Catching Up with Monday

I’m sure this is an easy question for any Whovian.  What’s the connection between Gotham and Doctor Who?

Gotham:  Pilot (101)

All of Gotham's big wigs turn out for the funeral of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne.

It’s a grand turnout for the funeral of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Yes, it’s dark and dreary, with a film noir/graphic novel feel, but it fits.  I’m on board, at least for now.

Not having an in-depth knowledge of the Batman legend, I may be at a disadvantage, but I don’t see it that way.  Yes, I know about the major villains, but not their backgrounds; and I know next to nothing about James Gordon.  So I can watch the story unfold as its told, without the quibbles that happen when shows depart from well-known (and well-loved) stories.

The linchpin of the premiere episode is the Wayne murders.  Taking a short cut through an alley after catching a movie, Thomas and Martha Wayne are robbed, then shot. The whole thing is witnessed by their son Bruce (David Mazouz), and also a young woman destined to become Catwoman.  (Which makes me wonder why she becomes one of the legendary villains.)

James Gordon comforts Bruce Wayne.

The legend begins.

Called to the scene, veteran detective Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) wants nothing to do with the crime, but his rookie partner James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is already talking to the young boy.  Speaking from an experience I hope we’ll learn more about, Gordon tells Bruce Wayne, “There will be light.”

It’s a lovely scene, but all is eclipsed when Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) arrives.  Young Bruce runs to him and hugs him tightly.  This small scene shows their bond, and the influence Alfred will have.  “Head up, eyes front.  Don’t let them see you cry.” Alfred says as they leave the scene.  Yes. I cried.

Alfred might possibly be the most interesting character on the show.

The biggest question for me is James Gordon’s partner, Detective Bullock.  He cavorts with criminals, and knows the city and its police department are corrupt.  But he also kills the man he honestly believes is responsible for the Wayne murders.  Is he also corrupt?  Or does he play along just enough to keep out of trouble?   Perhaps those with better knowledge of the story know.

Young Bruce Wayne isn’t suppose to be a major player in the series, but that’s when I find the show is at its best.  Perhaps it’s because the scenes with Bruce and Gordon lift the show’s dark mood and hope shows its face.  Or, perhaps it’s because I get to see Alfred.

Sleepy Hollow:  This Is War (201)

Lynne Greenwood is now a regular on Sleepy Hollow.

Welcome new regular Jenny, Lynne Greenwood

This show has become so whack. it’s hard for me to take it seriously.  Ok, maybe it’s not meant to be taken seriously; but when I get thrown out of the moment by inconsistencies, sloppy research (Good grief!  Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, not Benjamin Franklin!  Sheesh!), and lazy writing (How did Abbie get out of the doll house?  How did Jenny survive the car wreck?), it’s hard to keep track of the plot.  But I persevere.

Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny) is now a regular.  Yay!  So is John Noble (Walter/Jeremy/War).  Not so much yay.  The actor is fine; it’s the thought of being subjected to the same plot all season long that bothers me.  Supernatural knows it’s good to get away from the overall story once in a while.  With John Noble in every episode, it looks like there’ll be no break.

John Noble is now a regular on Sleepy Hollow.

Not so welcome new regular John Noble

So look to Damsel Undistressed for Sleepy Hollow love.  I just have a few miscellaneous thoughts:

  • Did you compare Ichabod Crane’s rise from the grave with Dean Winchester’s?  Not exactly the same, since Ichabod wasn’t dead.  But where Dean simply pushed his hand through the earth, Ichabod gave us an explosion before the hand.  Pretty cool.  Still, I’d say it’s a tie.
  • War (or War’s armor) has a flaming sword!  Just like Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon 2!  Bet you didn’t see that connection coming!  Still, flaming sword = cool.
  • John Cho just can’t play the bad guy.  Even when he’s demonized, he still has to have a redemption arc.
  • Where is Orlando Jones??


6 responses to “Catching Up with Monday

  1. They didn’t say Franklin wrote the Declaration of Independence! They said he was the EDITOR. LOL And that’s correct, according to: “He was elected to the Continental Congress in 1775, where he played a crucial role in the rebellion against Gr. Britain, including service to Jefferson in editing the Declaration of Independence.”

    I did roll my eyes a little that Jenny seemed none the worse for wear from the crash, with no demonstration of injury or anything, but at the end of last season she didn’t actually look injured, just unconscious enough to provide the question of her survival. The force of being flipped could render her unconscious, I suppose, making head injury not a probability.

    We both thought the episode was great. As in, wonderful entertainment, not as in “it was perfect.” 🙂 Orlando Jones’ character is in jail, so it made sense we didn’t see him yet. They were in that race against time and all. From a few comments I’ve read, I’m thinking maybe things slow down a bit, which might allow them to explore other storylines. Hopefully Noble won’t be in *every* episode (he doesn’t have to be, even with the new status), because I agree with you about that.

    Love John Cho! He must be redeemed! LOL And my reaction to the flaming sword? “I want one!”

    I’m not watching Gotham. Too few good guys. But my husband enjoyed it.

    • It sure sounded to me like they said “wrote,” not “edited.” I wouldn’t have been so startled (twice!) had they said editor. I’m smart enough to know ol’ Ben had a hand in it. But I’ve no desire to go back and review, so I realize I could be wrong.

      I think the premise of the show is just too much for me. I’ll likely continue to watch it in some capacity (like fast-forwarding through lots of it), but I’m definitely not invested in it.

      Nor may I be invested in Gotham, but for now I’m giving it a chance.

  2. It’s only the first episode, and they only had an hour! Well, 45 minutes, give or take. Patience,grasshopper. 🙂 I’m guessing we’ll see more of Irving when they have the proper time to devote to his storyline.

    I’m guessing we won’t see John Noble every week, in the way Misha Collins is a regular cast member on Supernatural, but he’s not in every episode. Katia Winter was a regular last season, wasn’t she? And she wasn’t in every episode, either.

    I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. But it’s just getting started; plenty of time for it to make it up to you. 🙂

    • I’m delighted you love it so! Actually, I got to the “eye rolling” stage last season, so I think I’m just not a big fan. Which is ok. I’m happy to let you do the gushing. 😉

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