101 Dalmaitons, no, Dragons, er, Followers!

Woohoo!  SciFi Chicks followers have broken the 3-digit mark!  Thank you!

In looking over which posts have received the most views, the popular shows seem to be Supernatural and everything in the How to Train Your Dragon universe—movies, television shows, and books.  Hey, those are my two favorite fandoms, too!

I wish I had some sort of contest or give away to celebrate, but I don’t.  So, how about this:

Your How to Train Your Dragon 2 Musings

Toothless & Cloudjumper want to read your reviews of How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Toothless & Cloudjumper want your opinions!

Have you seen How to Train Your Dragon 2?  (I’ve been waiting for the weekend rush to subside.)  If so, I’d love to hear what you think.  Please post your thoughts in the comments section.  You can do a complete review, link to a review you wrote or like, or just say whether you liked it or not.

Thanks, everyone!

[P.S.  Just as this post was published this, another follower joined the fun!  Welcome!  Whee!]


9 responses to “101 Dalmaitons, no, Dragons, er, Followers!

    • Thanks! Have you seen the movie yet? I’d planned to this week, but Kimmi isn’t well & has been taking most of my time.

      • Oh, no! I hope it’s not serious. Poor Kimmi. 😦

        No, haven’t made it yet. Turns out two of the family aren’t into it, so it will be just me and Number One, and we haven’t made the time yet. Soon, I hope!

        • Things didn’t go well for Kimmi. She died yesterday undergoing surgery. it breaks my heart she was alone and scared at the time. I’ll write more about it (and why I feel so terrible) on the other blog at some point. But not today.

  1. Natalie, since I can’t reply to your last comment, just let me say a big Thank you for your encouraging words. They mean everything to me.

  2. Congratulations and well deserved! I love both those fandoms and really, really loved How to Train your Dragon 2. My favorite part was when the humans were having a conversation and the dragons were playing the fool in the background. How adorable was that. A fantastic sequel! I would watch it again and again and again. What did you guys think of it?

    • I finally saw the movie this week. Watching the dragons playing together in the background was adorable. When the Village Elder first appeared (with all her Terrible Terrors), I nearly yelled out “Gothi!” But moreso, I cried ridiculously.

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