Supernatural: Season 9’s Top Seven Episodes

With the new fall season about to start (where did the summer go??), it’s time to look back on the last season of Supernatural.  While season 9 wasn’t quite as good as season 8 (which re-energized my love—and Suzanne’s—for this show), it had its gems.  We had two excellent story arcs with several shocking twists and turns along the way.

Here are my seven favorite episodes from an excellent season, in chronological order (since I’m not sure I could rank them).

Dean watches over a comatose Sam.

I Think I’m Going to Like It Here (901)

1.  I Think I’m Going to Like It Here (901):  Supernatural’s season premieres are often among their best.  E.g., “In My Time of Dying” (201) and “Lazarus Rising” (401) are two classic all-time favorites.  “I Think I’m Going to Like It Here” could have come across as a rehash of old patterns, but it combined some well-worn scenarios with fresh prespectives.  With the added bonus of Jim Beaver’s Bobby and Julian Richings’ Death, actors and characters I adore.

Ezekiel the angell manifests himself in Sam

Devil May Care (902)

2.  Devil May Care (902):  The season’s second episode would have made this list even without the fabulous vision of Sam’s broken angel coming to the rescue.  Abaddon returned to wreak havoc in hell and on earth.  Both Winchesters were nearly dead when Ezekiel saved the day.  Reading my review made me nostalgic for the good old days of October 2013, when Kevin was alive, Crowley was locked in the Men of Letters’ basement, and Ezekiel seemed to be one of the good guys angels.

Kevin Tran studies the angel tablet.

Holy Terror (909)

3.  Holy Terror (909):  For Christmas, the Supernatural writers gave us the ultimate oxymoron—an extremely shocking and tragic episode that still somehow made us excited for what was to come.  After months of speculation, we learned Ezekiel was really Gadreel, the angel responsible for Adam and Eve’s banishment from Eden and imprisoned prior to the fall.  Metatron coerced Gadreel into killing Kevin, leaving no one to decipher the angel tablet.  And if all that wasn’t surprising enough, Castiel got his someone else’s grace.

Crowley leads Dean on a quest for the First Blade.

First Born (911)

4.  First Born (911):  While newly restored angel Castiel and Sam bonded at the Men of Letters bunker, Crowley coerced Dean into helping him look for the First Blade, the jawbone Cain used to kill Abel, and the only thing that can defeat Abaddon.  Dean obliged and paid a heavy price.  At the end of the episode, we realized Crowley had been playing Dean all along.  We just didn’t realize how much until the end of the season.

Sam and Dean arrive at Castiel's compound in the Impala.

King of the Damned (921)

5.  King of the Damned (921):  Supernatural began its season ending arc with the first of three great episodes.  Dean began to manifest supernatural powers, willing the blade into his hand, resisting Abaddon, and killing her in an excellent scene of her in midair.  Then he proceeded to beat her corpse to a bloody pulp.  The episode also gets the award for Longest “THEN” Ever:  Angel War II, Demon War, Kevin’s death, First Blade, Henry Winchester, and Hell Hounds—all the way back from season 2!

Castiel enters his own personal heaven, outfitted as a disco.

Stairway to Heaven (922)

6.  Stairway to Heaven (922): Way back in “I’m No Angel” (903) I wondered if reapers were a subset of angels.  Turns out,  yes, they are.  If I were ranking this list, “Stairway to Heaven” would likely have been 7th.  In fact, it might have been replaced by one of the Honorable Mentions, but those aren’t as fresh in  my mind, and I have no way of comparing them at this point.  But we’ll keep it on this list because it allows me to feature a picture of Castiel (and Sam).

Do You Believe in Miracles?  (923)

Do You Believe in Miracles? (923)

7.  Do You Believe in Miracles (923): Season 9 came to a close with Metatron imprisoned (but not dead), Castiel’s stolen grace continuing to fade away, Sam summoning Crowley to fix Dean, and Dean completing his part in Crowley’s grand scheme.  In other words, this season’s arc done, and next season’s arc set up.  Just as it should be.

Honorable Mention

I’m No Angel (903):  Newly human Castiel has sex and dies (and the sex is not with Dean!), Sam gets thrown into a closet, and SamZekeReel brings Cass back to life.

Slumber Party (904):  Any episode with Charlie Bradbury is fine with me.  And this one came complete with Dorothy, Oz, and flying monkeys.  Oh, and the Men of Letters’ garage of vintage automobiles.  The Impala feels right at home.

Bad Boys (907):  I generally enjoy the flashback episodes, and this one revisited Dean’s two months in a boys’ home.  Dean flourished under the care of Sonny (aka not!John), but gave it all up take care of Sammy.

#THINMAN (915):  It’s apparently the least liked episode of the season, but I’ve always enjoyed Ed and Harry.  This time their relationship has changed, echoing that of Dean and Sam’s, and I’m fine with that.  Bonus?  The episode also includes the delightful tale of SupermanDean and BatmanSam.

Meta Fiction (118):  The most likely alternate to “Stairway to Heaven” for a spot on the top 7.  But it ends up here because it I initially couldn’t remember what had taken place.

What were your favorite episodes?

4 responses to “Supernatural: Season 9’s Top Seven Episodes

  1. You’re making me excited for the new season, and to watch this one again! Though I haven’t rewatched my season 8 DVDs yet. Maybe I’ll do it while recupping from (minor) surgery this weekend. #itsaplan

    Since I watched most eps only once this year, I can’t tell you what my favorites were. But I liked the ones you picked for the same reasons you did. 🙂

    • Actually, I haven’t watched many of the season 9 repeats this summer. I missed “Holy Terror” and “First Born” and have been more absorbed in other shows lately.

      Hope the (minor) surgery goes well! I think watching season 8 is an excellent recuperation plan. You know, I hadn’t bought any Supernatural dvd sets since season 4, but I did splurge for season 8. (Will likely just depend on Netflix streaming for season 9.)

  2. I mostly agree with your list (except maybe for I’m No Angel and Stairway to Heaven, because the out-of-nowhere and unexplained change they made to the Reapers’ mythology annoys me to no end) and would have also added The Purge for the awesomeness that was Sheriff Donna Hanscum, and Road Trip, which left a real impression on me, and that I’m a bit surprised is not on your list.

    I was also a bit disappointed by season 9 in comparison with season 8, but I’m full of excitement for season 10!

    • Interesting… I definitely understand your annoyance about the mythology redirect. It’s the main reason I don’t like “Changing Channels” as much as most; the Trickster suddenly revealed as Gabriel seemed such an afterthought. Luckily, I was able to reconcile the Reapers as a subset of angels fairly easily. (I might not have been so generous in the past, but seasons 5-7 made a little less maniac about the show.) 🙂

      Oops, it seems I totally forgot about “Road Trip.” Hmmm. ❓ You’re right, it probably would have been in the top 7 if I’d remembered.

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