Who’s a Whovian? Not Me. Obviously.

The Doctor Who game is available for both Apple and Android systems.

Look for it in your iTunes and Google Play store.

Earlier this week my iPad notified me the Doctor Who game/app had been updated.  For one thing, it now features Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor instead of Matt Smith’s Eleventh.  That reminded me the new season of Doctor Who had beun.   Nearly two weeks ago!  Had my head been buried in the sand?  Possibly.

I hurried to OnDemand to check out the Twelfth Doctor.  Only the first episode of the season was available, but it was enough for now.  And the verdict is…

I liked it!  I’m not sure I loved it, but it was close.  On the Like/Love Continuum, I’m “anchored” (get it?  my Navy connection?) approximately…


So, more love than like.

Deep Breath (801)

The first episode with any new Doctor is much like a series pilot.  Because everything’s so new, there’s often more exposition than plot.  For the new Doctor, it’s about getting the kinks out, rewiring the circuits (both physical and mental), and recollecting memories.

The Doctor lands in Victorian London.

The Doctor lands in Victorian London. And speaks Dinosaur.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a Doctor who’s not young and handsome.  The writers had been exploring flirtation and love between the Doctor and his companion ever since the series rebooted, would the series hold up without it?  Not only does it hold up, it’s improved.  (My opinion, of course.  Then again, I’m still angry that Rose Tyler got to have her Happy Ending with Ten-lite, while the wonderful, compassionate Donna Noble was forced to forget saving the universe, and everything else that made her extraordinary.)

Clara and the Doctor meet at a cafe filled with robots.

All is not as it seems.

Being a huge fan of the Ponds, I never warmed to Clara.  Suzanne didn’t appreciate the writers making Clara into Something Special in the overall story.  Natalie‘s complaint was that Clara hadn’t been much more than an accessory.  With the physical attraction now out of the way (and in fear we might have missed it, Steven Moffat made sure to hit us over the head with it), Clara gets to come into her own.  Even with all her flaws nicely addressed (something Eleven never did), her personality shines.  She gets to have her own arcs that aren’t part of the Big Picture.  She shows her belief in the Doctor, even thought she hasn’t quite accepted Twelve yet.  And Jenna Coleman gets some great material to show off her talent.

Peter Capaldi’s talent is well established.  He’s played everything from the super-foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker in the hilarious In the Loop (and also The Thick of It, which I’ve never seen) to the tragic John Frobisher in Torchwood‘s “Children of Earth.”  As the Doctor, he’ll get to tap into the comedic, the sorrowful, and everything in between.  I can’t wait!

Capaldi has such a wonderful face.  Yes, it’s lined and a bit severe, but it’s expressive.  He conveys his thoughts without saying a word.  Towards the end of the episode, he smiles at Clara.  It’s his way of asking her to come with him. For a moment, he looks relaxed and hopeful, and it’s a hint of the roller-coaster we’re about to enjoy.

P.S.  I like the new opening and loved the callback to Handles.  Never has a companion evoked so much love in such a short time.

 Into the Dalek (802)

Having viewed the episode late, I’d read a couple reviews prior to watching.  I was surprised at how ambiguously “Into the Dalek” ended.

The Doctor rejected Lieutenant Journey Blue from joining Team TARDIS.

Team TARDIS reject Journey Blue

I confess I didn’t care as much for the second episode.  Part of it’s because I don’t really care for the Daleks (how un-Whovian of me!).  The Daleks’ voice rattles my cochlea.  Sorry Nicholas Briggs, it’s like nails on a chalkboard. Couple that with the Doctor’s rejection of Journey Blue, and you get a so-so episode in my book.  The actor was interesting and I would have liked to see more of her.

What’s with the Doctor’s new-found dislike of soldiers?  After all, one of them sacrificed her life for the team.  Is it a leftover from “A Good Man Goes to War”?   More likely it’s a plot device for the purpose of creating conflict once Danny Pink joins the TARDIS crew.  I’m ok with that, I guess.

Speaking of Danny, I loved his introduction:

Danny:  Look at you lot!  I’ve never seen such a miserable bunch.  What do you think you are?  Children?
Kid:  Yes, sir.
Danny:  You think you’re funny, Flemming?
Kid:  Yes, sir.
Danny:  All right.  So do I.

Also of humorous note:  Previously.tv pondered the possibility of a Rusty-centric spin-off.  It’s hilarious!


5 responses to “Who’s a Whovian? Not Me. Obviously.

  1. You know you can pick/change which Doctor you want to use on that game, right? I have Ten leading my team right now. I’m desperate to unlock another companion, though, to fill out the team. They’re stuck on the Nerves of Dalekanium episode. Might have to try switching back to Eleven, see if that helps.

    I’m liking Clara so much more with the Twelfth Doctor. The bit with the “Nothing is more important than my egomania!”/”You said that.”/”Never mention that again!” argument was hilarious and well-played.

    • I’m not very far along in the game. And i really don’t know what I’m doing. It’s very confusing. Just last night I “opened” the 10th Doctor, but haven’t figured out how to get him into the game. I picked him, but 11 showed up in the game.

  2. Brace yourself. This comment might get epic. LOL

    I’m putting Capaldi at the bottom of my favorites so far, but that’s not saying I don’t like him. He manages to channel some of what makes the Doctor the Doctor (which of course is part writing and part delivery). The eyebrows monologue was brilliant! And I do like what they’re exploring with the “older” countenance, his soul-searching and concern about being a good man that’s juxtaposed against his callousness.

    Did you guys catch that he was wondering why he’d chosen that face? I don’t remember what episode Capaldi was in before, but Moffat said they’d be addressing that connection. Sounds like his “choice” of appearance for this regeneration will reflect back to whoever that character was. (I’m sure someone somewhere has dissected it to pieces already. LOL)

    Your feelings about Donna are exactly how one of my good friends feels, and to the same degree. I feel the same, too, but not vehemently. Which is odd, because I’m usually all about happy endings. It just seems to fit, however unfair it is.

    The companion romance thing has been pretty complex, IMO. Big with Rose, of course, and then not at all there with Donna. Martha was heartsick over him, but he never displayed a true return of her feelings. With Amy, she had Rory, so her feelings for the Doctor and his for her were deeply intimate, but not *really* romantic. Then of course you have the whole River thing, which was parallel but separate because she was his wife. He was flirtiest with Clara, which felt like he was trying to hide from the pain and what he knew he had to face behind a more innocent persona. Now he’s accepted it. I admit that I did not appreciate the anvil, though, when always before the romantic-type threads were subtle and open to interpretation.

    I liked Clara best before she was the companion, you know? When she was Oswin Oswald and the Victorian girl in the Christmas special. I hold on to the complexity in those characters, I think, and I do like the actress. I like her with Danny, too! His self-castigation in the classroom was great. 🙂

    Bit disappointed by the antagonists so far. I dozed off during parts of the first episode, and I could do without ever seeing another Dalek, myself. But I did like the twist of being inside it and seeing how it works. That was kind of cool. And I’m intrigued by the “heaven” thing that’s clearly going to carry us through to the end of the season and that big confrontation.

    The soldier thing does feel a bit abrupt and harsh, though I would connect it to the events of the 50th anniversary show. Transference, projection, something like that?

    • Capaldi’s at the bottom of your favorite doctors? Does that mean he’s at the bottom of the total list, or just at the bottom of your favorites? If the latter, how far down the ladder is that?

      Capaldi was in “The Fires of Pompeii” with Ten and Donna. Donna convinced the Doctor to save the family. Now you remember! 😀

      Well, we’ve only had 2 episodes and thus only 2 antagonists. I’m really looking forward to robots in Sherwood Forest.

      • Well, I love them all. LOL So it’s Tennant and Smith at the top, then Eccleston, then Capaldi. I never watched the originals.

        RIGHT! Yes, now I remember! And I remembered when I read that before, too, but forgot. Sheesh. Thank you!

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