Doctor Gotham Hollow SHIELD

A Roundup of Doctor Who, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, and Agents of SHIELD

(Guess I better get this posted before another week goes by.)

Doctor Who: The Caretaker (106)

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor makes me smile.  Until he gets all pissy and judgemental.  His new found dislike of soldiers doesn’t make sense.  But I enjoyed the episode.  Clara admitted she loved Danny (although what’s been shown of their relationship really hasn’t borne that out).  Danny learned about the TARDIS.  I’m not sure where the show will go from here.  Surprise me, Steven Moffat.  In a good way!

An Eleven look-alike!  When I first saw him in the teacher’s meeting, I thought it was just a tongue-in-cheek nod to the past.  But he turned out to have a slightly larger role to play.  It was cute, even if a little egocentric for the Doctor.

There as a new creature to cause havoc with the world, but I kind of felt sorry for it.  It had to play third string to the Doctor wreaking havoc with Clara’s classes, and the whole Doctor/Danny debacle.  Surely something so destructive should be seen again.  Yes?

Gotham: Selina Kyle (102)

The mayor of Gotham hold a press conference.

Would you believe anything out of this guy’s mouth?

Three-fourths of the way through the episode i was still wondering about its title.  (Actually, I had an inkling of what it meant, but we didn’t learn for sure until the final act.)  Selina Kyle is the name of the 15-year-old who’ll grow up to be Catwoman.  (Did Catwoman of previous fame have the same name?)  By the way, she prefers the name “Cat,” and she scratches the eyes out of anyone who stands in her way.

More exciting, though?  I discovered Ben Edlund is associated with this show!  IMdB says he’s written one episode, although it’s not listed.  I hope they don’t wait too long  His Supernatural scrips were some of the best of the series, and the funniest.  (Ah, memories of the giant suicidal stuffed teddy bear.)  Gotham is much darker on the surface, though;  there’s not a lot of room for humor, so it will be interesting to see what he creates.

This week we got a better look at the mayor of Gotham.  You just know he’s in bed with Falcone (the organized crime boss).  He’s played by Richard Kind (you know, that guy), who just has a smarmy way about him.  (Albeit being invited to George Clooney’s Venice wedding.)

Sleepy Hollow:  The Kindred (202)

First zombie George Washington.  Now, Benjamin Frankensteinlyn?  C’mon.  Someone needs to put a leash on these writers.  It was at this point I officially lost interest in the series.  I’ll watch (with much fast-forwarding) and read Suzanne’s recaps, but that’s it.

Such a pity, because Tom Mison is quite good.  And really handsome.

During this episode, I began thinking  the producers made a big mistake by having Ichabod married.  (After all, the Crane of legend wasn’t.)  You may say it’s needed to explain having a witch at your disposal, and the birth of Jeremy (/Henry/War).  But those characters could have been brought into the story in other—better—ways.

Agents of SHIELD:  Heavy Is the Head  (202)

General Talbot sports a "high and tight" hair style.

Not Adrian Pasdar’s best look

Yep, Lucy Lawless is dead. Natalie said so last week.  But even without her, this was a great episode.  The show is feeling much better than last season.  Now, if only we could get Adrian Pasdar to ditch the “high and tight” (which is too high for how tight it is) and the idiot mustache.

Some people say the improvement is due to the “replacement” of Grant Ward with Lance Hunter, the only mercenary to survive last week’s car crash.  Could be.  They’ve kind of written Ward into a corner, what with being the enemy, now kept in a high-tech cell in the basement of the new SHIELD headquarters.

Or, the improvement might be due to better pacing.  “Heavy Is the Head” gave us a few satisfying answers to some of last week’s mysteries, but it also raised a few more questions.

Fitz is still having memory problems, but he has a new friend in Mack.  Mack gives Fitz the credit, understanding, and patience Fitz needs.  (It helps that pseudo-Simmons tells Fitz she likes him.)  With Mack’s help, Fitz finds the molecular destabilizing device to take down Creel.  I really like Mack.  I hope he’s one of the good guys.  I hate not being able to trust anyone on this show.

It turns out Carl Creel wasn’t immune to the effects of the obelisk.  He was able to control it somewhat, and was moving in to kill Hunter, when Coulson stabbed him in the back a wild and crazy device Fitz had developed while back. The device neutralized Creel, turning him from glass, to a crystalline structure, and eventually to rock.  Is he dead?  Even Coulson doesn’t know.

Raina (aka “Flowers”) showed up!  She doesn’t want the obelisk falling into Hydra’s hands because they don’t understand it.  She thinks Coulson does, because he was given the “alien juice” to survive the mortal wound he received in The Avengers.  Raina successfully steals the obelisk away from Hydra, so there are now at least three organizations interested in the thing, the third one apparently headed by Kyle MacLaughlin.

He orders Raina to pick up the obelisk. When she touches it, rather than being turned into solid matter, it illuminates with circuit-like drawings.  They’re eerily similar to the drawings Coulson has been regularly carving into walls (a product of his “alien juice”). Kyle MacLachlan (who seems to have blood on his hands—literally) tells Raina it let her live. So Raina gets to live, but Lucy Lawless doesn’t?  Where’s the justice?

Kyle MacLachlan alludes to the fact(and IMDB confirms) that he is Skye’s father.  It worked!  I’m now highly interested in Skye’s parents.

4 responses to “Doctor Gotham Hollow SHIELD

  1. Yeah, I’m always looking askance at the soldier thing, too, though maybe it’s a “new personality trait rising to go along with the new face that’s more suited to his actual age” kind of thing? I don’t know. We’ll see where it goes.

    I can rationalize the Danny love with “they’ve been on lots of dates and stuff that we just haven’t seen” except they still felt a little awkward and early together, you know? Until the end of the episode, and then there was a new comfort level. Felt like we missed a few steps. Maybe necessary, I guess, with a season as short as these are. Doesn’t make it well done, though.

    Yep, Selina Kyle has always (at least in my experience) been Catwoman’s real name.

    I read a recap/review of Heavy is the Head that was full of praise and said the episode was better than the premiere. Then I read another one (Den of Geek) that was full of criticism and said the premiere showed promise and the second episode sucked. And they both felt that way for the same reason! That Heavy Is the Head felt like the second half of a two-hour premiere. But Den of Geek’s credibility was shot when it called Nick Blood’s (Lance Hunter) and Elizabeth Henstridge’s (Simmons) accents “questionable.” Um, hell-o, they were both born and raised in England! I think the part I liked best was that Coulson is not hiding his compulsion from May, and that she’s full-on helping him.

    • “I can rationalize the Danny love with “they’ve been on lots of dates and stuff that we just haven’t seen” except they still felt a little awkward and early together, you know?”

      There’s always “love at first sight.” Maybe Clara liked his mumbling and bumbling. I certainly did.

      That bit about Hunter being more interesting than Grant came from “Atomic Anxiety.” i only recently found it. Den of Geek sounds even less informed than I am! 😀

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  3. I’m rewatching old seasons of Doctor Who, and I kept thinking, “I have to go find the post where Gail talks about soldiers.” LOL

    The Doctor has always hated the military, though he showed it to different degrees. Use of force is a hot button for him. It caused him to write people off or get very intense. His disdain for soldiers was usually more subtle, and he gave individuals the benefit of the doubt (he really liked one of the guys in the Atmos episode). UNIT didn’t disturb him too much. But in “The Doctor’s Daughter,” where the soldiers were only soldiers, his disdain was much thicker.

    I’m not up to the Capaldi seasons yet, but I think he took on more of a crotchety-old-man attitude about things that bothered him in the past, and this trait became more exaggerated.

    On a different note, it’s amazing how the way you watch a show affects how it impacts you. I saw all the Tennant seasons by binging, but all the Smith seasons in real time. It felt like there was a LOT more Amy and Rory but we only had two seasons with them. They were just so stretched out. The Donna season and the Amy/Rory seasons had the best writing. After that…

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