Procrastinator’s Roundup, Part 3: Meh Monday

So many shows to watch on Monday.  So little to say about them.  Which is why I won’t be covering any of them in any regular manner.


I continue to watch Gotham, but in general have little to say about it.   What I enjoy most about the show is what critics seem to dislike, the inclusion of young Bruce Wayne.  But this is what gives the story its heart.

Alfred accompanies Bruce Wayne to a corporation board meeting.

Alfred & Bruce: The best (i.e., my favorite) reason to watch Gotham

We’re told Jim Gordon is a decorated combat veteran, and the son of the city’s one-time District Attorney who was killed before his time, yet these haven’t been addressed since the pilot.  Nor has there been much effort to portray him as a lone policeman fighting corruption.  The only depth of character we’ve seen is his relationship with his fiance Barbara Kean, and that’s not only boring, it’s currently on the outs.  (And will hopefully remain so.)  I’d love the writers to explore the history of Gordon’s father.  Was it really a random car accident that killed him?

Gordon’s partner Harvey Bullock is an enigma.  He may not be on the take, but he’s not a do-gooder like Gordon.  We’ll likely learn more about him as the series progresses, which might add some depth to him.   Supposedly the next episode, “Spirit of the Goat” (106), explores some of Harvey’s history.

I love young Bruce for the same reasons I’ve loved Hiccup in the DreamWorks Dragons television series.  It’s watching a young man grow into the adult we know he becomes.  Yes, Bruce is obsessed with finding his parents’ murderer, but he’s become interested in the workings of the city, and of his parents’ corporation.  He’s proving to be a diligent, conscientious and intelligent young man.  I’m not sure he’d be as interesting in the hands of another actor, but David Mazouz is mesmerizing in the role.  I think Jim Gordon would do well to spend more time with Bruce and Alfred.

Sleepy Hollow

Moloch chastises Henry for failing his mission of evil.

Ain’t serving Evil a bitch?

At least Benjamin Franklyn-stein didn’t turn me completely off the series.  Now that there appears to be a bit of trouble on the Ichabod-Katrina front, that story might not be so snooze-inducing.  Heck, I even watched “The Weeping Lady” without fast forwarding through anything.

Henry is proving being a servant of Evil isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  I find his frequent admonishments from Moloch amusingly entertaining.  I am interested to see where Frank Irving’s story leads.  Seeing Orlando Jones in a black tank and headband was a treat.  (Not so much the black eyes, though.)

Nonetheless, I won’t be covering it anymore, at least not “regularly.”


The cast of Scorpion pose on the top of a building.

The cast of Scorpion: Stereotypes abound.

It’s not really science fiction, but does have the geek factor going for it.  And there’s enough fiction in the computer science to give it a shot.  It’s sort of like Manhattan in that respect.  Based on real science, but highly fictionalized.

I’ve only seen the pilot, and it was pretty  ridiculous, and difficult to believe on a number of levels.  Fan reviews of subsequent episodes have not been kind, but supposedly the 5th episode was much better.

I do like seeing Robert Patrick again, apparently playing a good guy.  (Then again, he’s a Government agent, so “good” might be a relative term.)  Ernie Hudson also showed up for the pilot, but it was such a minimal role, I wonder why he signed on for it.


5 responses to “Procrastinator’s Roundup, Part 3: Meh Monday

  1. I’m still loving Sleepy Hollow. I like the new guy, Hawley, and I’m loving that Katrina/Ichabod bond is breaking. Also looking forward to more development of the Irving situation, though I really don’t want him to go dark side. I don’t need the Abbie/Ichabod relationship to be anything more than it is, but wouldn’t mind if it did go there eventually.

    Scorpion surprised me. There’s a lot of ridiculousness, yes, but I’m willing to suspend disbelief, and they’ve done a much better job than I expected with the characterization and personal relationships. Surprisingly, this show is in the top 10 of the ratings, and I think the second-best new show? I really didn’t expect that.

      • No, since The Flash is on the CW, it probably doesn’t break the top 50. LOL It’s NCIS: New Orleans. The top 10 from the week of Oct 5 (the list I had handy) only has 4 scripted shows (NCIS, NCIS: NO, TBBT, and Scorpion). All the rest are either reality shows or football.

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