Believe: Collapse (110)

Well geez, if I’d remembered Channing was shot in the last episode, I might have watched this episode sooner.  Good news for Jamie Chung fans.  She lives.  Oops, spoiler.  Sorry.

It’s a good thing the writers didn’t wait too long for Tate find out he’s Bo’s father, since Believe has been cancelled not renewed.  His interactions with Bo have become so much sweeter.  He even kissed her in “Collapse.”  (Maybe he’s done it before.  I don’t remember.)

Tate and FBI Agent Farrell are trapped under rubble.

Tate & Farrell: Frenemies with benefits?

In general, I don’t like main characters in perilous situations.  I fast-forwarded through the bulk of 127 Hours. When Magnum, P.I. was lost at sea, I really didn’t want to watch an hour of Thomas treading water. (Of course, there was much more to the story, with Magnum’s memories and the search for him).

Thus, I wasn’t looking forward to “Collapse.”  Yes, there were the tropes of the dying batteries and no cell phone service (except there was).  But having Tate and FBI Agent Farrell not only working together, but sharing similar pasts was a nice touch.  And Farrell turns out to be pretty darned awesome!

Could Natalie get her wish to have Tate hook up with Ferrell?  Farrell learned the truth about Tate (not guilty) and Orchestra (evil!).  She did pull a gun on him—after he saved her!—but let him go in the end.  Now that she’s off the case and knows the story, will she become part of the story?  With only two episodes left, it’s doubtful.

Skouras and Dani prepare to punish Zoe.

Not a good pair to have against you.

Then there’s the goings on at Orchestra.  Dani told Skouras that the traitor was Zoe. (Dani’s  quickly stopped being the sympathetic soul we first met.)  And Skouras is delighted he found another strong psychic that he can manipulate.  We left Orchestra with Dani preparing to wipe Zoe’s memories, and from past episodes we know that’s pretty much a death sentence.

Sadly, the most boring parts of this episode were Winter and Channing.  And therein lies some of the problems with Believe.  Both Winter and Channing could be fascinating characters, but we know very little about them.  They’re relegated to background and exposition when they’re capable of so much more.  Then there’s Skouras, who’s become just plain cartoonish.

Believe had the makings of a good show, but the creators just couldn’t seem to find the proper mix of characters and drama.


5 responses to “Believe: Collapse (110)

  1. I avoided reading this until I’d caught up through the end because I didn’t realize you hadn’t finished yet, either. 🙂

    I think there was a lot of potential in this show, but they went in the wrong direction. They fell into the trap of high drama/suspense and put too much focus on Skouras and the chase, which gave us some action and suspense but quickly became unsustainable. I think they could have had a much better show if they’d concentrated on the characters and put Bo and Tate in hiding with Winter and Channing and let us learn about them all kind of slowly while they focused on helping Bo help others. The threat of Skouras and Orchestra and the FBI could have been a hovering specter that added tension every time it came close.

    I’m interested to see how you feel about the finale!

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