A Summer Sci Fi Summary

Aha!  I bet you thought I’d forgotten about this site.  Fooled ya!

It’s been a restful summer, sci fi-wise.  There are a few sci fi shows currently airing, but they’ve not grabbed me.  Then there was the demise of Believe, the show that could have and should have been so much more.  I started draft after draft discussing its final episodes, but it seems rather silly to say anything now.

So let’s move on.

First up:  Defiance
Grant Bowler and Julie Benz star in Defiance.

Have these two hooked up yet?

This summer has brought us the second season of Defiance.  My best friend and her husband love Defiance.  But they also loved Battlestar Galactica, a show I never cared for.  I watched a few episodes of Defiance last year but quickly lost interest.  I like Julie Benz; it’s great to see her in a strong female role.  I like Graham Greene, but his character wasn’t (isn’t?) very likeable.  The show killer for me, however, is Jaime Murray.  I first saw her (and her breasts) on Dexter, where she played a despicable, often naked character.  It formed a hatred of her that seems to have left a permanent mark.  Not even her turn as H.G. Wells in Warehouse 13 softened my feelings.

Next up:  Dominion

The princess and the soldier are in love on Dominion.

Ugh. Just, ugh.

Oh my God, this show is horrible.  Perhaps my long-time association with Supernatural has jaded me; I’ve already watched several seasons of warring, fractious angels who couldn’t be kept in line once God disappeared.  At least on Supernatural, the acting was excellent.  On Dominion it’s absolutely awful.  Even Anthony (Stewart) Head can’t save the show because he’s so busy chewing the scenery as the smarmy villain.  Then add the trope of the lowly man wooing the pretty princess (How come it’s never the other way around, huh?  Sorry, it’s a pet peeve of mine.) and it’s a turn-off the tv moment for me.

Recent discovery:  The Leftovers

I had no intention of watching this HBO entry, yet for some reason I recently checked it out OnDemand.  Oh no, there’s another actress I dislike, Amy Brenneman.  I don’t even know why I dislike her, I just do.  Maybe the characters she’s played aren’t particularly likeable.  Whatever it is, she’s the personification of fingernails on chalkboard for me.

Members of the Guilty Remnant stand vigilant in The Leftovers.

That’s not creepy at all.

The show feels a little bit like Resurrection, but with nudity and the word “fuck.”  Instead of the dead suddenly reappearing, though, here random people (2% of the world’s population) have simply disappeared.  Like Resurrection, the show usually focuses on individuals rather than events, but so far it hasn’t felt soap opera-ish (one of Resurrection‘s downfalls.)

Plus, it has Scott Glenn!  (You can tell one’s a baby boomer when Scott Glenn is a bigger draw than Justin Theroux.)  However, if the series ends as the book did, I will highly disappointed.

Anything Else?

Oh yeah:  Falling Skies

I actually watched the first couple of seasons a couple years ago.  But I stopped around season 3, when Noah Wyle’s older son turned evil—or whatever the worm-in-the-eye thing represented. I’ve heard it’s gotten a little crazier since then with new aliens and new allies against new foes.

Have I missed anything?  I feel like I have, but can’t think of what it’d be.  If there is, it must not be very memorable, since I can’t remember it.

Upcoming:  Doctor Who

The 12th Doctor poses with Clara and some guy named Danny.

Hey, who’s the guy on the right?

Doctor Who gets a larger subtitle just because it’s Doctor Who.  Will the show continue to capture my attention with an older Doctor?  I fear I may be just shallow enough to let that matter.  I’d probably be less on the fence about the new Doctor if he had a more interesting companion.  Clara just doesn’t do it for me.  But wait!  It looks like Steven Moffet has given us women some eye candy after all, in the form of Danny Pink (whoever he is).

Either way, I’ll likely not cover it, because so many others do it so much better.  How about you, Suzanne?  Or are you still stuck on David Tennant’s 10th Doctor?

10 responses to “A Summer Sci Fi Summary

  1. The only one you mentioned that I’m watching is Falling Skies. Dominion? No Paul Bettany. Defiance? Too many annoying characters. The Leftovers? No HBO, and they say it’s a really depressing show, which isn’t what I’d have wanted from the concept.

    I’m still enjoying Falling Skies because the weight of the Masons love for each other and their drive to survive and save others is so strong. And I love Noah Wylie. 🙂

    I’m reserving judgment on the new Doctor, but I’m wary. I loved both 10 and 11 equally, and there’s an expectation with the patter and the energy that I’m not sure Capaldi can bring. But I did love when he said he didn’t like the color of his kidneys, so I’m trusting Moffatt et al. 🙂 I do like Clara, but I don’t think she’s been as well developed as Amy and Rory were.

  2. I’m liking what I’m hearing so far about the new season of Doctor Who, and I’ll probably write about it. I’m looking forward to Capaldi; Smith was good, but his Doctor was a bit too child-like for me. Clara is not my favorite companion, either. They went a bit too far with making the companion important with her. Riding in the TARDIS and seeing the universe isn’t good enough, anymore, apparently; An Important Role in the Grand Scheme of Things has to be in the character’s definition.

    I’ve also started watching the Classic Who episodes, and something about those might turn up at some point.

    • I don’t know, I think Rose had an even bigger Role in the Grand Scheme of Things. For me, it was more that they set Clara up to be that way, and he liked her brain and her attitude and her capability (as well as the mystery about her) but then she didn’t live up to it. She was pretty useless most of the time, which is not typical of companions.

    • Peter Capaldi is a well-known and much-loved actor. He was hilarious in the movie In the Loop (and apparently in the subsequent series The Thick of It, which I’ve not seen) and absolutely heartbreaking in Torchwood: Children of Earth.

      As for Clara, they did actually explain her showing up throughout the Doctor’s life when she jumped into his “time-stream” (or whatever that was).

      I think most of the companions have done a bit more than ride in the TARDIS and see the universe. They definitely overdid it with Rose, which is probably why I don’t like her. Plus the whole “Doctor falling in love with her” was unnecessary.

      Oh, Classic Doctor Who. Revel in the cheesiness! How are you watching them? I found them on Netflix streaming (as opposed to getting DVDs in the mail), but they aren’t complete. Just the highlighted episodes. I can’t wait to see what you think! Yay for covering it!

      • I’m just not a fan of retconning her into every single Doctor’s story, saving him over and over. It felt like it took something away from the Doctor, to me. Also, it felt like the sort of storyline she shouldn’t have survived. I guess that’s the writer in me, thinking how I would have done it differently. 🙂

        I’m watching Classic Who on HuluPlus. I haven’t counted, but it seems like they have pretty much all the episodes that didn’t get lost. I’m getting a kick out of the first Doctor. He reminds me of Yoda. 🙂

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