What to Do? What to Do?

Chloe O'Brien helps Jack Bauer on 24.

Chloe’s back! With a rad haircut and tons of eyeliner.

Its Monday evening and I don’t have anything to watch!  After a season of Sleepy Hollow, Almost Human, Intelligence, and Warehouse 13, not to mention my silly obsession with Charlie White Dancing with the Stars, my evening is free.

Well, there is 24: Live Another Day, complete with London and Benjamin Bratt.  I suppose it could pass for science fiction as much as Last Resort.  Like Last Resort, 24 takes place the real world (of fiction), with real problems.  But its premise and action are so bizarre, it goes beyond plain fiction.  Perhaps we could say Chloe’s mad computer skills tip the show into the science fiction realm.

Or, I could just watch last night’s Believe.


6 responses to “What to Do? What to Do?

  1. This time of year is rough for me. LOL I have a bunch of season finales still, because I got Alias from the library to rewatch. That’s mildly scifi because the Rambaldi stuff. (If you never watched it, all these bad guys are after technology and artifacts and written materials from a guy who lived 500 years ago but predicted a bunch of stuff and built stuff way before its time. They want power, of course.)

    Have a long wait for Falling Skies and other summer stuff!

    • Yes, I watched Alias, although not consistently. Don’t know why, because it was pretty good and I liked Jennifer Garner. I’ve seen a couple seasons of Falling Skies, but stopped when it got super dark. I don’t like shows where the heroes are up against a vastly superior enemy. I know I should, but I don’t. It’s one reason I didn’t watch Battlestar Galactica.

      • I get that. It’s unusual for me to continue watching something dark for the same reason. Or even to START watching something dark. But that show has just enough hope to counter it, and I love all the characters like mad. 🙂

  2. I’m planning a David Tennant summer. 🙂 I have Richard II on DVD to start. And I really should rewatch the Ninth Doctor do his thing. I haven’t written anything about him yet.

    • Craig Ferguson started talking about Doctor Who to Tom Lennon (hilarious comedian!) on the Late Late Show last week. Tom said not to talk Doctor Who because he knew nothing about it. (Did you see Jim Beaver’s tweet about it?) Then the talk turned to whether Craig could play the Doctor and he said no because had too many Scots had played the role: Peter Capaldi (who’s keeping his Scottish accent), David Tennant (who didn’t play it Scottish). Then Craig said he thought Sylvester McCoy was Scottish, too. To which Tom replied “Oh. My. God” 😀

      However, perhaps a Doctor Who-a-thon this summer might be in order.

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