Well crap.  Intelligence was cancelled in favor of another season of The Mentalist.  That makes yet another show down the drain.  My Current SciFi category is going to be significantly smaller next season.   Let’s look at the count.

Freshmen programs:

  • Agents of S.h.I.E.L.D:  Returning – 1 point
  • Almost Human:  Goner – no points.   No more weekly Karl Urban viewing.  😦
  • Believe:  Goner – no points
  • Dracula:  Goner – no poi… oh, you get the idea
  • Intelligence:  Goner   😡
  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland:  Goner
  • Resurrection:  Returning, but no points because I stopped watching.
  • Sleepy Hollow:  Returning – 1 point

Subtotal:   2 for 8 = batting average 250.  That’s average for a  real batting average, not so good for television show successes.

Seasoned Programs:

  • 24: Live Another Day:  Not really sci fi, and I think it’s a “one of” season.  No points
  • Doctor Who:  Don’t know if I’ll cover it, so no points for now
  • DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk:  Returning!  Two new seasons will begin in Spring 2015.  1 point  ❤
  • Grimm:  Returning, but covered sporadically.  ½ point?
  • Supernatural:  Returning.  Need you ask?  1 point  🌯
  • Warehouse 13:  Goner

Subtotal:  2½ out of 6 = batting average 417; fabulous for the major leagues, not so fabulous for tv success.

Total:  4½ out of 14 = 321;  meh.

Moral of this story?  Perhaps I need to wait 13 episodes before writing about a show.  💡

8 responses to “CANCELLED!

  1. I got so fed up with new shows I liked getting canceled that several years ago I decided to stop watching new shows. I would record them and let them pile up until I saw how things were going to go. I remember not watching Daybreak until there were 12 eps. That one was canceled, but they did play out the short first season.

    I let go of that determination pretty quickly, but it still bugs me how showrunners and actors and such beg the public to watch a show. WE DON’T MATTER. They just announced that Nielsen would be doubling their people meters. It will still be less than 3000, and it will still be only in gigantic cities. HOW the hell does that hold ANY meaning whatsoever? It’s ridiculous and completely archaic.

    *sigh* Sorry. It’s a hot button. LOL

    • Spoken like a true Brown Coat. (That’s the Firefly fans, right?) Yeah, I don’t think my DVR could hold that many shows, what with those I already record.

      I was actually contacted to become a Nielsen family some years ago. Unfortunately, I was moving and thus negated my demographic.

      The only show I’m really disappointed about is Intelligence, though. Maybe a little for Almost Human, too.

      • Yeah, Intelligence is the one that bums me out the most, too. I’ll miss Urban and Ealy, too, and I really like Beau and Tate and the FBI agent from Believe. But I’m okay about the rest.

        Nothing is really super-exciting me about next season so far. Have you had a look at the new shows that got picked up?

        • Heh. I haven’t even looked to see what’s planned for next season. Any scii fi-ish stuff?

          I already know from your twitter that you’re in love with Orphan Black. I tried watching the premiere, but it just didn’t click for me.

        • Flash is the only sci-fi-ish show I know of. Well, there’s Gotham, too, but since Batman doesn’t have powers, I don’t know if that counts. It’s pre-Batman, anyway. I haven’t paid any attention to the rest of them yet.

          I do love Orphan Black. It’s not really my kind of show! A bit darker than I typically enjoy. But Tatiana Maslany hooked me. She’s just amazing. One of the actresses said that Tat’s mother was on set and told them that she likes Sarah the best, and when some of the other characters are on screen she finds herself thinking, “When’s Tat coming back?” She fools her own mother! LOL

    • It’s a burrito! (If you hover your mouse over it, it’ll show the “code” to create it.) WordPress recently remade their emoticons. The officially announced ones are here. But there were some hidden ones as well, as those are shown here. |_| I’ll drink to that! 🍸

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