24: Four O’Clock p.m.’s a Bitch

Want a show where nothing goes right?  Welcome to 24: Live Another Day.

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM was a veritable smorgasbord of how to fuck up a plan.  Any plan!  Let’s count ’em.

FU #1:  Last week, the CIA raid on the terrorist compound turned out to be a trap.  An armed U.S. drone, controlled by the terrorist, demolished the building, but we didn’t know if anyone survived.  The two series regulars, station chief Steve Navarro (played by my beloved Benjamin Bratt) and new agent Eric Ritter survive, but four “red shirts” don’t.  (FYI, Benjamin Bratt looks fabulous with his face all dirty—and bloody.)

Eric Ritter and Steve Navarro survive the drone attack.

Eric and Steve survive!

FU #2:  Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau forged President Heller’s signature to turn Jack Bauer over to the Russians (who want Jack for past deeds).  But now that Jack is essential to the safety of London and the U.S. mission, Boudreau has to reneg on the offer.  The Russians demand they receive the rescind notice in writing, signed by the President.  Oops.

Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau makes a phone call.

Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau plays President.

FU #3:. More last week:  Naveed, the son-in-law of Evil Mastermind Margot Al-Harazi (Michelle Fairley, newly available thanks to Game of Thrones‘ Red Wedding) was shot in the head for wanting out of the Big Drone Scheme.  This week, as his body’s being carried out by goons, his cell phone rings.  Seems he told his sister to get out of town.  Margot worries about how much she knows, and dispatches her daughter Simone (who just had her little finger blown off a couple hours ago) to find out.  No Mother of the Year award for you, Margot!

Naveed pilots a drone while Margot looks on.

Naveed, we hardly knew ye. Margot saw to that.

FU #4.  Given FU #1, the new plan is to have Jack Bauer deal with a Big Bad who might know Margot’s.  He gives a list of demands, including no surveillance and an assist from somewhat disgraced CIA field agent Kate  Morgan.  (Her husband turned out to be CIA a mole, but she never saw the signs.)  Jack wants to turn Kate over the the Bad Guy.  To avoid torture, Kate takes a knock-out drug.  Unfortunately for Kate, the Bad Guys have an antidote and wake her up.  Kate is tortured horribly and nearly killed.

Kate Morgan is tortured by her captors.

First the water, then the electricity.

FU #5:.  Simone meets with her sister-in-law Yasmin (oh, did I forget to mention she was married to the murdered Naveed?), who doesn’t know about the planned drone strike.  Things get complicated for Simone when Yasmin’s young daughter shows up (Simone’s niece) and invites Simone to dinner.  Duly softened, Simone tells them to get out of London, but Yasmin prefers to ask a shit-load of questions, eventually calling the police.  So Simone kills her in front of her daughter.  The niece runs out of the house screaming, Simone gives chase.  Simone then has a close encounter with a London double decker bus.  Bus wins.

Simone Al-Hazari pays a visit to her sister-in-law

Nine-fingered Simone, before the bus.

FU #6:  Jordan, a CIA geek who has a crush on Kate, discovers some hidden files associated with Kate’s husband’s mole case.  He asks Navarro for permission to investigate.  Navarro says to wait until the current op is finished.  But Jordan decides to act on his own.  This forces Navarro to call Someone Nefarious, and we learn that he’s the real mole, and set up Kate’s ‘s hubby to take the fall.  Oh no!  Benjamin Bratt is the bad guy!  Well, one of ’em.

Steve Navarro phones his contact.

Benjamin Bratt is the mole!

FU#7:  Jack actually has a safety check in place in case Kate’s life is threatened.  With an electric drill just millimeters from Kate’s forehead, a sniper outside the compound is just about to come to Kate’s rescue he’s when he’s knocked down.  By MI5!  It turns out the British Prime Minister decided not to concur with Jack’s “no surveillance” condition.

The British Prime Minister and the U.S. President watch the CIA raid go wrong.

The gang’s all here, but not everyone is playing.

(Photo, left to right:  Audrey Boudreau [President’s daughter and de facto First Lady], British P.M.’s [nefarious] aide, British P.M. Stephen Fry Alistair Davies, U.S. President William Devane James Heller, and some Army General.)

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