A Gotham Quickie

Spirit of the Goat (106)

Hey!  Ben Edlund’s script for Gotham finally aired.  And it was surprisingly… not funny.  Granted, Gotham’s tone doesn’t lend itself to humor, but it does have its moments.  Take last week’s attack on our heroes (Detectives Gordon and Bullock, in case you were wondering who the heroes of this show are) by an elderly professor and his walker, and Bullock’s interrogative “What’s altruism?”  This week’s comedy came in the form of an interchange between Jim Gordon and Bullock’s wheelchair-bound ex-partner, Dix (delightfully played by Dan Heydaya) about Bullock.  And let’s not forget Bruce Wayne’s “I don’t know why he chose an ungulate for his totem?”  Ha!

Harvey Bullock investigates a murder scene on Gotham.

Look at that. Harvey Bullock has a heart.

Harvey Bullock was given some depth of character which actually made him not only sympathetic, but also pretty savvy.  Ten years ago, Harvey was a go-get-em policeman, which got his partner (said Dix/Dan Heydaya) confined to a wheelchair.  It turns out Harvey is not only paying for Dix’s care, he also supplies him with questionable (meaning “girlie”?) magazines.  And Bullock actually figures out who’s really behind the murders.  You know, detective work.

So where’s Jim Gordon in all this?  Having a snooze-inducing conversion with his fiance, the show-sucking Barbara Kean.  She wants him to “let her in,” to tell her hisss…zzzz.  Then she has another useless conversation with her former roommate/lover, the even-more show-sucking Montoya, to leave Jim alone.  Montoya tells Barbara to .. blah blah blah.

Seriously, is there any reason for this MCU sub-plot?  Isn’t there enough dramatic material with all the city corruption, warring mob-bosses, and nemeses to be?

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