said was that Metatron’s spell couldn’t be reversed. I agree with Suzanne. They said Metatron’s power was tied to the tablet (which I’d never caught before) and breaking the tablet would break his powers, thereby breaking the spell. And voila, the gates of heaven are open for business.

          FYI, I don’t plan to lose much sleep thinking about this over the summer. 😎

      • “what is Sam going to do? Will his entire storyline be about saving Dean? He does have that demon-saving spell at his disposal, but that can’t be dragged out all season.”

        Dean isn’t a “normal” demon. Cain was, I believe, the “first demon” and created the Knights of Hell. An ordinary spell didn’t work on Abaddon, so it likely won’t work on Dean either. Hmm, should Dean”Deanmon” now?

  2. We all had one reaction to this episode. It went something like “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. Still trying to form an opinion on it! A great recap as always!

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